Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 70, 365 days of 2011,

It was a rainy awful day at work.  I left work early to go have the ex lien holder sign off on the title, after turning green and getting lost in the gawdforsaken city of Gainesville, blah, I made it and they thought my county was as stupid as I do!  Grrrr!  So I get back home.  Go out to ride my scooter, damn dead battery.  That's so frustrating!   Oh well.. Got it going, I rode it for 45 mins!  Yay... I did so well, only almost got hit by 1 car and when it was all over, crashed right into the bushes as I was trying to park it. Damn... Almost did well.. ha ha... Oh well! It's over now.. Will try again tomorrow.  Went to the gym tonight also. High fives. I'm on a roll today... ha ha... 

I've forgotten what else I was going to tell you... Imma wrap this up with a goodnight and cya tomorrow!


  1. Sorry for not being around lately - I'm a bit ill and don't feel very well.

    It's awesome that you finally bought a scooter, I love it and it's very big; I thought it would be smaller.

  2. Good for you! Practice makes perfect. You'll be turning on a dime in no time.

    We had rain, thunder and lightning last night, spring is here, Yeah!

  3. Yay for spring. I am so excited. The weather is suppose to be AWESOME this weekend, Im doing the Happy Dance.

    Im sorry you dont feel well Starlight. :( Yea the Scooter is kinda big, but I really do like it! Yays! Feel better soon huney!


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