Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 83, 365 days of 2011

Monday!  March 28th, 2011

It was actually a busy day today.  My daughter woke me up at 5ish this morning with the terrible thunder/lightning storms we were having. Yes that meant another day of cloudy, rainy, weather. Blah!  On top of all of this, it was too cold out for my blood. I've already warmed up some with the past couple of weeks warm weather, now this. It's just. UNFAIR!  I'm hopeful it changes for the better very soon!  I don't want anymore cold weather. I was already hoping for nice warm days and nights.  Unfair!

I've too many project to tackle these days. In the process of preparing for a move.  Oh. Yes. Exciting. But hey what can I say. It simply must be done. Somehow someway. I've cancelled my gym membership to focus on everything else and I'm tired of my hair... again. I'm planning to change to a brown color, kind of match my hair up with my daughters.  GO me!  It's only been 7 years, I don't think we've ever had the same hair color and naturally, mine would look just like hers. I'm just not sure how long I will like that either. She told me today she missed my black hair. Oh how that made me cringe inside, because I know, deep down. I loved my black hair, I want my hair back. I want it back and black!  Then there is the facts that I damn near shaved my whole head to rid of that black. The same black I love and want back now. Can you see my problems?   Oh the things we ladies have to deal with. Hair color and all.  ha ha.  Gotta love it. I've even had the passing thought of shaving it all off and buying adorable wigs in all colors just to pacify my cravings. This may actually work. 

SO my photo for today....
Not the best photo. I actually picked up my book today. Maybe because I've been looking at my book shelf for the past couple of days thinking about the books I've already packed.  Ahhh it's nice to read again. Guess what now that I'm caught up, at least with this ONE project (for today) I can get to reading what you all are posting. How awesome is that... AWESOME!


  1. We're also having a bad weather, it's rainy and foggy. Not at all what I wished for. But at least it's not freezing any more.
    I'm glad that you picked up that book. You really should finish it already :) You probably already read the first two, right?

  2. My hair is salt and pepper, more salt than pepper these days. It is what it is! Agh moving bites. The only good thing about moving is everything gets cleaned~! I been in this small house for 18 years. Be paid for when I'm 65 if I live that long.

  3. Still more crapola weather today.. Blah!!! Starlight, Im so glad I've picked it up, I NEED TO FINISH IT, yes I've read the other 2 though!

    Tim- Ughh moving... Im sure you will make it that long.. Sheesh that is sooo young! :) As far as I know, I've no 'salt' in my hair, but then again the stress of dying it may be its hiding in there somewhere... heheh

  4. It looks like a very interesting read and don't worry. We had a cold and dreary day in the UK too boo!


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