Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 54, 365 days of 2011

Hello day 54. All in all it was a good day. Am at my Mom's house tonight amping up for tomorrows adventures in brain surgery.  No I'm not the surgeon, lucky world we live in!  hahaha.. Survival rate would be... well zero!  That being said, I'm hopeful tomorrow will go as planned, I wont oversleep and make us all late, or well, make me late. I plan to ride with my parents to the hospital. Fingers crossed that goes as planned.  I'm positive my mom will make it through this just fine, but we all worry. Or is it just me? 

So here I am, up late again, but I feel this sneaky suspicion I will not be able to sleep very well tonight. I'm sure I wont be able to crash out until she has gone off to bed. She's talking to her Son right now and well I can foresee that being a lengthy conversation. Being as  here lately they talk like twice a year.  hahaha...  I didn't say that!

OoOoOoOoOo have you all seen previews for that movie to come out in march?!  Sucker Punch.. It looks awesome. I may be there opening night for that one.  ha ha.  I doubt it. I'm sure it will all be forgotten tomorrow. I must remember to hit up Old Navy tomorrow. I'm all caught up on commercials tonight. They are selling some A-DORABLE shoes at Old Navy *high fives*

Goodnight readers, followers and fellow bloggers.  Have a pleasant night and Monday.. I shall update tomorrow.. I hope with how everything goes with Momzie! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 53, 365 days of 2011

I didn't notice before I posted this pic, my hair is sticking up like mad and I'm all bug eyed. Way to go me.  That's what you get for not checking them first, isn't it!  hahaha.. Oh well, this is what I get for day 52.  Oh well... 

To the point. It was a good day. The sun was shining and it was warm most of the day.  Ahhhh, heaven.  If only the streets were lined in brownies and chocolate, it would be heaven! 

Jaden Smith!  There are really no words, well of mine, to describe how adorable this little boy is.  I always LOVED Will Smith in everything he ever made and this little boy of his just captures my heart in the same way.  (I'm watching Karate Kid tonight and he's the star) I also recently seen him in Justin Biebers Never Say Never. Which soundtrack I have in my car and have yet to listen to it's entirety!  Hate all you want people, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith just may be what we have to look forward to! 

My sister took an awesome photo of me today while at Mom's.  I pondered the idea of using it as my day 52, but if I understand the rules, I am suppose to take a picture daily and unfortunately I didn't take it. But I show you all anyways! My new Goodwill shirt, well one of them, check it out!
Goodnight my readers, followers and bloggers. Have an awesome night and pleasant tomorrow!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 52, 365 days of 2011

Hello night of day 52.  And what a lovely Friday it was, slow and boring at times, but for the most part. Was OK!  Yay!!
Again. not one of my favorite photos, but whatevski!  Its getting late already right now, pushing 1130pm, I've slacked off on sleep, among other things...  I'm sure I will catch up on everything, soonish?!  *fingers crossed*

The other day I ordered a ring and a La Roux CD from Amazon.  Still no CD, ugh!
But check it out!

Oh it's so lovely, isn't it?  I love it! A gift to myself. That's OK, isn't it?! 

And it came in the cutest box EVAR! 

I hope you, my fellow bloggers, readers and followers had an awesome Friday.  I shall cya tomorrow, for day 53!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1993... Flashback!

So after another long, boring day at work.  Went to the gym after work and another night of Mexican food.  Umph. And I wonder why I'm having belly aches.  3 days of Mexican anyone?  I don't eat my food spicy though.  Oh well, back to what I was saying.

You guys remember the movie "The Sandlot" Filmed in 1993?  I vaguely remember 1993. Although I was what like 12 years old. I'm racking my brain right now as to where I lived in 1993.  What grade I was in. Who were my friends. That's so weird.  I'm having a hard time recollecting all of those minor details. It usually takes a spark of something to refresh my memory.  So lets see, in 1993, 12 years old, I lived....where?  Probably the city of Lawrenceville, now called L'ville and on some days "Larry Ville". Don't ask, because I don't know. Someone called it that at work and it just of stuck with me.  *shrugs*  Let's try something else...  Per google.  It says the price of living..  So everything on their list is about the same then as it is today, with the exception of the price of gas, in 1993 the average price per gallon was $1.16.  Holy crap!  Compare that to the $3.00+ we are spending today.  Then again, we are talking what, 2 years shy of 20 years and it's only gone up about 2 bucks a gallon.  Movie ticker $4.14.  Holy crap!  We spend like 80 bucks every time we go see a NEW movie.  Dollar movies are still cheap, but so is the theatre and the movies are probably out on DVD or BluRay by then.  That's an awesome price.  Wow, movie tickets are now what about 10 bucks a person.  Wow!  Thank gawd gas hasn't risen like the cost of entertainment!  Right?

Events in 1993!
---I remember this one, we had a record snow fall then. I remember this blizzard, as we called it, you know us Georgians don't get much snow!  lol.. I remember though, the power went out for DAYS we were all electric and my dad managed to get one of those heaters, the ones with the fuel you put in them, crap what's that called. KEROSENE HEATER. That's it!  We all sat around it, the 4 of us.  My Dad also was the one in charge of going out for food and more fuel.  I remember he was gone for a really long time on one adventure out.  He finally came home and said he was LEFT STRANDED at the Waffle House, because he thought it was a good idea to catch a ride with a drunk guy friend who actually LEFT him at the waffle house.  I do think I remember my Dad saying he came back for him a while later.  ha ha.. Just goes to show, don't take rides with drunk people!  Not even drunk friends! 
---Bill Clinton was president.  ?? Too young to care. 
---Harley Davidson Motorcycle turned 90!  I'm sure this was life changing for a lot of motorcycle fans. 
---The first beanie babies.  I don't remember that at all.  We didn't get things like that, I don't think.
---RODNEY KING... That was all over the television back then I remember this. 

The list goes on and on, check out THIS SITE ...

I just went back in time, there are other thoughts running through my head of other things that happened in 1993.  I believe I was in 6th grade, I'm assuming, I remember my best friends were Melissa, forgot her name, and I had a crush on a cute boy, who's name I cannot remember!  Go figure. I remember it was a fun time though. We were outside a lot, walked to the gas station, really close to home, rode our bikes and skated through the neighborhood. I've driven through the neighborhood, many years ago and it was a frightening place to be.  All crappy and ghetto looking now. I guess I understand why my parents moved us out of there a couple of years later. Best thing they could have done for me.  After 6th grade the city rezoned and I was sent to another school. Spent a year and a half there and left with no friends.  Go figure. I was the shy quiet might blow up the school kind of kid though.  Go figure! 

We watched "The Sandlot" religiously though. My cousin and I, we're about a year and a half older than my sister, totally had a crush on Benny Rodriguez... (Mike Vitar)
He's cute as hell.  I'd totally still have a crush on this boy in 1993.  We've other movies we watched religiously but I will save those for another post!  See, I found my spark.  *high fives* Enjoy your 1993 flashback.  Tell me, how was your 1993?  Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers! 

Day 51, 365 days of 2011

Goooooood morning sunshine's... It's about 11am here, this lovely Thursday we are having.  So morning is almost over, oops. Any who.. I'm off to an early start, finished my work up already and bored bored bored.. .This picture seems to offer a better glimpse of what my hair looks like. Day 50 photo made it look way to orange. Gah!
I'm doubting my awakeness with looking at this photo.  I look, sleeeepy!  ha ha.. Have a  great day fellow bloggers, readers and followers. I've more to come later. I think.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 50, 365 days of 2011

DAY 50!  Lawd and what a day it was.  I warned you all last night I was changing my hair again,  ha ha...  Wowza... The picture doesn't really do it any justice, it's really blonder than this picture makes it out to be...
All I can say it OUCH!  Like, for real.  I will never and would not recommend anyone trying this... What I did was throw a bleach kit on my hair, all thanks to Sally's beauty supply, the lady at the store was the most helpful lady I've encountered at this location.  I was lucky to have her help me, she sold me a few things, the bleach and some extra proteins for my hair and then of course the blond color.  Holy crap.  My hair hurts!  I would not recommend anyone attempt to put their hair through what mine has been through this year.  And it's only February. Imagine how colorful the rest of my year will be. I've already picked my next color. It is the most awesome Gold color.  So cool.  It will be at least a month before I do anything else, color wise, to my hair.  For real. My scalp must have flamed up and me not notice.  Like for real.  Guess that is why it's the color it is.  It's really almost like sherbert or something.  ha ha.. But it isn't too bad. I've gotta deal with it for at least a little while. So hello and goodbye day 50, this hair pain sucks!

Oh!  I went  to my Mom's pre-op today. Eeep!  I don't think I really accepted this was really happening until today. I'm on the roller coaster again, feeling like I did when she first told me.  I know, I should be strong, and that is the only way she will see me, but of course, Im a nervous wreck again.  No worries, Im not seeking support and advise, I know, deep down it will all be okay.  Atleast I have some optimism, but of course there is the realism side to my thinking, there are always "what ifs"  I just know, if the "what ifs" come up, I'm not sure I will make it out of there either. 

Until next time.. Have an awesome time bloggers, readers, followers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 49, 365 days of 2011

Day 49....

One more day till 50!  High Fives.. Lemme just say tomorrow will be a whole different look, for my head anyways, lol... If for some reason this goes wrong, haha... It maybe a hat day tomorrow!!!  :))  For now, I'm tired and still waiting time to warsh out this color... Ahhhhh, been at it for like 3 hours now.  Can't.GO.On.

Tomorrow is my Mom's pre-op for surgery. I'm sure there are a million questions I should bombard those people with, but as of right now I'm trying to remember what my grandma wants me to ask.  Ask them about her asthma, don't forget Doria, don't forget to ask.  I'd forget my head if it weren't attached... Lemme not forget to ask.. Making mental note now... Writing it down as I'm thinking. I'm off work early tomorrow, high fives for that shit.  I'm glad. I been needing a day off early, haha..

Goodnight bloggers!  Cya tomorrow!

Day 48, 365 Days of 2011

Can you believe it's been almost 50 days since I began this project. I've fallen down a couple of times, let myself down and flunked out one or 3 days.  So far!  I'm trying.. It's hard for me, someone who doesn't usually stick to projects and ideas that randomly fly through my thoughts from day to day.  So far this year, I've had 3 projects!

1.)Obviously this one!  Sticking with it. No worries people, you aren't getting off so easily this time!

2.)Quit smoking. I'm still smoke free, pushing what 4 weeks now.  High Fives!  I R proud of myself. I still ache and desire to smoke cigarettes, buuuut, and this leads to project #3

3.)Train for the police physical test. Sonofabitchmotherofpearl.  I find myself, from time to time, on the treadmill wishing I could just GIVE UP. I have yet to do that.  For that I am glad! 

Still going strong, trying to keep my head together. It's loaded with trash, confusion and just blogging thoughts.  Along with everything else I've got going on, you all know by now.

Another late night on facebook and blogger. Yawn! 

Random Writings....

So, I've let the thought of writing pass through my noggin on more than once occasion.  So this morning, this is what I've got so far. I'm going to continue to work on this, randomly, I'm seeking critics right now. I know you all are much better writers than me.... 

I shall call it, "The Breakdown" ....

"I cried today", she muttered almost to quietly for me to hear.  "Did I just hear you say you CRIED today?", I said to her with as much sincerity as I could muster out. I never understood completely her constant instability and lack of confidence. How it was oh so easy for her to have a break down. I'd almost moved past my feeling sorry for her, the pity trips, the constant talking, the battle to keep her strong.  It's unbearable at times to cope with someone, someone you love so very dearly, someone with whom your words of reinforcement fall upon  deaf ears. It's troublesome and annoying.  "Honey", I said to her.  "What is the matter?  Why do you allow yourself these tears?  This frustration?  The anger?", "What my dear happened today to inflict the breakdown?"  She only peered at me through what I didn't notice before, as puffy eyes.  I'm gambling she was crying on her way to meet for this lovely breakfast we were having. "Nothing really, I just let go", "The moment of anger, weakness, I broke down.", she knows it's uncalled for, I thought to myself. She knows it's not good for those around her, those less strong, those weaker than she, to see what she is doing.  To witness her lacking the strength it takes, the strength of a thousand mothers to strong arm their way and make things the way they should be. To take control of the situation.  I understand it is a hard job being a mother. The sole purpose of that little persons life and to educate and watch them grow. It's these times, when I see this woman struggle, it's times like these when I wonder if I myself would go through the same battles, if I'd ever chosen to settle down and have children of my own.  I glance at her, so beautiful, so weak at this moment. I've watched her fight, toe to toe, to win every battle she's ever attempted and these last 6 years of her life, I've watched her crumble. Watched her break down time and time again.  It saddens me.   

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trooff be told....

So we may remember my posting acceptance of MEMETASTIC AWARD it an all of it's glory.  Lookie Lookie, Ive not did the follow up. GO ahead, slap my hand with the ruler for being bad! 

So lemme run through the details here!

Pat on the back dearest Starlight, you called the trooff out with my favorite food groups being Pizza and Chocolate. Yummy. I'd like to be munching on either of those right now!

So lets see...  To narrow it down and make it as painless as possible here, I love chick flicks, pretty much any and all of them.  What can I say?  I'm a chick!

2.) hahah,,, my followers and dedicated readers know just how much I HATE WINTER!

3) Troof!

4.) I honestly can't stand most all meats, I'm not a vegetarian, because I love peperoni pizza and I enjoy some bacon, yum!

and lastly, 5) I'm doubting my green thumb, my plants are not dead, as of yet, Princess aka Devil Cat is determined to kill the biggest of the 3 plants I have, but the man at Home Depot tells me if I kill these plants, I just need to go to silk plants, yes they are that hard to kill.  Poor things rarely get water and one took a nose dive off the balcony last summer. Still going strong!

High Fives, my thumb maybe slightly greenish...

A weeks worth, 365 days of 2011

Holy crapola.  I've fallen behind and many more posts to come, within the next few days. I'm making it a goal of mine to get it all together.

Day 43,  
OoOoOops looks like I may have skipped a day, damn.

Day 44,

Day 45, 

hahaha... Shot out!

Day 46,

OoOoOo one of my new favorite shirts.  Found this one a goodwill, I love it!  So cute, red and has spots on it, squeee!

Day 47,

Last minute picture, tonight, am officially caught up, again, will do better from now on, I'm sure of it. I'm getting in the hang of things with juggling work, gym, my daughter and LIFE in general.  Things can only get better. Right?   It's 12:03 am, just finished dinner, waiting on it to settle some so I can hit the pillow.  Goodnight readers, followers and bloggers! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drugs are bad, mmmkay!!!

It's a breath of fresh air to see the television changing its course of attack from marijuana commercials to meth commercials, you all remember the marijuana commercials?
haha.. I'm not sure how many of you have actually smoke marijuana, I will be the first to admit, I HAVE.  It's hard to imagine who actually HASN'T smoked marijuana, it's a gateway, yada yada!  Appears as though for some it really is/was a gateway for other things.  I know of a boy, who was introduced to marijuana and is now injecting sleeping pills into his veins. Is marijuana to blame?  I doubt it, but those GATEWAY yellers will say otherwise..

Now they are on to something. Trying to sway the young minds of today's world away from evils like METH! I will also be the first to admit I HAVE NEVER/WILL NEVER try meth.  I'm not going to be that GUY/GAL.  It saddens me, people and their addictive  personalities. I've seen 2 to many close friends go down a bad road and have yet to see them fully recover from bad decisions. 
This one bugs me the most. And those with the younger sister watching her older sister and turning around to do the same. Saddens me.  It also saddens me to hear of apartment/home fires which started from meth labs and 3 children dying because of the fire.  It makes me shake my head and dread the  moment my innocent child becomes not so innocent and is inflicted with peer pressure and the what nots. And people question why I only want one child. Hello, look around, no one is safe anymore. NO ONE! 
Good night readers, I'm behind on everything, including my thoughts here lately.. :) 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair and Bieber...

Well as we all know, I've been terribly bored, again, with my hair, no intentions or ideas of doing anything with it at this moment, I'm going to give it some thought and what not until I decide what I want to do with is.  Good for me!  Usually I'm more of a spur of the moment kinda girl, when it comes to my hair.  But like I said, I'm out of ideas.  Anyone have any.

So on a note of hair, I was visiting with my parents today and after hearing my mom yell that she hated watching re-runs, which my dad loves to do, that's where I get it from. I love watching movies over and over again, I don't know why, but I see now, where it all started.

So he turns it on "True Grit" the 1969 version with John Wayne and BAM!

Kim Darby...  So I instantly see Kim Darby here, Miss needs Rooster Cogburn to help her find the man who killed her father. I've not watched the new "True Grit".  To the point. I see her and instantly think she has Bieber hair. Like for real.  It's kinda hard to  tell with the hat on, which she wears a lot in this movie, but she totally even looks like Justin Bieber! 

Awe he is just too cute, isn't he?  My daughter has definitely rubbed off on me. No worries, I'm not like sick peto or anything like that, but he is adorable!!  lol
So I'm googling Miss true Grit and I'm like BAM someone else already had the idea that Bieber totally looks like her. Not saying he looks like a girl or anything, altho I have heard the ladies at Hot Topic telling me they thought he was a girl.  I had no idea who Bieber was then, I'm all new to the Bieber Fever.  It's like being a kid again, oh how I love having a child,  reminds me of what it was like, way back when!

Found the Pic here

So yes, those are my thoughts for today.  Just for shits and giggles. My battery is dying have a great night bloggers!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Someone wake me from this nightmare....

I'm trapped and crying. The only thoughts in my mind are of my Mother. I can feel her fear. I can understand her sadness. It is all to real for me now. I'm scared, not for what may happen, or what I just know will not happen. The worst case scenario.  I know everything will just be FINE!  I'm worried and confused and my thoughts are racing with trying to figure out exactly what is happening and why. It's strange.  Im searching the faces coming and going for my Mothers face. To know she is there for me.  I cannot find her anywhere. I just know she would be scared for me, as I am scared for myself. 

A little insight on this dream.  It was indeed a dream I dreamt last night. In most cases I cannot really remember my dreams very often. It has to have a real significance I think sometimes.  So the Dr's are telling me I need brain surgery.  New to my blog? Click here .  I'm worried and confused, because they haven't done test on me, they only tell me it has to be done. That they KNOW it's there.  I'm freaking and just saying whatever. They are going over what to do and how when all of this. It's overwhelming.  I'm a nervous wreck.  (In my dream)

I can understand fully my Mothers fear and sadness and worry and stress. I thought I understood this before, but now, after a dream like that. I truly understand now.

My Dad is sending me thank you messages this morning, in thanks for my sister and I doing our part and putting up half of the deductible for my Mothers surgery.  It feels like the least I can do right now. (She called us so very upset over money two mornings ago.  My Mother has been on disability for years now no longer has a drivers license and should be driving or working for that matter.  She didn't want to put off the surgery due to lack of funds. Didn't want to go through the stress and preperation, mentally, for what is to come.) I'm scared for her and of the procedure.  I just know she will be just fine. They are giving her a 98% chance of nothing to go wrong. Which I will say seems pretty high!  I'm glad this is in the wheels of process and will be so much happier when it's all said and DONE! 

Thank you my readers, followers and fellow bloggers for all of of your kind words.  I don't know you guys, but I know I really like you!  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 40, 41 & 42, 365 days of 2011

Let me start by apologizing for falling behind on my photos.  I am trying, damnit!  It's been a busy time. I mean it when I say I need a vacation, but in reality it will all be here waiting for me when I get back. Thinking I may need more than a vacation! 

DAY 40.......
Oh. Lovely.... Was waiting in my daughters room for her to get out of the bathroom!  See her lovely pink walls, which I have to cover in the next few weeks and rawking the Justin Bieber posters.  That girl makes me feel like a kid in love with a rock star everytime I walk into her room.  haha.. BIEBER FEVER!  Kind of a strange looking photo, maybe the lighting is throwing it off, oh well.   Will just have to do!

DAY 41......

Definitely not one of my favorite pics of the year, but shit, I don't think I had the time to take any other pictures..  Oops!  So day 41 was indeed V-day, Valentines Day, my ex hubby called it "Singles Awareness Day"  that made me giggle...  I did receive some chocolates yesterday, and a card. I think the best moment of yesterday was rushing to Walmart to get my daughter something sweet for V-day.  I found her an adorable stuffed toy and some mints.  Stuck them in my front seat, pulling the tags off and racing to daycare to pick her up.  I asked her where she was sitting for the short ride home and when she opted for the front see I told her it was already taken. She peeked in the window and smiled really big.  She gave me a big hug and sweet thank you.  My heart melted. When we got into the car, she hugged the pet, hugged my neck and gave me smooches. BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!

Day 41.... Wait!  That's today!  Yes!!!  So here we are... Low and Behold. I am officially caught up with my 365 days of pics posts.  It's unfortunate I had to mash 3 days together like this, but it's a nice change of pace and kills what? 3 birds with one stone?  Or something like that. Oh well.. Today is.... Just another day in paradise!  Oh. Yay!  I'm wishing for a nice hot beach with a bottle of water and maybe some sunscreen.  That's iffy, cause my white arse needs some tanning. Oh how I'm longing for summer to get here!  Ah to dream! 

Last night....was hard.  Not only was I able to try and explain why kitty is going to the vet tomorrow, I've got a million things on my plate right now, along side my mental instabilities, I've got the cat, the moving, the gym, my being tired, aunt flow just came into town, TMI I know, but whatever!  We're all grown ups here, I believe my post lets you know it's intended for adults when coming to it anyway!  haha... 

And well there is my mom who needs support right now, I'm so far away and am not being such a good daughter, cause I didn't call her all weekend, did see her on Sunday, but that isn't enough right now. I'm tired bloggers, readers and followers, and it's only 11am!  Help me?!!  Well there isn't much help for me right now.  Nothing can make it all go away, unless of course there is a magic wand laying around that can make everything all better. But I wouldn't stop there, that wouldn't be enough.  I need to just start all over and make it all new again, keeping few select important players in this game of life. 

This game of life, is a tough one, the times I feel I need to throw in the towel and just lay down and give up. I don't.  Why is that?  It would be so much easier. Some things can change, but I'm not one of those things.  Really I'm not. I may be the most stubborn person I know. But I take pride in this shit I try and accomplish. I just hope these dreams I have, not the ones where I'm smoking, those are the best!  haha... Kidding.. Still non smoker. But I dream about smoking, it's unfair!  I wouldn't, couldn't change a thing right now. I enjoy my busy hecktic life, sometimes.  I am so very excited to hear my dear longest, bestest, friend who live in NC is coming for a visit this weekend... *JUMPS FOR JOY* I miss her so very much a lot of times, it will be so nice to see her again, really soon! 

Have a great day everyone.. It's Tuesday. Oh. Yay. I've many things to do today, not enough time to do them in and well, it maybe another late night for me.  Oh.Double.Yay!  I hope to get back to you again today, being as I had some awesome ideas last night for posting... Lets hope... Or I will anyways! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 39, 365 days of 2011

Happy Day 39?  Yea for the most part I can say it was.  Had a pretty fun filled today.  Checked out a couple of apartment complexes, but... have made no decision yet.  Am up in the air with that really, I need to check out the schools and stuff.

We ventured off from there to the gym.  Was pretty good to get in there and run some more and work out a little.  *high fives* It crossed my mind to give up in that mile and a half run, but I didn't!  I made it through!  Yessss!  The kiddos we able to play in the pool and my daughter has to learn how to swim, like ASAP.  No, she didn't almost drown today, lol.  She did attempt the slides and was unable to swim to the ladder though, thank gawd for life guards, lucky me they offer swim lessons at the gym!  Yesssss!

Lastly we ran off to the movie theatre for Justin Bieber's new movie Never Say Never.  I will tell you all like I told my facebook friends and family, if you had the thought cross your mind to watch this documentary on a 16 year old singer!  DO IT! It's good.  It amazes me the strength and drive this boy has to accomplish his DREAMS!  I commend him for his bravery and the fact that he isn't cracked out on cocaine, yet, that  I know of!  It's really a sweet story, brought a tear to my eye. For shits and giggles, just watch it.  My daughter absolutely ADORES Justin Bieber, she is 7!  I suffered a little inside watching her all gooey over this 16 year old boy. I'm sure you readers out there with girls suffer the same thing sometimes.  hahaha..   Just let me add this one more thought, this boy's favorite color is purple, but the
red is definitely better looking on him!  hahaha!

With that I leave you with this end of day 39. I'm exhausted, need sleep, Mom is having photos made tomorrow with us kids. Fun Fun Fun.  Color scheme, pink and black.  Yay!  Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally, a response!

So bloggers, I may have mentioned to you the other day that my daughter tells me that they are splitting up her classroom and she will no longer be in "Ms. Just Graduated College" 's classroom anymore. This saddens and angers me because they pulled her out of "Ms Didn't Graduate too Long Ago"'s class earlier in the year.  Very frustration. My daugher has not  had a year in this school that hasn't been disrupted by a change in teachers.  Her Kindergarten year her teacher retired.  She was blessed with an awesome teacher that year.  Both of her Kindergarten teachers were, as I would call them, AWESOME!  She loved both of them. The beginning of the year, this year, "Ms. Didnt Graduate too Long Ago" was ok.  We had a bumpy beginning with behaviour and all, I think maybe it was the teacher.  haha. I'm kidding. I know my child can be a handful!  It's oh to easy not listen to your teachers, we all know that don't we?  To the point.. We are at this stage now.. Check out the response she sent me today...
I meant to send you this email last night, but I guess I got distrracted... 
I am sorry I am just getting back to you. I was having trouble getting my school email to work yesterday. I am also sorry that I mentioned that to "my daughter". I should not have done that yet. As far as I know, my kids are going to be put into the other first grade classes tomorrow. It is not at all something that I want but something that administration thinks is best for the students. They told me on Monday that they were taking my class from me and splitting them back up into the other classes. I am not sure whether they will be in the same class they were in before or not. I was not told details about how they were splitting them up and was not asked for input on that either.
They do not believe that the students are getting "the education they deserve" in my class because I have struggled some with classroom management during my time as a teacher. I do not really think I am being treated fairly as most first year teachers struggle with classroom management and am not sure exactly what is up because I have never heard of anything like this happening before, but I am very sorry that the kids are going to have to switch classes again. I am also really upset to be losing them. For now I will still be at school every day in one of the other first grade classrooms (not sure which one yet) and am hoping to be around until the end of the year so I will definitely be checking in with all of my kids as long as I can! I am really going to miss seeing them in my class everyday! My experience at the school has not been great this year but getting to know all of the kids has definitely made it worth while! I have also enjoyed getting to know you . Thanks for always being active in "my daughter's" definitely helps me as the teacher out probably just as much as it helps "my daughter" as a student!
Please email or call me if you have any other questions. My phone number is ********* if you have any questions! I am going to send a letter home with the kids this afternoon about the change and am not sure whether or not the school is planning on sending anything.
Thanks for your concern and sorry again!
"Miss Just Graduated College"
Just... Wow... I immediately forwarded it to my ex-hubby, who handles the BS for me.  I'm always pissed about things, he feels the same as I do, he handles the dirty work.  Proves the point and fights the battles.  Oh where would I be without him, lol. 
Just felt like blogging that to ya.  What are you thoughts Monkey Butts?

Day 38, 365 days of 2011.

So I guess today is going to be just like yesterday, oh. yay!  <--- Can you sense the sarcasm?   It's another slow day here in Paradise. I'm patiently awaiting 5:00pm!   It's been a hellacious week, I'm glad it's over. I missed my daughter the last 2 nights because she was with her father.  The worst part of divorce, visitation.  I'm kidding. I'm glad he takes his visitation and hasn't disappeared out of her life like some dead beat dads, so for that I can be thankful!
Playing with color affects on my phone...Guess it's obvious I'm bored, huh? Gave me something to do for a few minutes. I'm not sure how I feel about the black and white, but whatevski!  I took the first photo I got, no click click delete, take a new pic today!  This is what I got! 

So for those following, I've blogged about my Mom having a brain aneurysm a month or so ago, if you are new, or just popping by, CLICK HERE for refreshments!  haha.. 

UPDATERS:  My mom went to the Dr yesterday, they did they thing and what nots.  So, they tell her they will call her tomorrow (which is today) or Monday in regards to when they will do surgery.  Eeeep!  I didn't talk to my Mom last night, I know, tisk tisk, she calls us today.  The Dr has called!  They are bringing her in for Pre-Op on the 23rd and are going to do surgery on the 28th of FEBRUARY!  This month. I'm slightly freaking out, a little. I know she will do just fine, I think it's just fear more than anything.  Fear for her!  Even though I know she will do just fine. I've only ever had a C-section in my life, in regards to surgery and that is a scrapped knee in comparison!  So we are shaking in our Cons right now, my Sis and I, my Mom comes and goes with being upset and all we can do is talk to her and remind her that she knows already that everything will be just fine.  They will take care of this and be done with it.  Right? 

That being said... It's turning into one hell of a month so far.  My daughter went to the ear Dr Monday, they hurt her ears, I told you already, they want us to come back next Monday which will probably be the same thing.  In the event they can't clear them we are also back under anaesthesia with her for new ear tubes.  Ugh!  I hate it.

Princess aka Devil Cat will be in the veterinary office next week getting fixed.  Ugh!  Found an awesome price though.  As long as she comes out alive with all her cute toes and mitteney feets, we are good there!

My Mom's surgery this month! 

It's all adding up, she wants to have family portraits done this weekend as does the "Mr. of the apartment", it's going to be a busy weekend, I need to find time for the gym, but also now have 2 photographer appointments and 1 apartment appointment.  Damn! 

On a good note though, I tried to tell ya all about this last night, I took a kickbox jam class last night at the gym! LOVED IT!  It was so awesome. So now, that makes 2 classes. I love the Step class and now the Kickbox Jam class. I do not care for the Yoga class but I know I will do it again, but it's BORING!

I'm off to find some work to do.  You all have an awesome Friday!  I will try and blog more laters :)

Day 37, 365 days of 2011.

Day 37, and what a long, slow day 37 it was today.  Work dragged by like it would never end. We were so very slow. It was like torture!  Someone pulling your fingernails up and out, slowly, as painfully as possible.  Oh lovely day 37, I'm glad you are coming to an end!
Sorry guys/gals, I was working on this one last night, had a lot of stuff to say and my net had some problems.. So Ive lost it all.. damnpieceofshit!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 36, 365 days of 2011.

Day 36!  Another day in paradise!  That's what I call work, Paradise, my sarcasm laid on pretty thick! 

So it was a typical day at work, boring, as always, you know the drill.  People annoy me at times.  I did have a threat today though, haha... Said he should have shot my driver for impounding his van.  Lovely. He never showed up today.  What a shame. I was interested to see just how blue in the face he would be when he came in.  Mad people are funnier that dumb people.  Just sayin'!

Was glad when it all ended for the day. As you all may have noticed. I blogged like mad today.  Making up for my sorry arseness over the weekend, haha.  I'm sorry if it's an overload!  Sowwy!  It was fun though... :)

I've got more... haha.. I'm thinking of adding it here, so that I don't have to run on and on with different posts.  Just throwing in my RANDOM BABBLES.  Haven't seen enough of that today, have we? 

So... yes.... I picked up some  new shoes, well new to me, at Goodwill last night, they are flippin A-DORABLE!  Seeee....  I love this shoe!  It's so cute and so adorable.  It's love at first sight!  I mentioned out loud, not on here, that I wanted some backless shoes. I had a pair of Skechers many years ago that were backless and adorable also. I miss them.  These will do!

Speaking of love at first sight.  It is official. I am in love with this lady!  Like for real!  Without a doubt, if I met her I'd be a star struck psycho fan!  hahaha...
And just for shits and giggles, here is a video for your viewing pleasure!

It doesn't appear to be very big, but RAWKS anyway you look at it :)  Oh just check it out, you know you want to! 

And lets wrap this shiz up, shall we, someone asked me earlier... Oh crap...  Oh yes...  Sam asked me about my non smoking.  Yes Sam I am indeed still a non smoker. I am still wearing the nicotine patches.  I find it definitely means more survivors if I stick that little patch on me!  Haha.. The poor souls around me will make it through another day!

I'm working out super hard as often as possible and within reason, I pushed a little tooo hard the other day and hurt like shiz for 2 days, but I'm back on it again. I'm doing my best!  I am determined to get this police thang DOWN!  Someone tell me though, how does someone who doesn't eat meat get amino acids?  Isn't that the word I'm looking for, damn now I'm just not sure, I'm getting a yes from the "Mr." here!  *high fives*  ps... I love the steam room. LOVE IT!

You rawk bloggers and bloggettes!  Hope to read lots of stuff soon, but let me add, for those that know her, what happened to spitfire? Jobonster?  I miss reading her rambles!  :)

Lemme sleep, please?!

For me?  Awe aren't you just so sweet!  I suffered from insomnia last night. Oh. Yay!  This doesn't happen to me very often.  I'm not sure why it chose last night either. Very annoying.   I hit the bed and was unable to sleep it crossed my mind to get up and tell you readers about it, but I chose to just lay there and suffer in silence! Yes, please! 

So I made a list... Well a "note" in my cell phone, because I didn't want to get up and hop on blogger to tell you all  the things that were happening during this time.  Definitely interesting... Maybe?

For starters, I'm laying there.  I hear what sounds like crying, sobbing, bawling.  I'm confused.  At first I thought it was fighting, outside somewhere. All I could think was will they pull a gun and start firing upon each other and stray bullets may come through the walls and windows, hitting someone. Eeeep, anxiety kicking in slightly.  Then I roll over, pondering listening  a little harder.  No it sounds more like crying, like I thought originally.  Perhaps the neighbors kids are throwing a tantrum at bed time.  Maybe it will pass soon.  You know kids, they cry and cry till they pass out, usually doesn't take my daughter long at all. Or any other child that I know, for that matter.  So I'm waiting patiently for it to pass.  It does not. I roll again and again ending up on my back so I can listen with both ears!  IT'S SOBBING and talking through the sobs.  Weird...  Wait!  What's this there is another voice, it gets louder at times.. What are they saying?  Damn it... Why can't I sleep?  Oh wait... it's different... Still can't make out any words, all of my neighbors are Spanish speaking, with the exception for the boy who is in Kindergarten, is it Kindergarten or Kindergarden?  (I thought that during my insomnia... Keep reading, it's gets better, lol)  So they are crying and talking... I'm wondering if the upstairs neighbor DIED or something and the wife? is crying and someone is holding her hand and talking to her. Maybe I should go check on them?  So they keep going... NO... IT'S CRYING WHILE TALKING... AND SOMEONE ELSE SOUNDS LIKE HE'S PRAYING.  Weird.  What the fuck is going on up there!  Uggghhhh please stop. 

OH yes... Something else to keep me awake.  SNORING!  The "Mr. of our apartment" snores!  Loudly at times.  And has.. sleep apnea?  It sounds like he just stops breathing at times, quiet, no noise, then there is a slight shaking? that happens and he's back to snoring. Odd.. But who am I to judge who does what when they sleep.  I talk in my sleep and have sat and attempted to have conversations while sleeping.  Yep. I'm that gal!

So... with the snoring and sobbing and praising?  I'm unable to sleep.  Oh! What's this?  The praising has stopped?  The sobbing has ceased? Oh. Yay! I hear them going down the stairs!  Halle-fucking-lujah!!!  Still curious as to what the hell went on up there though.  At last, 1 noise down.  Shall I cover the "Mr. of our apartments" face with a pillow?  I'm kidding.  It doesn't always bother me and most times I can just pass out, just not last night!

Holy hell what is this noise I hear now.  Well, Mr. of the upstairs is either A) not dead as I previously thought or B) she moved on really fast!  THAT noise is a squeaky bed! Oh. Gawd. NO!  I can't handle sex noises, not now, not now!  haha.. TMI I'm sure, but hey if you made it this far, pat yourself on the back!  And my upstairs neighbor needs a new damn bed!  Or move that bish away from the wall! Like for real!

And here we are, the end of the post, something I pondered as I'm counting sheep trying to sleep.. They taught me in school it's "I" before "E" except after "C".  Is this right?  If so then why is it neighbor?  Is it Nieghbor?  No it's not!  That even looks messed up!  And Weird?  Wierd looks funny too!  See, those aren't "I" before "E". It makes no sense when I think about  it!

So now you know what I think about when I'm suffering from insomnia!  What's on your mind, Monkey Butt?

Are all apartments Hell on Earth?

That is a serious question!  I live in what I assume is a pretty good sized apartment complex.  It is an ugly mustardy yellow orange color.  They try to keep the grounds relatively clean, the playgroud is an accident waiting to happen, aside all the broken glass and busted arse monkey bars.  Geeez it's terrible and yet I see parents as well as children on this thing whenever the weather  is forgiving!  Wowch!  Scary.  We hear an occasional gun fire, only a few bodies found laying around, so  far.  One of which was about 2 years ago, he went behind his building and was shot by someone?  Weird?  Me, I think he attempted to rob the wrong MOFO!  hahah..   Correction: He wasn't found laying around, he actually made it back to the front, up his stairs and into the apartment, I believe he was a visitor of.  Then lately, last year, Id say, someone attempted to break into a unit and the residents were home.  Dude was shot by the robber. Eeep!  Strange events going on, Im sure they are everywhere. That's what you get for living in the city.  

For those of you that didn't know, I moved to the "city" from a rural area. I miss it there. I will add, on the days I have to venture up that way, after work, my mom still lives there, I do not miss that traffic home. Like for real!  It's horrid traffic. As much as I miss the country living I don't want to lose the convienence of having everything I need within walking distance and being only 4 miles from work, compared to 32.  Needless to say, due to child visitation issues, between my ex hubby and I.  It wouldn't work for me to move that far away.   

Back to the point...  Last night, I will blog about more of last nights insomnia later, but last night, one of my thoughts, was should I use the rule "you get what you pay for" and spend the extra bucks and get something...better?  But who's to say the grass is greener on the other side? I've found a couple about 20 miles away from work, nicer area and appears to be nicer apartments. I've only seen them online. They aren't open on Sundays, which sucks, because I can see that as potentially a BAD thing.  But the price difference is about 300 bucks!  Owch!  I've so much going on, yes we are in a REALLY cheap apartment for the area, like realllllly cheap.  There is nothing else this cheap and well it shows. I call our complex pretty shitty most days.  So, just sayin'.   I'm sticking with apartments because they offer the luxury of a pool and work out room. Both of which looked really nice at these apartments. Keep in mind I've only seem them online. Bastards need better hours!  HA HA! 

So I'm torn, because I know  it's a better area, I know the schools are better, not to sound politically INCORRECT, but my child's school is 98% Hispanic. Not that I'm racist or anything, don't get me wrong, but I imagine it could be weird to be the only white kid there.  We never dealt with such things as children.  Plus is there a the delay for the teachers working with the children that aren't up to speed with their English. It's a tough call.  From reading reviews her school is the best in the area.  I'm wondering though, according to her, her teacher, "Miss Just Graduated from College", never taught before, cries, 3 times a day, because she has some tough kids, is apparently not going to be her teacher anymore! WTF! I mean for real. They tore my child out of her teachers class to place her in with "Miss Just Graduated College".  Whom, I've noticed, each time I go to lunch with my daughter OBVIOUSLY cannot handle these children.  She is just like me, they walk all over her, but I accepted that early on and stopped with 1 child!   I'm not happy with her getting yet another 1st grade teacher, I've emailed "Miss Just Graduated College" and am patiently awaiting  her response. I want to know what's going on, as a concerned parent that my child is constantly going through changes.  Just tough it up "Miss Just Graduated College" and finish the year! YOU CAN DO IT.  Maybe?

Anyway, I'm distracted with shooting threats, yea, love my job!  So I'm wrapping this one up.  Tell me your thoughts though reader. Should I strap down and just pay the extra money to live somewhere nicer?  Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me Me So Tastic? *blushes*

So after reading a blog, by an awesome lady, she once again, passed along the "Memetastic Award".  Being one of the lucky readers, I accept such an  award, squeee! 
And we are off to the FUN! Yes!

So lets get this party started, again, shall we?  1.2.3.GO!

For starters, like any other award lets start by giving a shot out to the awesome lady Starlight who passed on this lovely award!  Check her out, if you haven't already, she is a sweetie and a lovely writer! 

And on to whats next... Apparently this one is a little different, the "rules" say we have to tell you 5 things.  4 of which are LIES and 1 of course is the TRUTH!  And lucky you all get to guess which is the Truf!  Yep... Good luck with that, let me just say, this is harder than I thought it would be. Being as I'm a terribly awful liar!  Oh. Yay!

So.... Here we go..

1.  I hate hate hate chick flicks!  All of them, every single one, all the blond bimbos and crazy love stories and blah blah blah!  BARF!

2.  I just LOOOOOOOVE WINTER!  Cold weather. Oh the soft snow falling from the sky. I could run outside and make  snow angel. Oh. Yes!  Just can't wait for the snow they are calling for on Wednesday, got my snow boots ready to go!

3.  My favorite food groups are pizza and chocolate!  mmmm, good!

4.  I LOVE ALL MEATS ALSO.  LOVE EM. Nice tasty steak and some yummy good fish.  YUM!  Wait, is fish considered meat?  Hmm, someone google it and let me know!

5.  I have the greenest thumb I know of. For real. My plants love me.  They are so green and so pretty, you should see them! 

Well there, it isn't great and I'm sure maybe the most boring thing EVAR!    And well after reading through this again, it's fine!  It's more of a test, a test to see how many of you readers, followers actually pay any attention to me, being as I'm sure I've said all of these things before, in this blog o' mine! 

Now riddle me this?!!  WHICH ONE OF THESE IS ACTUALLY TRUE!  It's easy, I promise!  tee hee!

And lastly, leastly, all of that jazz. I'm posta give the award to people as well.  I've been trying to get out there and hit the "next blog" button to see what's crackin with this thing!  For real.  I've been busy today, I found quite a few I thought to be simply fabulous, however I was unable to find the "follow" button on their blog.  *shakes head* What a shame, for real.  I would love to follow it.  Oh well though, maybe I will stumble on it one day again in the future. So for all of my readers, I'm sure I follow your blogs as well.  If you haven't already accepted this award from someone else, please ACCEPT it from me. I'd love to read your answers and if you have accepted in the past, please by all means, attach a link in a comment so that I may read what you had to say back when.  Okay? 

Kbyethanks!  Have an awesome sleep y'all! 

Day 35, 365 days of 2011

Happy Day 35 of my project  y'all!  It's Tuesday!  Oh. Yay!  And how are you today?  It's a good day. I pushed myself to jog slightly last night while at the gym. I couldn't help it. My legs were aching, but what can I say, I'm determined!  That's all I can be.  I enjoy my not so boring days here at work, but I've been doing this job long enough.  There is no more money to make here, I need MORE! I need a change!  I need more money, I need insurance. I need vacations. I need MORE!  Wait!  I already said that!  So I have leg muscle now.  Oh wow.  That's new. I think I even have a little arm muscle, Awe, weee!
So my picture today makes me skin look soft, white?  Or is it my eyes. I've compared it to yesterday, I'm sure it's the lighting and the direction in which the camera is looking, but whatevski. I think i may have found my good side?  Although that changes from day to day!

I'm struggling with a post on an award I've accepted, it's pissing me off.  haha...  What is up with that.  Why is it when I'm pissed, stressed, angry, mad, happy, sad, glad, upset, ANY EMOTION POSSIBLE! I desire to smoke!  HA! Weird!  But I'm not smoking. I know I keep going back and forth with this. But still smoke free, still unsure how many days it's been also!

I'm heading back to work, or should I say, to think about lunch. I think it's a Zaxby's kind of day! Oh. how I heart Zaxby's! Have a great Tuesday readers, followers and fellow bloggers!  I'm off to do....Something!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 34, 365 days of 2011

Happy Monday folks?  And a happier day 34.  One of my problems yesterday, aside the painful stabbing while walking or moving, lack of nicotine. I didn't want to rawk the nicotine patch to the gym for Yoga and the steam room as well as hot tub wanted to release the sticky from the patch, so rather than risk losing it, I didn't wear it!
I did okay at the gym!  No thoughts of suicide or killing those poor innocent ladies at the gym, doing the yoga!  Oh.My.Gawd. I had no idea Yoga was so boring. I do not like it. Not one bit. But they tell me I need to be a little more flexible so I know I will be doing it again, blah! I woke up in pain. I thought the yoga would help my sore from a week of rigorous exercise and make me feel better. HA HA HA!  NO!  I didn't  feel better. Actually may have made me feel a little worse. I did the hot tub and steam room again, both of which can be oh so relaxing!    Lets get back to it, shall we?

So to my faithful readers and followers, I apologize for not blogging all weekend, I usually do better than that.  I mean for real. I have been doing a lot better. Something about this week. It ran my batteries dead and me too. I was feeling like pure hell. I think Im back to a relatively new me right now.  I made it extremely early to party A on Saturday and only slightly late to party B on Sunday. I was able to lock my keys in my car at party B. Which sucks, but the window was slightly down and they were able to get into it with a coat hanger. Whew!  Key was nestled in my purse, laughing at my misfortune. I wanted to CHOKE anything that moved in my house last night and wanted to smoke a damn cigarette to make me feel better. though I knew it wouldn't.  I didn't smoke. To be honest, I've lost count as to how many days it has really been smoke free here.  lol.  But I made it out alive!  yay for nicotine patch this morning. Im hopelessly addicted.  haha.

My daughter had an ear Dr. appointment this morning, which worked out well, because she was complaining with pain yesterday. Sonofabitch her tubes are clargged ( ).  Still makes me giggle.  GAWDAMNSONOFABITCH is how I'm feeling! So they attempt to "vacuum" out her ears, only to hurt her and make her cry. Im not happy, ready to choke Mr. Nice Dr. and smack the nurse holding my daughters head.  Poor bugger. She will hate the ear Dr. as much as she hates the dentist when this is over.   (And I just hung up with the dentist. Shh Im not telling her till next month she has to go, lol ) Poor thing!  And in a week if the tubes are still clargged I guess they attempt the vacuum again, hopefully the drops will clear them to avoid such vacuuming. If not, then we are off to get new tubes. DAMNITALLTOHELL.  Tell me this is normal?!  Shit!

So today is better. My dahlin daughter felt better, I carted her arse off to school and headed in to work. YES!  Money is always nice!  Next week we do it all over again, oh.yippie!

Just glad it's a better day. How are you blogger world?

Day 33, 365 days of 2011

Day 33? 

I didn't think it was possible for me to feel worse. Damn gym!   I love the hot tub and the steam room, this weekend was my first time EVER in either of these things.  Was... Nice!  But I worked too hard through the week, gym wise, and am hurting like hell now.  Legs only!  The yoga, very boring, didnt help at all!   So that was my events for both days of my weekend. I did an awesome step class on saturday though.  That was FUN!  Had 2 parties this weekend and still feel like hell!  By the end of the day, rolling into darkness, my mood got worse and led to this...
Was so glad when the night ended and I was able to hit my pillow and fall asleep!  :) 
Still no self portrait, lets just say...I forgot?!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 31, 365 days of 2011

Hello my readers, followers and fellow bloggers. I'm playing catchup tonight.  Lucky me I read everything you all posted earlier today while I was working late!  Good for me!  Now I'm remembering to post yesterdays photo!  I've been the gym, health club, whatever for the past few days, since the day after I paid them anyways.  I have to go back tomorrow... Its killing me to exercise so much, not literally, I hope, but it's tough. Ive jogged and pushed and pulled until my muscles ache.  Tomorrow morning I must do a "fit test" I've no idea what that is, whatevski.  It will give me the opportunity to GET UP EARLY, UGHHH, and then ask them whatever questions I have regarding the training I need for the police academy thing.  Ugh.. Then when I'm done with that, I'm going to sit my arse into a hot tub and just flipping chill for a while.  Whatcha thunk?

Low and behold, my day 31!

I changed my hair tonight. Grabbed the box off the shelf that looked purple.  My hair doesn't look purple, not at all, but its OK.  It's not a faded red and is darker. I like it... For now!

Good night, for real this time!  I will post something for you tomorrow!  Have a great Saturday everyone!

Day 30, 365 days of 2011

Day 30!

My typical forgot to do it earlier photo!  haha.. As I've already posted a couple of days ago.  I need more sleep!
I didn't do this post yesterday and I'm sorry but my posts are going to be short for the weekend, but am trying to keep up with my days!
Save room for day 31...  hahah.. I told you I was a day behind. Altho I did take my photos, just didn't post them.  Slight pat on the back!


Goodnight by readers, followers and fellow bloggers.

For you,

Because I LOVE IT!

Listening to my musik at work, patiently waiting this Friday to end.  I've always loved "Dirty Dancing" since I was a child.  My grandparents, whom we spent a lot of time with, whom I've posted before missing my Popa oh so much and how devastating it was when he passed.  As anal as they were, as well as overbearing and protective of my sister and myself. I love them to no end.  They wouldn't let us watch "Dirty Dancing" when we were kids. Late one night, my mom came home and into our room, knowing what my grandparents would say about such a thing. She snuck us into the living room and plugged in "Dirty Dancing" on VHS and we watched it together. I've loved it ever since.  And hearing this takes me back to all of those good and bad memories with my grandparents and mother fighting the battles of who they thought was better for us.  To this day.  I love my mother more than anyone else, aside my child that is, and I love my grandparents.  But for you all, you should hear Lykke Li sing this.  It's nothing less than BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for reading.  :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 29, 365 days of 2011

Dear Day 29,
This woman is tired. I need more sleep.  I enjoy being so busy at work on this lovely ground hog day.  I wasn't able to see the movie today, but it's OK.  I need sleep more than anything else.
I think even my picture shows my need for sleep. Oh well though, other things to do and say, I guess.

We went to the health club or gym or whatever you are suppose to call those places.  I was overwhelmed with that place. Touring through it is definitely easier than actually running in there and jumping on a machine, a machine I have no idea how to operate.  I'm hopeful to be able to check it out a little better tomorrow and see what classes they offer, maybe cut down on some of the feeling overwhelmed.  Putting a weight on everything I'm attempting to do goes to show how puny I really am.  Sad!  I'm not sure I got over 20 pounds on anything.  Was on a...running...machine and went  a mile on that thang, in like 19 minutes or something.  Damn!  My goal is a mile in like 14 mins.  Damn Damn Damn. I've got a lot of work ahead of me.  If it weren't for my dedication to this career change I'm shooting for, this shit is definitely not for me!  I can't wait until it's all over, I pass my physical test stuff and I can sit down, preferably in the sunshine on a bench in like 85 or 90 degree weather and smoke a fucking cigarette!  That's right!  I said it!  SMOKE A CIGARETTE!  That will be the tastiest cigarette ever!  I will attempt to not smoke anymore after that !  haha.. I'm still smoke free, I've lost count.. Maybe day 6.  It amazes me how the smallest things I do make me want a cigarette.  It seems like I need a complete overhaul on my life or something.  Very depressing. I like me. I like my routines, most of them.  It's terribly upsetting to know that one alteration like not smoking is going to somehow affect what seems like EVERYTHING I do. 

I'm at a lose for moving... Ugh, damn what else can I pile on to the top of all this shit I've got going on right now!  Really?!! There has to be something else.  Oh well, I will come up with it tomorrow.  Goodnight my readers, fellow bloggers and followers.  It's a good day!  Even better night now that I'm crashing.. .haha

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 28, 365 days of 2011

Hello Day 28!  For all of my fellow bloggers, readers and followers, if you are up North-ish and buckling down for the winter weather that's upon you, I am sorry. If it makes you feel any better, warmer, whatever. It's cold and rainy down here and we are apparently in the flood zones.  Yay!  I want my warm weather! NOW!  I'm still busy at work, blah!  I think I left there today, feeling slightly accomplished that perhaps I managed to file all the shit that has been piling up this year!  Gah!  New Years at work, has never been so messy, and I've been there 6 years now, sheesh!
Today was pretty productive, if you didn't catch that from above.  And tonight, out of curiosity we ventured to a "health club"  just to check out it and see what all they had to offer, I blogged the other night I was becoming bored, with no intentions of giving up on, my exercise!  So of course we venture out in this oh so LOVELY awful rainy weather and check out the local fitness club. It was slightly overwhelming and didn't look like the place for me, they had crazy rules and we will throw you out and take away your membership if you do A,B or C.  And blah blah. Then of course we go to the bigger oh so fabulous "health club".  To wrap this up, I am now a member of a "health club" with a physical trainer and a lot of classes to choose from.  Plus the kiddo was only 6 bucks a month, whewt!  She will love the pool and rock climbing! 

I'm still smoke free, believe it maybe like day 5 or so.  Still rawking the nicotine patch. Excited for tomorrow. I get to try out my new "health club" if I don't have an anxiety attack while my daughter is busy playing in the kids area, eeep! 

Goodnight my fellow bloggers, readers and oh so faithful followers. I'm sure one day I may have something to talk about other than me!  haha... Cya tomorrow!