Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 69, 365 days of 2011

Well hello there again my fellow bloggers, readers and followers. It's 69 days into this project. Holy Moly, this kind of makes the year go by faster.. Does for me anyways!  I made sure, after blinding attempts to rid of the damn flash on my camera phone.  That thing is ridiculously bright. Like, it just doesn't make any sense how bright that flash is!
Happy Monday folks. I meant to take the picture at work today. But of course, I didn't. It was another slow day at work. Blah!  I did run my arse to the DMV, which I will add sucks big fat somethingoranothers!  For real. I stood there for an hour and my worse fears came true. Because "dippy" <-thats what I'm calling the lady who sold me my scooter. I can't give her all of the blame. I know better. So I bought this scooter from her, she never registered this scooter and the paperwork she gave me was a title, with a repo letter stapled to it. A bill of sale where she bought it and she wrote me a bill of sale. Oh yay!  I know better than this.. I know better!  damnit why did I buy it?!! So they tell me that the lien holder, who has signed off on the FRONT of the title needs to sign off on the BACK of the title.  Oh horse shit. So not only did I waste an hour of my time in this GODFORSAKEN place, I now get to take my arse to the city of GAINESVILLE, the city I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about, only to get lost and go postal!  yes... You can sense my excitement cant you?!!! UGH!!  So everyone, I've become an idiot....  Yay!  I get to do more leg work because I didn't think everything through as I should, that and Dippy should have registered the damn scooter and made things so much easier. But no!  It's never easy...  Nope! 

I'm sorry for my rantings... Like for real. SORRY!

So good news.. I RODE MY SCOOTER TODAY!  yay!  It was AWESOME!  I will add that speed bumps SUCK!  Like oh my wow. I had no idea how sucky that would be. That and I was flying over them like a psycho!  ha ha. My first time what can I say?!!  I didn't crash.  Or wreck, hit anything or anyone!  I'd call it a success. I was even able to put the kick stand down by myself. That thing seemed like a real pain in the arse the other day, but today was easier. Maybe it's the direction in which I was putting it down.  We were able to locate just the side kick stand though, will definately make it a lot easier for me when I'm out and about!  *high fives*

Goodnight everyone.. Cya tomorrow :)


  1. What drama all for a pretty scooter - that stinks! Good Luck with it!

  2. Thanks Kristen! I'm hopeful it will all work out. :)


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