Sunday, September 28, 2014

Something good for dinner.

Invited Papa MB over for meatloaf dinner tonight.
It's been a while since we had some real dinner.
We always have lunch on Sunday's after church, but it's been a while since dinner. And lunch usually just consists of some gross fast food. Had Arbys today,
Sure it was something different for us, but still not good.
Not like this dinner good.  

Also made a trip up to some place called Morganton, Ga yesterday.
Which was interesting.
I saw a sign for a swinging bridge!  Which I'm pretty excited to go back and check out.
Also saw some neked guy on the side of the road. 
Guessing he had ants in his pants or something, cause he sho was butt neked for all the world to see.
Luckily Pokey didn't see anything!

Guess how big the monkeys are!!

Hmm, we all have that same look.
How cute is that!!

So back to the point of the post.

I was pretty bummed when Pokey took off to the living room to sit with her dinner.
I'm use to MR MB doing this
(turns out people really do not ever change)
So Pokey was doing the same tonight and it broke my heart a little, of course E monkey would be sitting in the kitchen with me, because he doesn't have much choice.  But now Pokey wouldn't be there with us.
I watched Papa MB set his plate on the table and was quite happy to see that he would be having dinner with me tonight.
It was awesome.
Eventually Pokey made it back into the kitchen with us.
My family may be falling apart and dysfunctional, but for just one night,
it was good.

Hang in there Dingleberries!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just something nice

 Thought the place could use a little sprucing up.

Pictures of Mama MB.

Missing her like crazy always, but today and tonight something serious.

Yea, ok.

Been dealing with normal MB stuff lately,

nothing worthy of blogging of course.  

Then again there may be some out there that just 

shouldn't read it anyway.

Someone said to me, 

that I deserved better.

A part of me wants to lash out and ask them 


they they think can know something like that?

Don't they know me at all?  

Then again there are a lot of things that a lot of people don't know about me, 

of course this isn't always a bad thing.

Of course you all know I tend to let things fly around here too.

It's a good thing I have you dear Dingleberries to not spread my stuff around the interwebs or 


Wouldn't want everyone knowing the poo I deal with in my own life.

I don't just fling the poo, I get hit with it too.

As you noticed in the last post!

What would you say and or think if someone said to you, "you deserve better"?

-Hang in there my dear Dingleberries.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Too many thoughts.

Another random post.

Had a crazy morning yesterday, followed by some regret, some stress, getting pooped on and getting puked on.
Never a dull moment in the life of a MB 

So today, 
we're slow here at work.
I thought to myself this morning..
Hey I could talk to the gals at E monkey's daycare and see if t hey would let me work there.
 It's a Christian daycare you know.
  I'd been thinking about finding a job in a church or something anyway.
Food for thought.
Then the owner walks in. 
Why is it whenever I see that man I just can't stay on the thought of leaving this place? 
No it's not some crush or something like that
I just really respect what his intentions are and of course his work ethic.
They're good people.

After yesterdays car episode, he asked me this morning if I was still thinking about getting a van.

I'm wondering if I'm too cute to be driving a mini van? HA
That was terrible.

Hang in there dingleberries!