Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I like saying "Grassyass"

I warned you readers upon entry to this blog it's full o' randomness!  I assume I have spelled "Grassyass" wrong, it's actually Gracias? I'm not sure, I speak like no Espanol. Let alone spell it correctly, I assume it could be offensive, buuut Im not the one to worry about such things!

I had a wonderful blog planned out in my nogger, buuut I have forgotten all about it, hmm, Imagine that!

I have been sporting my pink Cons a lot here lately, they aren't as awesome as my purple Con's buuut my sissy gave em to me, sooo I heart them dearly. ( My 3rd favorite pair o' Con's!)
They are a faded pink, due to the awful rain storm at Disney last year, but that makes them special!  And  yes I'm rawking my fav halloween socks!  Did I mention I heart Halloween?!!  I'm actually still at a lose this year for Halloween costume, due to lack o' money I'm putting something together outta my closet.  I have an ADORABLE tutu and lotsa rawking shoes, heels, Cons and boots, buuut I need a wig.  I have really short hair, big change from the not so short hair I had before, and I'm hating the color.  I miss my black hair!  I remember now why I never kept it it's natural color, even tho when it's black I feel like an illegitimate mother!  I just know I will come up with something.

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