Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 36, 365 days of 2011.

Day 36!  Another day in paradise!  That's what I call work, Paradise, my sarcasm laid on pretty thick! 

So it was a typical day at work, boring, as always, you know the drill.  People annoy me at times.  I did have a threat today though, haha... Said he should have shot my driver for impounding his van.  Lovely. He never showed up today.  What a shame. I was interested to see just how blue in the face he would be when he came in.  Mad people are funnier that dumb people.  Just sayin'!

Was glad when it all ended for the day. As you all may have noticed. I blogged like mad today.  Making up for my sorry arseness over the weekend, haha.  I'm sorry if it's an overload!  Sowwy!  It was fun though... :)

I've got more... haha.. I'm thinking of adding it here, so that I don't have to run on and on with different posts.  Just throwing in my RANDOM BABBLES.  Haven't seen enough of that today, have we? 

So... yes.... I picked up some  new shoes, well new to me, at Goodwill last night, they are flippin A-DORABLE!  Seeee....  I love this shoe!  It's so cute and so adorable.  It's love at first sight!  I mentioned out loud, not on here, that I wanted some backless shoes. I had a pair of Skechers many years ago that were backless and adorable also. I miss them.  These will do!

Speaking of love at first sight.  It is official. I am in love with this lady!  Like for real!  Without a doubt, if I met her I'd be a star struck psycho fan!  hahaha...
And just for shits and giggles, here is a video for your viewing pleasure!

It doesn't appear to be very big, but RAWKS anyway you look at it :)  Oh just check it out, you know you want to! 

And lets wrap this shiz up, shall we, someone asked me earlier... Oh crap...  Oh yes...  Sam asked me about my non smoking.  Yes Sam I am indeed still a non smoker. I am still wearing the nicotine patches.  I find it definitely means more survivors if I stick that little patch on me!  Haha.. The poor souls around me will make it through another day!

I'm working out super hard as often as possible and within reason, I pushed a little tooo hard the other day and hurt like shiz for 2 days, but I'm back on it again. I'm doing my best!  I am determined to get this police thang DOWN!  Someone tell me though, how does someone who doesn't eat meat get amino acids?  Isn't that the word I'm looking for, damn now I'm just not sure, I'm getting a yes from the "Mr." here!  *high fives*  ps... I love the steam room. LOVE IT!

You rawk bloggers and bloggettes!  Hope to read lots of stuff soon, but let me add, for those that know her, what happened to spitfire? Jobonster?  I miss reading her rambles!  :)


  1. Congrats on keeping up with the nicotine patch! *cheers*

    Jobonster stopped blogging on her Confessions of a Spitfire blog to work on her If You Are What You Eat blog...but now both blogs have been deleted and her profile is private. :( So...she just kinda disappeared.

    Question: Are you eating at least a small protein packed snack after your workouts? Protein will help reduce the recovery time significantly. Personally, I like non-chocolate peanut butter protein bars w/out a lot of sugar. (It's scary the amount of sugar some manufacturers put in their "healthy" protein bars!!) They're easy to throw in the gym bag and eat on the way home!

  2. Sam... I miss her blogging and comments. How sad that she isn't around anymore. Maybe she will get back to it soon! I'm not eating any protein bars as of yet, I did purchase some protein shake mix stuff yesterday. That be good enough?


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