Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ahhh my thoughtless babbles continue!

So it's been a good day, again.  No pissing and moaning from the co-workers. Which Im thankful for.  I've spent most of my day playing on facebook.  I am hopelessly addicted to it's notfications, emails and app games.  They keep me entertained for lenghty periods of time.  Ive a long shopping list to complete this evening, with high hopes that I will actually complete this list!  *fingers crossed*

One of my thoughts today, while emailng and friend on facebook. 
I've decided I want to futher my education and  I've decided to pick up criminal law classes and try to take that somewhere.  I've realized here lately, Im on a dead end street here with the company Im with, and Ive been at it for just about 6 years now. I love the old couple that manage to keep this place afloat. I praise them for their bravery in being able to continue this madness with the loss of their son, our former owner, 4 years ago.  I have thoughts sometimes at what it must take to lose someone like that, I am a mother of 1.  That lil' girl is my life, just like any good parent would say about their child and Im sure they felt that way about their youngest son, who bless his heart perished in a boating accident. I respect them in the fact that they carried on, for his name and sake, and they let us all keep our jobs.  I am thankful for those things.  But now I am unhappy and well there isn't any more money for me to make here.  It will always be the same job, doing the same mindless duties, answering the same kind of calls and dealing with the same kind of people.  I am sure this comes with any job. I am positive in that thought, but atleast maybe somewhere else there is room for advancement and room for more money and well maybe, just maybe I will come across some affordable health insurance and vacations and sick days and personal days.  Ahhh to dream of another life!

So I want to be a police officer, law enforcer!  I think it would be AWESOME! I am aware of the dangers and the lack of sleep and the mixed up schedule.  Those are the thoughts in the back of my mind that make me want to be sure!
On the plus side!  It will RAWK to carry a weapon and a taser and a can o' pepper spray!

I treat this thing like a journal I think.  it's weird, it really is just pages of babbles that I find myself churning my fingers over the keys to pop out here , so all you people who stumble upon it read.   Wow!  What's wrong with me!

Anyways, facebook here I come!! 


  1. You can make it happen - and it WOULD Rock to be part of a K9 unit!

  2. I think being a police officer would rock because it would be a little bit like being a superhero.


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