Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 68, 365 days of 2011

I really truly do not know how I feel about this new camera on my phone. The flash makes me look really white. No way winter did that to me!  Make me all pale and dead looking. Grrrr.. Maybe try it without the flash next time.

Well good news and bad... Where shall we start. 

Good News.... I made it to the gym today.  Bad News... Had to get pissed off and throw around shallow threats to get my daughter out of the pool..  wam... Gets better and better.. Right?

Good News... My Mom seems to be back to her normal self.  I went to see her today, was feeling down and tired and really just not in the mood after some things happening that weren't really too awesome. Finally make it up there, dozing in the car the whole trip there.  And She's in bed.  Oh fun.  Made the trip all the way up here to see her and she's in bed, way for the day to get better!   Bad News... When she finally got out of bed, of course the reason she gets out of bed is the kids waking her up and probably our voices coming from the living room. She comes into the living room and kicks a bucket or something, lol.  Yea she's grumpy. Oh yay. For the next couple of hours she makes sure to pick apart my decisions and the things I say. Oh yay. this really is a super fucking awesome day.  Yes!

Good news... My daughter and I were having a lot of fun in the kitchen and somehow.  Bad News... My 5'7", 116 pounds, no butts, no boobs, managed to rip apart my size 5 jeans. What the hell man!  I mean how?  Oh Gah it just doesn't matter.  Let it go!

More bad news... I didn't get to ride my scooter today, shit.  And now I'm off to chase my daughter to be for the forty-hundredth time.  Yes....  Goodnight my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  Have an awesome Monday!

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