Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 31, 365 days of 2011

Hello my readers, followers and fellow bloggers. I'm playing catchup tonight.  Lucky me I read everything you all posted earlier today while I was working late!  Good for me!  Now I'm remembering to post yesterdays photo!  I've been the gym, health club, whatever for the past few days, since the day after I paid them anyways.  I have to go back tomorrow... Its killing me to exercise so much, not literally, I hope, but it's tough. Ive jogged and pushed and pulled until my muscles ache.  Tomorrow morning I must do a "fit test" I've no idea what that is, whatevski.  It will give me the opportunity to GET UP EARLY, UGHHH, and then ask them whatever questions I have regarding the training I need for the police academy thing.  Ugh.. Then when I'm done with that, I'm going to sit my arse into a hot tub and just flipping chill for a while.  Whatcha thunk?

Low and behold, my day 31!

I changed my hair tonight. Grabbed the box off the shelf that looked purple.  My hair doesn't look purple, not at all, but its OK.  It's not a faded red and is darker. I like it... For now!

Good night, for real this time!  I will post something for you tomorrow!  Have a great Saturday everyone!

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  1. Yesterday I catch up with blogs I read and I was reading them and commenting for 3hours! But I loved it because I'm following a wonderful bloggers who deserve my time (including you!).

    Have a wonderful weekend Doria :)


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