Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Too many thoughts.

Another random post.

Had a crazy morning yesterday, followed by some regret, some stress, getting pooped on and getting puked on.
Never a dull moment in the life of a MB 

So today, 
we're slow here at work.
I thought to myself this morning..
Hey I could talk to the gals at E monkey's daycare and see if t hey would let me work there.
 It's a Christian daycare you know.
  I'd been thinking about finding a job in a church or something anyway.
Food for thought.
Then the owner walks in. 
Why is it whenever I see that man I just can't stay on the thought of leaving this place? 
No it's not some crush or something like that
I just really respect what his intentions are and of course his work ethic.
They're good people.

After yesterdays car episode, he asked me this morning if I was still thinking about getting a van.

I'm wondering if I'm too cute to be driving a mini van? HA
That was terrible.

Hang in there dingleberries!


  1. Hey, lots of cute girls drive vans, or even heavier vehicles.

  2. I was thinking of a sermon I heard last night... talking about "does God want you to rush ahead and make that move". He used the acronym "wait", and I wish I could remember what exactly (oh, wait, I can look it up- it was Chuck Swindoll!) W- walk a little slower, don't get ahead of God; A- ask for more patience (I have bad luck with that one-God builds my patience with disaster); I- imagine the consequences of going ahead if the time really isn't right; t- take time, examine the whole situation.

  3.'s safe to say it wasn't the owner who pooped on you.

  4. Hahaha, Al. A little levity is never a bad thing!


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