Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 34, 365 days of 2011

Happy Monday folks?  And a happier day 34.  One of my problems yesterday, aside the painful stabbing while walking or moving, lack of nicotine. I didn't want to rawk the nicotine patch to the gym for Yoga and the steam room as well as hot tub wanted to release the sticky from the patch, so rather than risk losing it, I didn't wear it!
I did okay at the gym!  No thoughts of suicide or killing those poor innocent ladies at the gym, doing the yoga!  Oh.My.Gawd. I had no idea Yoga was so boring. I do not like it. Not one bit. But they tell me I need to be a little more flexible so I know I will be doing it again, blah! I woke up in pain. I thought the yoga would help my sore from a week of rigorous exercise and make me feel better. HA HA HA!  NO!  I didn't  feel better. Actually may have made me feel a little worse. I did the hot tub and steam room again, both of which can be oh so relaxing!    Lets get back to it, shall we?

So to my faithful readers and followers, I apologize for not blogging all weekend, I usually do better than that.  I mean for real. I have been doing a lot better. Something about this week. It ran my batteries dead and me too. I was feeling like pure hell. I think Im back to a relatively new me right now.  I made it extremely early to party A on Saturday and only slightly late to party B on Sunday. I was able to lock my keys in my car at party B. Which sucks, but the window was slightly down and they were able to get into it with a coat hanger. Whew!  Key was nestled in my purse, laughing at my misfortune. I wanted to CHOKE anything that moved in my house last night and wanted to smoke a damn cigarette to make me feel better. though I knew it wouldn't.  I didn't smoke. To be honest, I've lost count as to how many days it has really been smoke free here.  lol.  But I made it out alive!  yay for nicotine patch this morning. Im hopelessly addicted.  haha.

My daughter had an ear Dr. appointment this morning, which worked out well, because she was complaining with pain yesterday. Sonofabitch her tubes are clargged ( ).  Still makes me giggle.  GAWDAMNSONOFABITCH is how I'm feeling! So they attempt to "vacuum" out her ears, only to hurt her and make her cry. Im not happy, ready to choke Mr. Nice Dr. and smack the nurse holding my daughters head.  Poor bugger. She will hate the ear Dr. as much as she hates the dentist when this is over.   (And I just hung up with the dentist. Shh Im not telling her till next month she has to go, lol ) Poor thing!  And in a week if the tubes are still clargged I guess they attempt the vacuum again, hopefully the drops will clear them to avoid such vacuuming. If not, then we are off to get new tubes. DAMNITALLTOHELL.  Tell me this is normal?!  Shit!

So today is better. My dahlin daughter felt better, I carted her arse off to school and headed in to work. YES!  Money is always nice!  Next week we do it all over again, oh.yippie!

Just glad it's a better day. How are you blogger world?


  1. Congrats on the quitting!! You are doing great! So proud!

  2. I hope your daughter will be ok and won't need anoter vacuuming. It hurts a lot but it's much better after they totally clean up your ears.


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