Monday, February 21, 2011

Trooff be told....

So we may remember my posting acceptance of MEMETASTIC AWARD it an all of it's glory.  Lookie Lookie, Ive not did the follow up. GO ahead, slap my hand with the ruler for being bad! 

So lemme run through the details here!

Pat on the back dearest Starlight, you called the trooff out with my favorite food groups being Pizza and Chocolate. Yummy. I'd like to be munching on either of those right now!

So lets see...  To narrow it down and make it as painless as possible here, I love chick flicks, pretty much any and all of them.  What can I say?  I'm a chick!

2.) hahah,,, my followers and dedicated readers know just how much I HATE WINTER!

3) Troof!

4.) I honestly can't stand most all meats, I'm not a vegetarian, because I love peperoni pizza and I enjoy some bacon, yum!

and lastly, 5) I'm doubting my green thumb, my plants are not dead, as of yet, Princess aka Devil Cat is determined to kill the biggest of the 3 plants I have, but the man at Home Depot tells me if I kill these plants, I just need to go to silk plants, yes they are that hard to kill.  Poor things rarely get water and one took a nose dive off the balcony last summer. Still going strong!

High Fives, my thumb maybe slightly greenish...


  1. So I guessed right?

    (If I may comment - I love the new layout of your blog but this font you're using lately is a bit hard to read... It's lovely but it's a bit of a pain in the ass...)

  2. Congrats! I have a a BLACK thumb. I do not even own one indoor living plant..... But I do love pizza and DARK chocolate.....

  3. Yes Starlight you guess it, like you said, who doesn't love pizza and chocolate, guess I made it too easy! Changed my font to btw... :)

    Kristen... Yea Im not very good either, it's greenish, not green :)


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