Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Nintendo DS that has gone MIA

I've been on the hunt for about a week now for her DS.  Lawdy knows we've no idea where it went to, lol.  Ive gone through the house, the cars, everywhere. (Guess I need to check again and again)  Today I actually remembered to call her daycare and email her teacher.  No luck with the daycare, all tho Im sure it would oh to easy for some child to accidently slide it into their bag and take it home without my dear princess realizing it. 
I am worried she isn't telling me where this thing is because she thinks she will get in trouble. She isn't allowed to take her DS to school or daycare and we're absolutely certain we have seen this thing around the house since our return from FLA.  Lawd! 

Why is it we spend fortunes and fortunes, at times, trying to ensure our children have all that they could want or dream for, and then of course it turns up missing.  Grrrr! It makes me fume inside sometimes.  Then again maybe if they begin to live without what they want or dream for then they will help me locate this missing game system *scratches head* Perhaps I can get so lucky

*fingers crossed* That her teacher tells me it's at school in drawer because she was caught with it in class, that's terrible and she may not see it again until she is like 12 or something, lol.  But it's better than being lost or stolen!

Perhaps I should make out wanted signs and offer a reward.  That would be intersting huh?

"Lost Nintendo DS"
Pink in color, so adorable, last seen ....No Idea..
Reward if found..
(999) 123-4567

Love it...Fantastic idea...


  1. When you find it let me know where it was - we are always missing at least one over here. Have them both currently, but we are now missing the Redbox case to Prince of Persia. So we will now have to buy that movie. And I am super organized so it makes me ANGRY! Happy Hunting!

  2. Kristen! Im not sure how else to let you know where it was, so I will just post a comment on here, haha... update....*HIGH FIVES* I found the Nintendo DS! It was hiding under MY bed. How it got there and why I didn't think to check there, is beyond me. I am so glad it's finally found tho... hahah.. WHEW!


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