Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 72, 365 days of 2011

*yawn* Why am I so tired today? The sun is still shining and here I am sitting on the couch.  WTF is wrong with this picture?  Oh well, I will blame the hunger pain in my belly and the lack of sleep.  I'm torn right now with thoughts I can't quite place on paper and have this achy feeling I need a pen pal.  Any takers?  I miss the days when I could write up a letter and send it through the mail.  Ahhhh whatever happened to the good ole days?  I found some letters a while back from pen pals I had back when I was a youngen!  I tried looking them up on Facebook and had no luck.  How interesting that may have been.  Actually that may have been way back when I first started my blog.  Odd how that works isn't it?!! 

So Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  I found an adorable picture for my facebook page today, funny.  It's on my computer at work, so I can't share it here, unlessss......
Ta-Da!  There it is! It made me giggle, hope it does the same for you. I couldn't find my green socks this morning, so I gots white with lil clovers on them, they are cute!  I hope you are all off to drink green beer tonight and party up Drunken Leprechaun Style.  I'm doubting I will be one of you, thanks to the gym, but Hey!  Have fun for me while you are at it!  :)
As you can tell I had enough green on for everyone. A few people at work slacked off on wearing green.  *pinch pinch*  I couldn't do that though!  Did you wear your green today?  Have an awesome pretend to be Irish day!  :)


  1. Nice green attire. I had fun checking people out as they drove by to see if they were wearing green. We are a silly group of people!

  2. I just can't drink anymore, too old. Have a coma the next day. I still can't seem to get my groove on sober!

  3. Thanks Kristen, it's fun to be silly!
    Tim- I haven't drank since Halloween, the nightmares of barfing on the side of the interstate haunt me when I think abuot drinking.


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