Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 86, 365 Days of 2011

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Here I am, sitting in my chair at work, bored out of my damn mind. It's just not fair. Why is it I'm cursed with these slow boring days?  Why can't I just get paid to go home and do nothing?  To freely play online, with facebook and blogger without the fear of getting caught.  ugh it's just crap!
Maybe it will get better soon. It has to. I can't stand to sit here bored anymore.

So I've a million and 2 things going on in my life right now. I've unfortunately had to stick my being a police officer on the back burner. I've hopes and dreams of accomplishing said achievement but it just isn't obtainable RIGHT NOW.  Sad but true. The lease is running out on the apartment I'm in right now, so it's packing and painting.. As my readers may have noticed, my facebook clicker thing on my blog holds the picture of me covering the lovely pink on my daughters walls. My fellow readers if you want to hit me up on facebook, please do not hesitate, it's where you will find me most often.  ha ha.. As of right now I'm actually weeding through a break up situation.  Yes it's sad but true. I've devastated an sweet loving person for selfish reasons. Don't ask me why, because all I can say is, it's just ME. I feel awful and he may never understand that.  But of all my apologies I've given him they are all true.  Our apartment in a mess and I've a million things to sort through and separate and the packing. Oh gah the packing. The weather sucks. I've packed all of 3 boxes, 2 of which are in my daughters closet and full of stuff she didn't even know she had. These will end up in STORAGE.  I've also inherited the Kia that we purchased as a couple, it's in my name, and now I must dig myself out from under that beast!  I've blogged about my wonderful Toyota Camry, which is still nameless, and have no real desire to drive an SUV.  I'm moving home to my mothers house with high hopes that someone will offer me enough money to buy this SUV and I can move out on my own, again. I've never been single. It's weird. I'm 29 years old and never once had a just me relationship.  Is that so weird?  I honestly think it's going to be life changing and a well deserved learning experience.  I struggle with the idea in my moments of weakness, I still care for what will soon be an EX but I think it's time for ME!  Does this make me cruel?  Selfish? Wrong?  Am I wrong?  I just don't know.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 85, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

One more day until March ends.  My daughter is excited for April Fools Day. She is so silly. I'm excited to eat lunch with her on April Fools Day. Appears as though Saturday of my weekend is already booked. Go figure. Luckily we are posta go out for my cousins 30th birthday and have a blast. I'm excited!  I want to have a drink, I think.
Today was another boring day. Rainy again and colder than I like.  Strangest thing, the phones went down at work today. I was jumping for joy when that happened. You mean to tell me I don't have to deal with another phone call today, that's fucking AWESOME!  I even left a few minutes early. What else was I to do.

So Saturday, yea, we are thinking about going to see this band called "Molly Hatchet" my 70's music is more than rusty. I've not much listened to anything but Bat For Lashes, Lykke Li and other lady bands here lately.  But I hear a song on YouTube that is familiar to me.  But oh well. We are still up in the air with ideas, it is after all her birthday and I just know it will be something AWESOME! I'm excited! 

So I figure its time for me to wrap this one up. But i can't do that without showing you this!!
MY NEW SUPER AWESOME FABULOUS GOODWILL SHOES.  They are so awesome.. Just had to share that with you all.  Have an awesome night!  I'm hoping tomorrow is warmer with SUNSHINE!  *fingers crossed* Goodnight! 

Day 84, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
Another day in paradise at work!  *grumbles* Weather sucks.  again. Still cold and chilly! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 83, 365 days of 2011

Monday!  March 28th, 2011

It was actually a busy day today.  My daughter woke me up at 5ish this morning with the terrible thunder/lightning storms we were having. Yes that meant another day of cloudy, rainy, weather. Blah!  On top of all of this, it was too cold out for my blood. I've already warmed up some with the past couple of weeks warm weather, now this. It's just. UNFAIR!  I'm hopeful it changes for the better very soon!  I don't want anymore cold weather. I was already hoping for nice warm days and nights.  Unfair!

I've too many project to tackle these days. In the process of preparing for a move.  Oh. Yes. Exciting. But hey what can I say. It simply must be done. Somehow someway. I've cancelled my gym membership to focus on everything else and I'm tired of my hair... again. I'm planning to change to a brown color, kind of match my hair up with my daughters.  GO me!  It's only been 7 years, I don't think we've ever had the same hair color and naturally, mine would look just like hers. I'm just not sure how long I will like that either. She told me today she missed my black hair. Oh how that made me cringe inside, because I know, deep down. I loved my black hair, I want my hair back. I want it back and black!  Then there is the facts that I damn near shaved my whole head to rid of that black. The same black I love and want back now. Can you see my problems?   Oh the things we ladies have to deal with. Hair color and all.  ha ha.  Gotta love it. I've even had the passing thought of shaving it all off and buying adorable wigs in all colors just to pacify my cravings. This may actually work. 

SO my photo for today....
Not the best photo. I actually picked up my book today. Maybe because I've been looking at my book shelf for the past couple of days thinking about the books I've already packed.  Ahhh it's nice to read again. Guess what now that I'm caught up, at least with this ONE project (for today) I can get to reading what you all are posting. How awesome is that... AWESOME!

Day 82, 365 days of 2011

March 27th, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday, not much of a fun day.  Had our adventures at Goodwill. I love some Goodwill. Found some super awesome cute blue shoes. Oh and a scrapbook with a whole bunch of pages.  Awesome!  Plus my daughter found her a bag full of toys!
The weather was again, RAINY.  Blah!  It was very sad to sit all chilly and cloudy and rainy.  Awful! 

Day 81, 365 days of 2011

March 26th, 2011
Yea... Saturday... So very busy... Swim class, which my daughters instructor tells me she is ready for the next class up. I never gave it much thought before this, they aren't teaching her to doggie paddle. I'm like, why are they not teaching this?  ha ha.. They're teaching her how to swim. She absolutely HATES putting her head under water without holding her nose. I can't say much, I have to hold my nose under water also.  *shrugs* Never gave it much thought before. The water goes up my nose and makes me feel like I'm drowning. Why would anyone like that! 

We went to the gym today.  Finally. I've slacked off a lot lately.  Other things going on, just isn't enough time for everything.

On top of all of this the weather was miserable and my  daughter and I had to go to my work for  a little while. Was glad when that was over. We came home and curled up on the couch for a while. It was...Nice! 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 80, 365 days of 2011

Oh lawd it was yet another long and boring day at work. I'm satisfying my addiction as I work on this post, my addiction being facebook, it's like, I'm on there ALL DAY LONG, why must I be on all night as well.  Ya know. It's just cause I like it!  How are you doing fellow bloggers. I saw an awesome take on a 365 days post earlier, it's too bad I didn't make  a link for you to check out. She took on the project and posted a picture for every day. Not of herself, but of whatever.  That's a purdy awesome idea if you ask me!  :)
So there we are, day 80, the 80th picture of me, so far this year. Holy crap batman. Anyways. I think this was taken on my way back from lunch with my daughter, while I'm sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green.  I had just finished sitting at the exit from Kroger a few moments earlier.  *grumbles*  All in all today was good. I've come to the conclusion I will not longer be eating school food. When I know it's the day for me to have lunch with my daughter I will be bringing a sacked lunch.  School food is so nasty. I mean, how exactly do you get a turkey and cheese sammich wrong?  I mean, FOR REAL!  It was so yuck. For your information, I had fried okra and a few pieces of fruit for lunch. Oh. Yay. Yum.  *barf*  I hope you all had an awesome FRIDAY!  It's going to be a short but busy weekend. Nothing unusual there.  Have fun with it, hopes for warm weather and will post again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give me your thoughts on Naturalization... Mmmkay?!

Hey Hey Hey again tonight!  As my readers may notice, I'm wrapping up my posts with this one tonight.  I meant to stick my head into it all day today and just didn't get the time to do it.  Blah!

Let me give you some details on what I'm working with here. Okay? You ready?  Okay!  Let's do it. Here we go, we're off....

My sister, is AWESOME.  She's working with a nightmare, kinda, right now. Here's her situation.  My sister is engaged and will be married to an illegal immigrant, next Wednesday. Let me add, I'm not happy about this because she had decided to get married at the court house on a Wednesday, and i can't be there. Selfish I know!  But she's my baby sister, one of my favorite people, I love her so very much and so desperately wanted to be at her wedding. I know it's not really like a wedding because it's the court house and all, I guess. Not sure. Millions of people do it everyday. All day long.  But  not my Sis. This is her first wedding and I'm sure her ONLY wedding. It's no fair. I keep going over her wedding in my head, because it would be oh so awesome. She tells me she will have something for the family afterwards when it's all said and done. I hope she does!  Anyways.. To the point. She will be married next week and well after speaking with an immigration lawyer, the news, sadly, didn't come back as good news.  They are saying, her hubs will have to leave the country and she will be filing forms and papers explaining to our embassy her "extreme hardships" in this case. Apparently from what she is telling me, he will have to go back to Mexico for 10 years! That's a very long time considering they have a 1 year old together and my sister has a 7 year old from a previous relationship. They have been together for like 3 years now, maybe a little longer and she has to work up this thing explaining the extreme hardships. Right now she is working to explain why she and the girls, CANNOT move to Mexico. Which I will say does seem kind of obvious.  We,  Americans, cannot even drink the water in Mexico. According to her research the kids have to drop out of school like 8th grade to go to work.  WOW right?  And well none of them, aside from the hubs speaks Spanish.  (he speaks good English).  What my sister is having problems with is proving her extreme hardships.  How to prove she NEEDS him here.  Yes he's in the wrong because he came over illegally, apparently they wouldn't let him come legally. So here we are. I feel awful they are having to go through this and I hope hope hope it all works out and he's not gone from our lives for 10 years, I guess if all else fails she can meet him at the border and kidnap him or something... I'm kidding!  It's craziness how hard it is for Mexican people to become a part of our county, legally. I know, some say it's wrong for them to be here illegally, but in their case. I only hope it goes smoothly. What I'm asking you for is any advise or perhaps if you've any knowledge that would be useful for my sister. Even perhaps the knowledge of a good writer to help her prove her case!  come on, that's not so hard... Is it?!! 

Day 79, 365 days of 2011

I'm working like a mad woman right now to complete everything I'm working on.  Blogger, I've 2 post for tonight and also need to face my facebook addiction. I've too many app games on there and it's going to drive me MADDDDD! 

How are you dear bloggers, readers and followers?  I hope you are all well.  Things are going okay down here.  Can't wait for warm weather, dreading the rain for the weekend.  If there is any. I know the weather man couldn't predict weather if his life depended on it. That and GA weather is absolutely REDONKULOUS!

It's getting closer and closer every minute to the time I am suppose to get to bed. Ive been telling myself over and over to get to bed early, but of course, my addiction keeps me from it... Blah blah blah.. 

Here's my lazy arse cat for your viewing pleasure.  Have a wondermus night folks!
She's a lazy bum and is sleeping beside me....  Turd! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 78, 365 Days of 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!  It was an interesting day.  My daughter had to go to the Dentist today. Let me just say, SHE HATES THE DENTIST. SHE'S ONLY 7. It's just not fair! She was only going in for a cleaning and was sure she remembered it hurting.  So after tears and a few "No's" they got her back there. She came out smiley with a bag full of stuff.  High Fives- Now lets hope she doesn't remember how much it sucks to get cavities taken care of. Yes. 2 more cavities.  Yays.....  Damn you candy!  Guess it's time for toothpaste and toothbrushes instead of candies.  Whatcha think? Doesn't sound like much fun, does it?
So to go ahead and get it out... I don't care for the blond hair much anymore.  That's terrible isn't it?  I'm supah excited that my cousin is having her 30th b-day party at the beginning of April. I'm excited!  I think it's time to listen to some music and drink some drinks.  What you think?  I've no idea what I'm wearing and apparently a band called.... "Molly Hatchet" is playing. After you tubing and wikipidia surfing I've discovered that even though it's well before my time, I knew who they were. I've heard a couple of their songs. So whewt whewt.  The excitement is building and I'm ready to get a drink on.  Any suggestions as to what to wear to a Molly Hatchet show?  eeeep!  Goodnight fellow bloggers, my readers and followers.

Day 77, 365 Days of 2011

So... I've lost yesterdays picture. Yea, for some reason. I remember sitting at my desk taking a picture. Checked my email, nope, checked the phone, nope!  Holy moly batman.  How did you lose  that one?  Yea. I've no idea.. So here's a cartoon version of me digging hopelessly through emails and phone to try and find it.  It's...LOST!  Ohhhh no!!! 

So I've no idea how or what happened yesterday. I know I didn't make it to the gym, it's called "sorriness and lack of interest" isn't that...Bad?   I plan to do it it today. Will give me time to run off some frustration and confusion.  There is a big deal of stuff going on in me life right now that will probably slow me down and end with crazy looking stressed out psycho photos.  Hope you enjoy said photos!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Versatile Blogger.

Versatile you say? Well by definition, because I wasn't quite sure, had to look it up, means: capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer

So now lets get this party started, I was blessed with this awesome award from the sweet lady Starlight .  Check out her blog she is an interesting and awesome lady *hugs* Starlight! 

So here we go.. In order to accept this blog, I must A.)  Tell all of you 7 facts about me, myself and I.  Well, I'm going to make them random, because hey, no one told me not to!  And B.) I must tag 7 of you fellow bloggers to do the same.  I've tackled these obstacles, well similar, ones with other awards I've accepted.  So... Let's give this one a whirl, shall we?  And we're off, weeeee!

Fact #1....  I'm not your average American I think.  My life's list doesn't include those things they say are the American Dream. I'm not in this world, to buy a home.  To own something like that. I don't want the commitment. I don't want the responsibility. I don't want stuff breaking and me having to fix broken stuff.  What?  That doesn't sound like fun at all.  I don't want to do it. I don't think I could comfortably be in one house, for a very long time. I don't know why.  Maybe it was the constant moving around we did as children. If only I could unlock all of those locked doors in my head. The ones where I go on these instincts telling me, eh that isn't really something you want to do.  I'm sure of it!  Perhaps I've a problem with commitment?  Maybe. I'm not sure there either.  Although I am committed to being Mom?  So that doesn't really make much sense.  Just so you know, I've filed away my wanting a Golden Retriever and Electric Car with my home buying.  Just won't happen. *sighs*  I just don't want to do it. Is that so bad?

Fact #2.... I have blue eyes, but desperately wanting to be as awesome and as adorable as Ashley Greene, you all know, well maybe you know, Alice from Twilight. She is A-DORABLE. So very pretty and I love it.  To the point..  So I went out and got me some brown contacts.  The nice honey gold color, similar but not quite as awesome as the Vamps of Twilight. Is it sad that I'm hopelessly addicted to Twilight and the adorable characters of that movie. I mean damn, all that hawtness!  It just isn't fair!  So yea. I wear my brown contacts rarely anymore, since I cut off all of my hair and it isn't black anymore. I will add that the brown eyes looks really awesome with my blond hair. It confuses me as to why I ended up with blond hair, as a kid and blue eyes. Like my Dad. But my Mom has really dark eyes and dark hair. Shouldn't that be the dominant of them? Oh well though.. I told you it would be random. 

Fact #3.... Certain things in my life, like my style for instance. Has not really changed. Not too drastically anyways.  For some reason when I was younger I wore Jncos and One Stars. (reason being, THE RAWKED) Big baggy t-shirts usually with Kurt Cobains face on them. Complete with a flannel shirt and holes in my jeans! What can I say, as much as my mother HATED it at times, the way we were and the way we dressed, the weird friends we had, it was just US!  Senior year I developed a sense of hawtness.  Odd I know.  I for some reason discovered/ decided I was cuter than that. I opted then for more fitted clothes, but managed to still hang on to my love for certain things. ie.. Kurt Cobain, flannels and holey jeans.  They were just a bit tighter.  Odd.. Now.. I'm back to the baggier jeans, not terribly baggy, like get  a belt yo or anything. I've changed from One Stars, because they aren't as abundant. I have a box full of Kurt Cobain t-shirts from my childhood, with a shelf full of books and scrapbooks full of magazine pages.  It's odd the transformation I've gone through at times.  But you know, it's all just the adventure called life.  It's too bad I can't rawk the Kurt Cobain t-shirts and not feel... silly.  (that coming from someone who just admitted I'm hopelessly addicted to the adorable hawtness of Twilight) 

Fact #4.... I'm. Just.Weird.

Fact #5.... I don't show emotion, well maybe some, lets rephrase. I don't show affection . I will not openly hand out my heart. I can't wear it on my sleeve.  I'm just not the one.   (See fact #4.)  I'm not huggy like that. I can't stand PDA (Public Display of Affection) It makes me nuts to watch the movies with people all ooey and gooey.  I hate watching people being all affectionate and lovey dovey. It makes me sick.  It drives me bonkers. I prefer to just not see it.  (see fact #4)

Fact #6.... I'm totally a spaz when it comes to my daughter.  I think of the times when I was young, we would run about, all over, where ever, do anything, pretty much anywhere. Unattended. I've told my readers about my grandma and how overprotective she was.  She still follows the kids around when they are out.  It's hilarious.  Well. I catch myself being just like that. Something about the world we live in today. It's a lot different that it was when we were kids.  Or so it seems to be. Maybe it's because I'm not the kid with no worries or cares. Now I'm the mommy, but I don't remember my Mommy being all up in my shit like I am!  HA! I monitor the hell out of what she sees on television. What movies she is allowed to watch.  All of that.  Is that so wrong?  I just don't know.  I guess there is no real wrong way to do this "parenting" thing. Unless you are the crackhead parent, selling their bodies on the street and making meth in bathtubs?  Yea... Those are the bad ones...  hahaha.. That's terrible isn't it?

Fact #7....I love blogging. I love telling you all about the events of my days or whatever.  The events and mishaps. I also enjoy reading what everyone else has to say. It's nice to meet new people, well kind of, and get to know a little bit of something else sometimes. 

Well that is that.. That kind of sucked.  ha ha.  I didn't really enjoy the days it took me to come up with those 7 little, random things.  But hey I'm just kidding!  It wasn't so bad. Now I get to tag 7 people, which kind of makes it  a pain, because well I'm sure everyone else has accepted before. Or have they?  Oh well.  If I pass on the award and you've already done this, well, it's a first for me, sooo just re post your last one, or something. I don't know!  Good luck to you!  I've tagged you all here and will run about and make sure to tell you I've done so. I've tagged you all because I am genuinely interested in what you have to say.  :) 

A blast
Mountain Wave

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 76, 354 days of 2011

Hello and goodnight dear bloggers...  How was your Monday? I must say, it wasn't too bad. For that I am glad. We were slightly busy today, *high fives*, nothing to complain about. The week of an auto auction usually keeps me busy anyway. Why do they make me call all 700 of those people?  It just isn't fair.  Unfair.. Terrible and awful!
Damn I look shot out... lol... Anyways... I rode my scooter today!  OMG I was scared to death on the way home. Absolutely terrified and don't really know why that is. I wasn't that bad on the way to work.  I mean, is that normal?  I was so very happy to get my daughter back from her dads.  Why is it I hate it when she's gone... My separation anxiety has been bothering me these past months or so!  That aside... I was so scared today on the way, I think I was on the verge of tears.  Silly isn't it?!  Oh well.. I only hope it gets better. I've every intention of hopping back on it Thursday!  Whewt Whewt! 

Goodnight readers, followers and fellow bloggers.   I shall attempt to stay on top of this jazz for the week and weekend :)

Day 75, 365 days of 2011

So yes... I flunked again... Skipped 2 days, crap!  I remember lying in bed Friday night going... Shit!  I gotta get up and take a picture for today... *grumbles*... Needless to say I woke up Saturday morning going, "Damn I didn't get up"  Sooo here I am, playing catchup again.
Again, Im not fond of the photo.. But whatevski... It's all I got...  too late to change my mind... 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Car Trouble

Car Trouble 101 when it comes to me:   There better not be any!
I really really HATE car trouble, more than anything else, as does the majority of the car owning people in this world.  So yesterday I opened my big mouth and said I needed a tune up.  I do not recall having a tune up done on my car, in like, ever!  I've owned said car for 6 years and well, yes, I'm a slacker.  I get the oil changed as I'm suppose to and rotate my tires. You know mechanic shops, they will attempt to sell you everything under the sun for your car. It needs a brake flush, it needs a radiator flush. You need an air filter and your oil cap needs to be replaced.  Yea, okay. No I'm not paying your $500 bill you got here telling me I need my transmission flushed so that the thing, which has never been flushed can break down 20 mins down the road. No thank you Sir. I will replace that air filter myself, thank you very much, mmmkay bye!  Why oh why do they not mention hey you may need a tune-up? You know?  Put the bug in my ear so that I can say, Oh yes, I may need a tune up....  But noooo, they leave that out, that and checking the belts.. Never told me I needed any belts either. Perhaps I should find someone else to change my oil and rotate my tires? Ah yes, maybe that is exactly what I need to do.

Back to the point...  Man o' the house decides he will change my spark plugs when he gets home. 
To make a long story short, that didn't work out so well. I attempted to ride my scooter into work this morning, was fighting the nervousness in my belly and attempted to start said scooter with no luck!  Grrr!  The battery is DEAD AGAIN.  That's okay, take a hint, it's not a good idea, or else the thing would have started. Right? Fine, get in the car.  Oh gawd I need gas, which is one of the reasons I was braving up the scooter trip!  Leave the complex, OH MY GAWD I'm running out of gas.  Racking my brain trying to remember where the closest station is in the direction I'm going.  Pull into the Kroger station and get some gas, sputtering and spitting as I go.  Whew, I made it. Keep on going.... Oh my god it's still doing it... uuuuggggghhhhh!  Yes dear readers, the spark plug boot was not put back on as it should have been.  Yes... Got to love my car for being stubborn.  Wrapping this up. The guys at work spent ALL day trying to get the spark plugs out of my engine.  Picking, piece by piece at the broken boots. Broken due to negligence on my part. My poor lil' baby was sad.  Guess what.  It's all fixed and runs like a champ.  I've got to find someone to replace the belts on my car, but that should be easy enough.  Oh wait.... Should it?  Oh lawd, another adventure ahead...  Just. Can't. Wait!

See, I told you guys I would tell you all about my car/scooter troubles today!   :)  Have an awesome Friday night. I'm still lacking sleep and need to hit the gym... Just don't know if I will... 

Afraid of the Dark.

I'd never given much thought on racing the sun home.  I've never worried about being home before dark.  This morning after my fit of anger calmed a little, soothed itself into a burning nauseous feeling in my stomach I gave some thought on my motorcycle permit.  The regulations on said permit are as follows: No passengers, No highway/interstate travel, and no riding after dark.  This regulation is what I pondered about today. I always heard my grandma say she couldn't drive after dark. I know it has nothing to do with this. Something about picturing her racing the sun home made me think. I've all intentions of riding my scooter, as often as  possible whenever possible. I also have a 7 year  old daughter who CANNOT  per those regulations. It really puts a damper on my whole riding.  Although I can't complain because I am terrified of my daughter being on the back of a scooter, or motorcycle, especially with an untrained driver, especially with me. I doubt myself on rare occasions, most of said occasions are concerning my daughter.  Hey.. .What can I say? I'm a worried mother of 1.  It will probably be the death of me, the worry for my child, but I assume that's what most good parents do?  Right?  Or am I just completely off my rocker today?!!  Back to what I was saying. The thoughts of racing my scooter home to beat the sun down, although a funny thought, me racing the sun like "When Darkness Falls".
That's one scary bitch!

Though there will be no mad tooth fairy there to kill me and remove all of my teeth.  That movie frightens me, as does all horror movies. I've never seen the tooth fairy with the exception of that movie and that most recent happier movie with The Rock. Wait is he "The Rock" or "Dwayne Johnson"  Did I even spell his name right? I'm too lazy to click over to google and confirm.  So I've no reason to fear her chasing me in the darkness in order to gain her prize. My teeth and my life.  Scary movie... 

So today... It's Friday. I'm searching frantically for the better  of today. So far it's been one unfortunate event after another with the exception of having lunch with my daughter, which unfortunately I was late arriving. She was already in her seat with her lunch when I got there, but she caught me peeking through the doors at her and the look on her face was that of pure excitement. That melted my heart and made my day everything else aside. The car trouble, the battery trouble (don't worry, I'll tell you all about it in another post).  It was awesome to get a lunch, sit with her and give her her new Gomu erasers she's been begging for all week.  Ahhh to be Mom!

Good day my readers... Stay tuned for other posts to come on my eventful day so far this lovely Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 72, 365 days of 2011

*yawn* Why am I so tired today? The sun is still shining and here I am sitting on the couch.  WTF is wrong with this picture?  Oh well, I will blame the hunger pain in my belly and the lack of sleep.  I'm torn right now with thoughts I can't quite place on paper and have this achy feeling I need a pen pal.  Any takers?  I miss the days when I could write up a letter and send it through the mail.  Ahhhh whatever happened to the good ole days?  I found some letters a while back from pen pals I had back when I was a youngen!  I tried looking them up on Facebook and had no luck.  How interesting that may have been.  Actually that may have been way back when I first started my blog.  Odd how that works isn't it?!! 

So Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  I found an adorable picture for my facebook page today, funny.  It's on my computer at work, so I can't share it here, unlessss......
Ta-Da!  There it is! It made me giggle, hope it does the same for you. I couldn't find my green socks this morning, so I gots white with lil clovers on them, they are cute!  I hope you are all off to drink green beer tonight and party up Drunken Leprechaun Style.  I'm doubting I will be one of you, thanks to the gym, but Hey!  Have fun for me while you are at it!  :)
As you can tell I had enough green on for everyone. A few people at work slacked off on wearing green.  *pinch pinch*  I couldn't do that though!  Did you wear your green today?  Have an awesome pretend to be Irish day!  :)

Day 71, 365 days of 2011

Hello there bloggers, readers and followers. What okie dokie.  Whew, finally. It was a rough start there, the week that is. But it's coming around, I think. *fingers crossed* anyways!  :)

So I toyed with the idea of occasionally using a picture other than my goofy head, lol.  I'm trying this on for size for a post or 2 or something.  My cell phone died last night while having a lovely chat with my mom!  I was able to get in one picture for the day though.

*happy dance, happy dance* I was able to get my tag for my scooter! YAYYYYS!  I was so glad. It was so easy, no line this time! Whewt Whewt!  So that is now behind me. I've no more worries in regards to titling or registering my new scooter. Thank goodness. Now I can focus on learning to ride it WELL. I took it to the mailbox yesterday, parked it and ran to the box. The silly thang fell over..  I couldn't believe it. So glad I opted for used and not a new one. I would feel so bad if my NEW pink scooter crashed to the ground. This one, not so much. No big deal.  Some guy was telling me I couldn't park it like that and picked  it up for me, which was nice. He also noted it had some weight to it. Whatever that means. lol. I guess it weighs like 5oo lbs or something .I've no idea!

I'm off to other adventures, all in all, I'd say it was a good day 71!  How was yours?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 70, 365 days of 2011,

It was a rainy awful day at work.  I left work early to go have the ex lien holder sign off on the title, after turning green and getting lost in the gawdforsaken city of Gainesville, blah, I made it and they thought my county was as stupid as I do!  Grrrr!  So I get back home.  Go out to ride my scooter, damn dead battery.  That's so frustrating!   Oh well.. Got it going, I rode it for 45 mins!  Yay... I did so well, only almost got hit by 1 car and when it was all over, crashed right into the bushes as I was trying to park it. Damn... Almost did well.. ha ha... Oh well! It's over now.. Will try again tomorrow.  Went to the gym tonight also. High fives. I'm on a roll today... ha ha... 

I've forgotten what else I was going to tell you... Imma wrap this up with a goodnight and cya tomorrow!

Day 69, 365 days of 2011

Well hello there again my fellow bloggers, readers and followers. It's 69 days into this project. Holy Moly, this kind of makes the year go by faster.. Does for me anyways!  I made sure, after blinding attempts to rid of the damn flash on my camera phone.  That thing is ridiculously bright. Like, it just doesn't make any sense how bright that flash is!
Happy Monday folks. I meant to take the picture at work today. But of course, I didn't. It was another slow day at work. Blah!  I did run my arse to the DMV, which I will add sucks big fat somethingoranothers!  For real. I stood there for an hour and my worse fears came true. Because "dippy" <-thats what I'm calling the lady who sold me my scooter. I can't give her all of the blame. I know better. So I bought this scooter from her, she never registered this scooter and the paperwork she gave me was a title, with a repo letter stapled to it. A bill of sale where she bought it and she wrote me a bill of sale. Oh yay!  I know better than this.. I know better!  damnit why did I buy it?!! So they tell me that the lien holder, who has signed off on the FRONT of the title needs to sign off on the BACK of the title.  Oh horse shit. So not only did I waste an hour of my time in this GODFORSAKEN place, I now get to take my arse to the city of GAINESVILLE, the city I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about, only to get lost and go postal!  yes... You can sense my excitement cant you?!!! UGH!!  So everyone, I've become an idiot....  Yay!  I get to do more leg work because I didn't think everything through as I should, that and Dippy should have registered the damn scooter and made things so much easier. But no!  It's never easy...  Nope! 

I'm sorry for my rantings... Like for real. SORRY!

So good news.. I RODE MY SCOOTER TODAY!  yay!  It was AWESOME!  I will add that speed bumps SUCK!  Like oh my wow. I had no idea how sucky that would be. That and I was flying over them like a psycho!  ha ha. My first time what can I say?!!  I didn't crash.  Or wreck, hit anything or anyone!  I'd call it a success. I was even able to put the kick stand down by myself. That thing seemed like a real pain in the arse the other day, but today was easier. Maybe it's the direction in which I was putting it down.  We were able to locate just the side kick stand though, will definately make it a lot easier for me when I'm out and about!  *high fives*

Goodnight everyone.. Cya tomorrow :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Time of my life...

Yesssss! This is awesome... Black Eye Peas were never one of my favorite but you know I've blogged about Dirty Dancing once before, and my love for that movie.. Strangely enough. I was watching television earlier and I heard Black Eyed Peas were playing the Kids Awards, who Jack Black is hosting. I love me some Jack Black, as does my daughter, whewt whewt!  See HERE for a refresher on my babbles... 

So for your viewing or listening in my case, lol, 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 68, 365 days of 2011

I really truly do not know how I feel about this new camera on my phone. The flash makes me look really white. No way winter did that to me!  Make me all pale and dead looking. Grrrr.. Maybe try it without the flash next time.

Well good news and bad... Where shall we start. 

Good News.... I made it to the gym today.  Bad News... Had to get pissed off and throw around shallow threats to get my daughter out of the pool..  wam... Gets better and better.. Right?

Good News... My Mom seems to be back to her normal self.  I went to see her today, was feeling down and tired and really just not in the mood after some things happening that weren't really too awesome. Finally make it up there, dozing in the car the whole trip there.  And She's in bed.  Oh fun.  Made the trip all the way up here to see her and she's in bed, way for the day to get better!   Bad News... When she finally got out of bed, of course the reason she gets out of bed is the kids waking her up and probably our voices coming from the living room. She comes into the living room and kicks a bucket or something, lol.  Yea she's grumpy. Oh yay. For the next couple of hours she makes sure to pick apart my decisions and the things I say. Oh yay. this really is a super fucking awesome day.  Yes!

Good news... My daughter and I were having a lot of fun in the kitchen and somehow.  Bad News... My 5'7", 116 pounds, no butts, no boobs, managed to rip apart my size 5 jeans. What the hell man!  I mean how?  Oh Gah it just doesn't matter.  Let it go!

More bad news... I didn't get to ride my scooter today, shit.  And now I'm off to chase my daughter to be for the forty-hundredth time.  Yes....  Goodnight my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  Have an awesome Monday!

Day 67, 365 days of 2011

Good morning my Sunshine... It was an early day this morning. I'm silly and made an appointment at 10am to get a scooter.  Oh. Fun. Thank gawd my daughter must have known and woke me up at like 8ish this morning.   Yes, 8am on a Saturday. Oh. Yay!  But honestly. It's always like that.  Just wait when she's older, she won't get up. Will sleep in all day and I be bored waiting for her to get up. I think maybe I will run in there like she does with me and JUMP into her bed, yelling her name.  ha ha. Bet a teenager would just LOVE their mother to do that, wouldn't they?  I can foresee many black eyes and bruises!

Back to the point... Here is the beginning of my excitement today!
Yay my new scooter. It's A-dorable and mine all mine. Sadly I have yet to ride my scooter around. To be honest, I'm absolutely terrified!  Ha!  Go figure. But I'm bound and determined to get on it and go. I want to do it. I'm scared as hell of crashing, everyone keeps telling me I'm going to get run over. Leave it to all the people I love to remind me how crazy I am and to rain on my parade.  ha ha. I can't blame them, I'm terrified without their words telling me bad things!  I already know the cons of motorcycle accidents.  I spent some time in biker bars in my younger days and it's crazy the people you see come and go, with motorcycle boo boos. Met one lady, she lost her ARM on a motorcycle crash.  And here I am, buying one. Guess you can only imagine my fear. It should be a lot of fun. I know I can do it and do it safely.  I'm convinced!  :)  On this subject. I managed to find me an AFFORDABLE helmet! *high fives* Also picked up a lock and chain.  score!  It's a win win. :)  Am actually excited to get it out and toy around with it! 

My daughter had her first swimming lesson today. We started the trip with "I don't want to go" , "What if they let me drown". Ugh it was frustrating to say the least. Being as my daughter cannot swim.  Plus I've already paid in advance for these lessons. So we make it, still grumbling about it, waiting waiting. They finally get into the water. Yes!  It went well. She said she liked it.  So yay!  I am glad. Maybe they can teach her how to swim, hell they better!  Like for reals!  She flopped around and splashed and didn't kick half the time, silly girl. She will get better though.  Right? 

Well, this is funny, but I totally forgot about that morning picture up there. So I sat down on the couch tonight and was like, crap, I gotta take my picture and get it all posted. Had no idea I forgot to post yesterdays. Derp.  So here we are.....  This is what I had for the evening. I managed to get a haircut today. While is it people, well hairstylist always ask me "are you sure?" Uhh, yea I'm sure. cut the hair the way I tells ya to cut the hair!  okay?  Got it lady.  I mean it was like pulling teeth last time I got my hair cut. I wanted it done a certain way and well she was to SCARED to do it!  What?  Just do it!!!!  Then today I'm like, cut my bangs, cause it's been a while.  She's like, what?!!!  I was like damn, why you hairstylist or whatever they are called always ask me this. Like I'm crazy or something. I think I like my hair. It's the best I can do with what I have right now. So cut it the way I WANT IT CUT, DAMNIT!!!
And I'm tired. Time changes tonight. For that I am glad. But technically at like 230 or something its only going to be like 130. I'm to tired for all of that!  Like for real. It's been a long day.  Had my moments of stress but all in all, I guess it was an OK day!  *high fives* Goodnight my friends, fellow blogger, readers and followers. Have an awesome tomorrow!  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 66, 365 days of 2011

Yup. Very long. Very boring day.  AGAIN!  Here's to hoping next week will be better!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday?

Damn it I have wonderful blog ideas right at bed time, when I lay down in those moments before sleep hits.  Had some crazy dreams last night, one of which has stuck, not complaining or sharing that one.  Naughty, naughty bad!  Weird.. Nuff said!  haha... 

So it's Friday. I've every intention of heading to the city called Suwanee, tonight to hopefully *fingers crossed* purchase me a scooter. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. I've never had to really worry about where to put things like that. Being as I've never owned or even riden a scooter.  I did find myself in an unfortunate event as a child, no broken bones, didn't even crash. But I took off on a dirt bike, very small dirt bike. My aunt and uncle had this big pile of wooden boards, from whatever project they were from, I managed to take off and ramp right over that stack of wood. I'd imagine I looked very little like those professional bikers who jump hills and ramps all the time. Legs were probably flailing about and Im sure I looked like a jackarse!  hahah. My grandma came close to having a heartattack. My grandma. I love her dearly, but she gives a new meaning to the word "overprotective" Like for real. It's slightly RIDICULOUS how over protective she is.  You can only imagine the countless times she rushed to our rescue unnecessarily.  We as children spent a lot of time with our grandparents.  I remember the good and bad times.  But that's not for today.

So all in all, it's a  Happy Friday.  No, not really. There's a terrible awful mess Im sure we have all heard about. I was attempting to be insensitive this morning, but low and behold I feel awful that Japan and other countries are suffering and losing.  Hopes and healing thoughts they will rise up and stay strong.

So I've lost my trane of thought and where I was going with this posting.   Don't hold your breath I will have my 365 Days post later.  If not other random babbles for today!  Have an awesome day.  As well as you can anyways!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 65, 365 days of 2011

Hello... well just about goodbye day 65.  Can't believe Ive been at this for 65 days. I will admit I have missed a couple of them along the way but I'd say all in all, it's going... OK.  I R Proud of myself... A little. 

So yesterdays lunch with my girl friend was fun.  Lawd knows I never have lunch dates with girl friends, so it was a change of pace and a nice breath of fresh air. The weather sucked arse.  Rained all day yesterday.  It was no fun at all. Glad that is over. Now it's just cold and miserable here. Ugh!!  Maybe I get lucky and we have some nice weather over the weekend. *fingers crossed*

So I'm thinking about adding some brown streaks to my hair, nothing to drastic. I've got a lot of good reviews on my blond hair, so I'm thinking about keeping it, for a minute.  But Lawd knows I simply must change it constantly and my head is feeling better now.  Ideas?  Thoughts?  I'm open to whatever. Need to get it cut. It's shaggy and crappy.

Did I tell you all I passed my motorcycle knowledge test?  I now have a learners permit to drive a motorcycle. I'm pretty fricking excited!  I'm a little terrified and am in the market for a scooter. I only did it so I could get a scooter. I've not decided if I'm cool enough to ride a motorcycle. So I shall stick to the dorkier version, called a scooter.  ha ha. It should be a lot of fun!  Right?  If you ever had the passing thought to go take the learners test... It's easy peasy, well in GA it is.  ha ha... If you can read, you can pass the test. I did miss one question though.  There were 20 questions, you were allowed to miss 5.  I missed the one when it asked what will happen if your back tire goes flat. I don't remember reading that in the book. Bastards! 

District 9. Yea. It's on the television right now.  um... It's early in the movie.  Um...WTF?  Sorry sci-fi folks. I don't get it. I've not watched the whole movie, to be honest, I'm not sure I have the ability or the patience to sit through this one.  Someone tell me about it. Or has anyone actually watched it?  Where are the zombies?  WTF District 9?  Sheesh! 

Goodnight my friends, fellow bloggers, readers and faithful followers. Have an awesome Friday and if you are already having your Friday.  You suck.... I'm kidding. 

Day 64, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 63, 365 days of 2011

hahaha... Happy day 63, I gots my new phone going today, *high fives*, Im glad. I miss my old phone, already. *cries* But I will get use to this one, soon enough!  :)  Anyways.. I set the camera thing to say :"Say Cheese" it had me laughing my arse off.  As you can tell above.  Im noticing I look whiter than normal thanks to the flash.  Holybloodyhell I've never had a camera phone with a flash. Purdy Nifty.  NIFTY,  I like that word... It's....Well... Nifty I guess.  ha ha ha! 

Im officially caught up on my 365 days post.  *pats self on back*. I believe, am hoping anyway, Im coming down from, well, one stress of my life.  Sigh.... For that I am glad!  I talked to my mom tonight and she even SOUNDS better. Im so glad.  Now maybe I can rest at night, perhaps get some sleep!  I think my vacation this year shall be a camping trip, for a WEEK no cell phones allowed and if I can break the addiction, no facebook the whole time, that means no blogger. Im already sweating!  How terrifying?

Now to the things Im slacking on... 1, and the most important... The gym. My knees aren't hurting and tomorrow after I attempt the writing test for a motorcycle license, I'm off to the gym!  For real!

2.. My book. Ive yet to finish reading "the girl who kicked the hornets nest" damnit.  I love reading, it is my most favorite thing to to. I'm neglecting what I love. And for what?  New, half witted ideas.  Doesn't make sense does it?!!  Shakes my head.

I have a lunch date tomorrow, I almost forgot, how exciting. A girl friend of mine asked if I wanted to have lunch, how rare and unexpected.  It's exciting. Im excited.  haha

Good night my friends, fellow bloggers, readers and oh so faithful followers.  I was ranting the other night and intended on doing so you to all as well, but of course, I've yet to get it done.  Tomorrow... It's on my list. My list of things to complete for tomorrow.

Day 62, 365 Days of 2011

Yesterday, oh yesterday, where have gone? 

Ha Ha. I forgot about this one? How do you forget yesterday you ask?  Well it's easy with a life and schedule like mine. I've been thinking a lot about vacation. Actually promised my daughter yesterday that I would take her to Six Flags over Ga!  How exciting, being as I haven't been since the year before she was conceived. Should be a lot of fun! 

I'm lost as to where I want to vaca. this year!  Ideas?!! 

Day 61, 365 days of 2011

Appears as though this was a good day. Indeed it was. It was actually a great weekend to be honest. Filled with fun and friends. I loved every minute of it to be honest. Even got myself up and going to the gym both days!  High Fives!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dream a little weird dream....

I feel my heart break as I stare at my now motherless child. She's sad, appears lost and confused. Shattered is all I can feel.

Today I sit as fearful and dreadful as I've ever been that I would ever die and leave my child at such an early age. I fell asleep last night with pondering of an "afterlife". My mothers uncle spoke of a near death experience while under care for heart attack.  I'm not sure why the thoughts came to me in bed.  I'm not sure why I let my imagination roam at bedtime. It's frustrating to say the least.

I've no idea how I ended up dead in my dream last night. It was very strange, because I die and then chose to go into the "light"  You all have heard about the light?  Well I go into this light and crawl out of a tent. What the fuck? My heaven is a campsite in Helen, GA?  Damn.  It's shortly after this event, and I'm not alone with this. It was strange, a faceless person, tall person was my companion. No idea. Seemed familiar, the man that is, but I've no idea exactly who he was.  So then I see my daughter, all alone, sad, confused and lost. Seems like she's on a playground, perhaps at school.  I'm devastated.  At one point, I come behind her and stroke  her hair and she knows I'm there, we chat for a minute and it seems like there is an "angel" or something telling me it won't be so bad, they aren't so cruel as to keep me from what I love.  But I'm struggling with the words trying to explain to my daughter what happened.

I'm in tears now just thinking about the tragedy, the terribly horrible thoughts I have regarding this matter. I believe, today, I'm more afraid of an afterlife than none at all. To sit and wander in la-la land unseen and unknown and watch everything and everyone you love live their lives, to suffer and mourn the loss and tears and sadness.  Also there is the thoughts of going to a place like heaven or hell and knowing those I love are far away on earth.  I can't see them can't talk to them, watch them grow NOTHING.  Just sit and wait with hopes that one day they too come to Heaven.  Going into the "light" seems like the most selfish act I would ever make.  Leaving.  It's fucking redonkulous!

Death fucking sucks. I'm terrified, only for today, with my thoughts and the haunting dream of last night!  I woke up mortified at the thoughts. I know where it all stems, like I said, for some reason I was thinking about what my mothers uncle was saying about his near death experience . In regards to the campsite, a friend of mine was mentioning camping in Helen over the weekend, due to the weather, that didn't happen.  I miss my daughter so very much and will make sure to get my big hugs and smooches today when I pick her up from daycare. She's been with her Dad all weekend.  The only real downfall to divorce.  Sharing my daughter! 

To clarify the strangeness for me.  I've my doubts in religion. I've no idea what's true and what's fairy tale.  Forgive my ignorance. My thoughts began to roam last night when I began to worry there is a God or Jesus and made me question why he would make my Mom go through so much in her 47 years of life. I'm just not sure. It's just not fair! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing Catch-up, 365 days of 2011

So here lately, as you all know (may have noticed) I'm neglecting many many things. Because of stress and lack of sleep, being oh so tired, and of course life, work, my daughter. I'm out of energy.  It's coming back, slowly...  So here is  a list of things I'm neglecting...

For starters... I've fallen behind, again, on my 365 Days of  2011 posts... Ugh... I plan to catch up RIGHT NOW.... DAMNIT!

Day 55,
Soooooooo tired..... This was Monday night, after the day of hospital fun!  :)

Day 56,

Still tiiiiirrrreeed. But I look a little happier! 

Day 57,

Ahhhhh got some sleep, stayed up late, playing  catching up my blogger and facebook.  ha ha.

Day 58,
Went to see my Mom that night. She looks better.  Seems as though most of her pain is her black eyes. Poor thing.  She's such a trooper though!  High Fives for Super Mom!

Day 59, (Pst... That's today, YESSSSS)
Ahhhh today at work.  What a long, boring day.  It's over now and I'm off to bed... YAY

Made it to the gym tonight and had an OK dinner. so all in all, I'm not neglecting too many things right now. This project and the gym were the 2 big ones. The 2 I don't want to neglect, because I'm trying to get it all right!

Have a great weekend, fellow bloggers, my readers and followers.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You might call me a good tipper?

We went to dinner a few nights ago, I forget the day. We have our favorite Mexican Restaurant here by work. It's the best we have found so far. Let me tell you, it's really hard here to find GOOD Mexican and GOOD Chinese.. The Chinese is harder than most things. We finally found a good one, but that's a story for another day.

We can usually always be found in the Mexican restaurant at least once a week. They have dollar taco nights on Thursday, woo hoo, that's today!  I finally drug my arse into Kroger last night. Brought my lunch to work today and my daughter wanted to take her lunch as well. High Fives!

Back to it..

We were in the restaurant last week or something and the waiter, who has waited on us before, was totally having a bad night. I could tell!  I waited tables for a while in my younger days and I may have blogged before, but I genuinely enjoyed waiting tables. It was a lot of fun and of course it has it's ups and downs, but really, what doesn't?  So he was having a bad night. I'm okay with that. He was getting the order right and doing his job, he just wasn't to HAPPY about it!  That's fine. The meal proceeds and everything is good, as always. He forgets the cheese dip, the  part my daughter most enjoys! No big deal, he brings  it out and says he won't charge us for it!  *high fives*

The "manager" comes by. Checking on us, as she always does. She knows us well, because, like I said, we are always in there!  She asking how things are, are we being taken care of, yadda yadda.  Well the waiter comes back.  "Mr. of the Apartment" ask him, who she is.  Like manager?  owner?  what. She's the owner.  Then he goes defensive, saying they aren't getting along tonight, what exactly did she say. I was like, huh, weird... Oh well..

So then it all wraps up and we are ready to get out of there. He brings the check and I'm looking at it dumbfounded, because it's so cheap!  Turns out, he didn't charge for the drinks nor the cheese dip.  Oh wow!  I would say woo hoo, saves me money.  But I tip the poor fella 10 bucks for his bad night!  I didn't see him again before we took off, but hopefully he smiled a little when he saw that! 

Enjoy your dinner, everyone!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Readers,

Let me start by saying, thank you and I love you all!  You are all so very sweet for your comments and positive vibes for my Mom's surgery.  Here is my update. But first, I am so sorry it's taken me so long to post this.  

We did in fact make it in time, it was nerve wrecking to leave her all drunken on liquid Valium, the nurse tells me as I'm walking away that she (my mom) was getting upset.  Oh lawd, my nerves kicked in full blast.  We then....waited....and waited...and waited... It was TERRIBLE!  The nurse told a lie when she said they would call about every hour.  They in fact did NOT call every  hour.  Another stressful part of it. I walked around, paced when possible and after many trips to the cafeteria, the lady at check out asked me if I had eaten.  Of course I haven't ate anything. "I will eat when my Mom is out of surgery" is all I could muster the guts to say.  With a shy smile I grabbed my sodas and headed back upstairs.  It was one of the most stressful days of my life so far. I worried myself sick and sadly, smoked cigarettes all day. (I forgot my nicotine patches at home) Mind you, I am still a NON SMOKER! 

I looked at my Dad as often as possible, he looked a lot like me, worried sick.  Scared to fucking death and the calls were not coming..... 

FINALLY a call!  They have finished and she is in RECOVERY.  EVERYTHING WENT FINE.  SHE IS TALKING AND ALERT.

Oh the news to my ears.  I was sooo happy. We were all so very relived.  It was the best news EVER!  My Dad sighed his relief and was finally able to leave the waiting room. My dad never once left that phone, left that waiting room.  The 3 hours + it took them to complete the surgery.

A while later the nurse caught us and advised they were taking Mom upstairs and that if we hurry we could catch her coming off the elevator. I forced myself up front with Dad and yelled back for my Sister, being as she wasn't able to be there at 6am that morning to see Mom off, she was so upset about that, I managed to rub her back and calm her down during her moments of weakness. We rushed up the elevators, I'm cussing and ranting it needs to hurry and get me there, finally, the doors open and I'm off like a rocket again.  In through the other doors and she hasn't arrived yet. High fives.  The door opens, there is my Mom!  Ahhhhhh sooo happy.  Her eyes are shut and I think she is asleep, they tell me she is alert and instantly I yell her name. She opens her eyes and I grab her hand and tell her we're here. I moved back and forced my Dad and Sister up to her, my sister is in tears.  I rub her back and they take Mom away to ICU. I grab my Dad and hug him and when in the waiting room I take hold of my sister and just tell her everything is OK.  We are so happy! 

To save you all the rest. My mom is okay. Things are good. She is in a room outside of ICU today, she is walking, talking and eating. Has a headache, which is a given. They cut her for the center of her forehead down to her ear, shaved some of her hair line and her face was swollen on the left side slightly the day of and more so yesterday. 

Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and our family.  It is with great joy I tell you I'M GLAD YOU ALL CARE!  I lub you all who follow me and push me through these rough times.  You all inspire me to believe everything will be okay!   :)