Thursday, October 14, 2010

A day full of thoughts!

So I think Im in the market to purchase this Door Jam Chin Up bar.  My only doubts are that Ive ABSOLUTELY not one ounce of upper body strength. I maybe weaker, strength wise, than my 6 year old daughter!  But I don't want to continue to be a little weenie mommy that struggles with the slightest bit of weight! Im just unsure how I would build up to be able to actually do a chin up, I mean do I try and try and try until I pop a vessel, *giggles* and then one day be able to do this, or what? Grrrr. If only Id taken the weight training courses.

Another thought for today... I finally got around to watching "The Girl with the Dragon tattoo"  Mind you Im not a fan of films that aren't in English, no matter how much I love to read I feel as though Im missing something in the movie because Im having to look at the bottom of the screen to read what they are saying. I loved it though. I cannot wait to see the next two.  I must pick up the next book on my way home today so I can get crackn!  Just finished reading "The Girl who played with Fire", need to pick up "The girl who kicked the hornets Nest"  Love it. 
If you haven't read it, I praise it almost as much as the Twilight series. I loved those, they are the only reason I chose to watch the movies. I rebelled when they came out, called them teeny bopper vampire flicks, once I picked up that first book, it was all down hill from there!  THEY ARE AWESOME


  1. Yes, I could see some bursted blood vessels trying a chin up on my end. I guess you have to lift weights first then do lots of ab work then try? I've got all the books for the Twilight series from my Mom, but have not been able to start them. I was the same way with Harry Potter and ended up loving it.... Maybe this winter...

  2. Omg I can still remember the 'fitness test' we had to take in highschool and me dangling from the chin-up bar using all my strength JUST to hold on-I to this day have never ever been able to do even ONE chin up.
    Also I totally agree-I generally hate subtitles movies it just seems like such an enormous effort fo keep up BUT The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was AWESOME (if slightly disturbing at times).
    Am now following!


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