Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 67, 365 days of 2011

Good morning my Sunshine... It was an early day this morning. I'm silly and made an appointment at 10am to get a scooter.  Oh. Fun. Thank gawd my daughter must have known and woke me up at like 8ish this morning.   Yes, 8am on a Saturday. Oh. Yay!  But honestly. It's always like that.  Just wait when she's older, she won't get up. Will sleep in all day and I be bored waiting for her to get up. I think maybe I will run in there like she does with me and JUMP into her bed, yelling her name.  ha ha. Bet a teenager would just LOVE their mother to do that, wouldn't they?  I can foresee many black eyes and bruises!

Back to the point... Here is the beginning of my excitement today!
Yay my new scooter. It's A-dorable and mine all mine. Sadly I have yet to ride my scooter around. To be honest, I'm absolutely terrified!  Ha!  Go figure. But I'm bound and determined to get on it and go. I want to do it. I'm scared as hell of crashing, everyone keeps telling me I'm going to get run over. Leave it to all the people I love to remind me how crazy I am and to rain on my parade.  ha ha. I can't blame them, I'm terrified without their words telling me bad things!  I already know the cons of motorcycle accidents.  I spent some time in biker bars in my younger days and it's crazy the people you see come and go, with motorcycle boo boos. Met one lady, she lost her ARM on a motorcycle crash.  And here I am, buying one. Guess you can only imagine my fear. It should be a lot of fun. I know I can do it and do it safely.  I'm convinced!  :)  On this subject. I managed to find me an AFFORDABLE helmet! *high fives* Also picked up a lock and chain.  score!  It's a win win. :)  Am actually excited to get it out and toy around with it! 

My daughter had her first swimming lesson today. We started the trip with "I don't want to go" , "What if they let me drown". Ugh it was frustrating to say the least. Being as my daughter cannot swim.  Plus I've already paid in advance for these lessons. So we make it, still grumbling about it, waiting waiting. They finally get into the water. Yes!  It went well. She said she liked it.  So yay!  I am glad. Maybe they can teach her how to swim, hell they better!  Like for reals!  She flopped around and splashed and didn't kick half the time, silly girl. She will get better though.  Right? 

Well, this is funny, but I totally forgot about that morning picture up there. So I sat down on the couch tonight and was like, crap, I gotta take my picture and get it all posted. Had no idea I forgot to post yesterdays. Derp.  So here we are.....  This is what I had for the evening. I managed to get a haircut today. While is it people, well hairstylist always ask me "are you sure?" Uhh, yea I'm sure. cut the hair the way I tells ya to cut the hair!  okay?  Got it lady.  I mean it was like pulling teeth last time I got my hair cut. I wanted it done a certain way and well she was to SCARED to do it!  What?  Just do it!!!!  Then today I'm like, cut my bangs, cause it's been a while.  She's like, what?!!!  I was like damn, why you hairstylist or whatever they are called always ask me this. Like I'm crazy or something. I think I like my hair. It's the best I can do with what I have right now. So cut it the way I WANT IT CUT, DAMNIT!!!
And I'm tired. Time changes tonight. For that I am glad. But technically at like 230 or something its only going to be like 130. I'm to tired for all of that!  Like for real. It's been a long day.  Had my moments of stress but all in all, I guess it was an OK day!  *high fives* Goodnight my friends, fellow blogger, readers and followers. Have an awesome tomorrow!  


  1. Your daughter got a real swimming lesson? My Dad threw me off the deep end LoL Almost 17 years and I miss him every day.

    I was going to ask, "Did you get a helmet?" I see that you did. Nice scooter and with gas unstable, you'll be secure.

    Like driving anything, watching out for the other person is most important. Now git on that thang and take a ride!

  2. My daughter had her first real swimming lesson. I don't remember any swimming lessons as a child. I don't remember any lessons actually, lol. But they didn't toss me in and watch me sink either. hahah... I'm sorry you lost your Dad! I fear the day mine goes. :/


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