Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My technolgy..Or lack there of....

DVR, HDTV,Ipod,Apples, all these things that for the life of me Ive no idea what they are. I believe it's safe for me to say I repel technology.  I dont care for it and it doesn't much care for me.

I come in this morning, from my vacation day used up yesterday, what a wonderful day that was, but that's for a whole other blog!  So this gadget it lying on my dask. Im like, erm, what's this thang.  After giving it the once over I see  it says MP3 player on the top. Im 28 yrs old and have never laid eyes on a MP3 player before.  I find the buttons along the side, still no clue what's happening. I give the buttons a push and found a power button. I see the screen click on and starts reading off something of Kanye West.  I ran home for lunch today and rummaged through the cabinet for a set of headphones.  I plug them in and of course its full of such music as by Kanye West and Alicia Keys and some other musical icons that have escaped my view.  Im no rap fanatic and it is not on any of my shelves of music.

Now to conclude my rammbles. I must learn how to operate said MP3 player with hopes of taking all that rap music  off and putting some of my favs on there.  haha...  It shall be a feat no less for this techology retarded lady!   If all else fails, there are more than one welcoming trash can to be found around the shop!

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  1. I'm your first follower! YEAH! I used to be so savvy with technology, now sadly, my 13 yr old son teaches me all I know.... ugh.


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