Thursday, August 28, 2014

Poo Flinging:: Asshats

The look that most likely came across my face as this series unfolded, ha ha.

So this isn't so much a poo flinging so much as me going off on a quick rant.

Believe it or not I have 987,567,564,397 things to get done, tonight.  OK OK so maybe I exaggerate, a little!

So it went like this and I'm sure I'm paraphrasing.. Yes paraphrasing, it's what I'm suppose to be doing with the assignment tonight.  But I'd rather rant to you guys over some unimportant aspect of a MB life.

So the argument began by me being under fire at the fact that I have yet to ask my new bosses for a raise.  The new bosses that I know are not receiving a paycheck themselves. New bosses that are about 30 feet deep in a sink hole in the rear yard of one of their buildings. The same bosses that have been living out of an apartment home and now back in their own home with no kitchen for EIGHT months. A raise from the bosses whom now own three different shops instead of the one they began with.  The same bosses that don't seem to be able to keep things afloat and require my towing money to keep them above water.

Monkey Butt is under fire because I can't seem to bring myself to ask them for more money, all the while they are going through all of this listed above.

Is it me being silly and letting my kindness get in the way of business or am I playing it smart in assuring that  may have a chance at being there next year?  Be honest!!

So of course this ... discussion ... Went terribly wrong. I'm sitting at the place I'm being drilled over. Sitting there, unable to say what I need to and want to say because of course my co workers are around me.  I'm blue in the face and to put it quite bluntly...Could really fling two poos less about anything coming out of the ear piece to my phone.  Kill me now were my only thoughts ..

The conversation ended with me saying I had to go and hanging up ... I received a couple of text messages ... Paraphrasing again ... "I'm ****ing done with this ****ing bullshit" lovely right and then accusations that ... "You've obviously given up, why should I even ****ing try" .... Yea something along those lines ..

Story of my life right ... Guess I'm done ....

The look on my face says it all ;)

-Hang in there

Friday, August 22, 2014

Looking forward to do nothing!

Not much to blog about as of lately. Nothing of great significanse going on either. 
Just hanging in there right now, 
trying to stay caught up.
It's been over a week or two since I've posted anything. I've been trying to stay busy at work and at times I find myself falling into greater distractions.
Very bad thing for me.  
Distractions I mean.
I pray all is well with the world wherever you are.  I hope soon I will have more to blog about too. I know there is plenty of catching up on posts for me to do.  
I will get them done.
Till then.
Hang in there my Dingleberries

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Poo Flinging: SAHM's

I shouldn't do this, because I've been there and done that buuuut I wasn't a butthead about it (yes I just said butthead because I'm trying to be good!  TRYING)

So there is this....woman.... that I know and I realllllly don't care for her, but my faith tells me to love all people .. Perhaps this is more suited on my testimony page ?? I shouldn't fling poo there .

Back to the point ..

She is just..... a pain in my butt. I don't like to see her face, I don't want to talk to her, but I'm forced to smile and CHOKE DOWN THE BILE.  I have never disliked someone so much, well not in a long long time anyway.  I really don't know how to handle it to be honest ... Maybe I should hide some monkey aka dog turds in her van or something ... That could make me feel a little better.

What's my beef you ask?  Well, as most of you know, I'm a working mom of two with a mortgage, husband, dog and one mess of a house.  I've no time hardly to get anything done, rarely ever. Unless I stay home all weekend cleaning... 


on a side note... have you ever actually googled messy house pictures ??? wow!

Back to it....  This woman I know, finds it necessary to tell me that being a stay at home mother is harder than a working mother ... I KNOW.

So maybe this bugs me because I am at working mother and well it isn't always a bucket of joy. Now don't get me wrong, stay at moms have it ..hard.. also, what with no breaks and stuff like that ... Ahem ... WHAT ABOUT NAP TIME?  WHAT ABOUT BED TIME? 

How dare you lecture me that you work HARDER than I because of the fact that you get no breaks?  Whhhhaaaaaatttttt????

I go to work, an EIGHT HOUR DAY away from my dirty house and come home to take care of another FULL TIME JOB.



I want to hear this... 

-Hang in there!