Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give me your thoughts on Naturalization... Mmmkay?!

Hey Hey Hey again tonight!  As my readers may notice, I'm wrapping up my posts with this one tonight.  I meant to stick my head into it all day today and just didn't get the time to do it.  Blah!

Let me give you some details on what I'm working with here. Okay? You ready?  Okay!  Let's do it. Here we go, we're off....

My sister, is AWESOME.  She's working with a nightmare, kinda, right now. Here's her situation.  My sister is engaged and will be married to an illegal immigrant, next Wednesday. Let me add, I'm not happy about this because she had decided to get married at the court house on a Wednesday, and i can't be there. Selfish I know!  But she's my baby sister, one of my favorite people, I love her so very much and so desperately wanted to be at her wedding. I know it's not really like a wedding because it's the court house and all, I guess. Not sure. Millions of people do it everyday. All day long.  But  not my Sis. This is her first wedding and I'm sure her ONLY wedding. It's no fair. I keep going over her wedding in my head, because it would be oh so awesome. She tells me she will have something for the family afterwards when it's all said and done. I hope she does!  Anyways.. To the point. She will be married next week and well after speaking with an immigration lawyer, the news, sadly, didn't come back as good news.  They are saying, her hubs will have to leave the country and she will be filing forms and papers explaining to our embassy her "extreme hardships" in this case. Apparently from what she is telling me, he will have to go back to Mexico for 10 years! That's a very long time considering they have a 1 year old together and my sister has a 7 year old from a previous relationship. They have been together for like 3 years now, maybe a little longer and she has to work up this thing explaining the extreme hardships. Right now she is working to explain why she and the girls, CANNOT move to Mexico. Which I will say does seem kind of obvious.  We,  Americans, cannot even drink the water in Mexico. According to her research the kids have to drop out of school like 8th grade to go to work.  WOW right?  And well none of them, aside from the hubs speaks Spanish.  (he speaks good English).  What my sister is having problems with is proving her extreme hardships.  How to prove she NEEDS him here.  Yes he's in the wrong because he came over illegally, apparently they wouldn't let him come legally. So here we are. I feel awful they are having to go through this and I hope hope hope it all works out and he's not gone from our lives for 10 years, I guess if all else fails she can meet him at the border and kidnap him or something... I'm kidding!  It's craziness how hard it is for Mexican people to become a part of our county, legally. I know, some say it's wrong for them to be here illegally, but in their case. I only hope it goes smoothly. What I'm asking you for is any advise or perhaps if you've any knowledge that would be useful for my sister. Even perhaps the knowledge of a good writer to help her prove her case!  come on, that's not so hard... Is it?!! 


  1. She'll need documents from multiple people, but especially one from her and one from her spouse, that detail how long they have been in a relationship, and what her husband's role in the relationship is (aside from lover!)… so.. if he is the main income provider that will need to be stated along with documented proof (previous tax returns and copies of paychecks…) and even proof of where/how that money was spent in the providing of family needs.
    In your sisters letter she needs to be rather blunt about how her husband provides emotional and financial support, and how much she and the kids would suffer if he was deported.
    If either of the kids are old enough to write letters, they should do that as well. Also any siblings (you!) of your sister should include letters (your parents too), talking about what a load of crap it is that he would be deported (um.. don't quote me there.)

    Basically she will want to prove that it will be an emotional catastrophe if he leaves as far as her, the kids, and their life are concerned. You can get their teachers to write letters as well.

    The more documented proof you have, the better.

    It might also help if she claimed she didn't speak a lick of Spanish, and believed moving to another country would create a hardship for her and the children employment and education wise.

    Steer clear of using "etc." and anything else that is not clearly written out.

    She needs to talk to an attorney that can put all this in layman's terms for her. They will be able to tell her what their chances are, and advise them one what sort of information needs to be gathered, handed in, and how to do it properly.

  2. I agree with Goofygirl! And I will re-iterate...your sister MUST go talk to a lawyer! Good luck. :)

  3. I don't have an advice for you but I just wanted to tell you that I have my fingers crossed for your sister and her soon-to-be-hubby.

  4. Thanks everyone! Unfortuntately Goofygirl, him being illegal his income hasn't been documented through the years he has been here. :(


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