Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Readers,

Let me start by saying, thank you and I love you all!  You are all so very sweet for your comments and positive vibes for my Mom's surgery.  Here is my update. But first, I am so sorry it's taken me so long to post this.  

We did in fact make it in time, it was nerve wrecking to leave her all drunken on liquid Valium, the nurse tells me as I'm walking away that she (my mom) was getting upset.  Oh lawd, my nerves kicked in full blast.  We then....waited....and waited...and waited... It was TERRIBLE!  The nurse told a lie when she said they would call about every hour.  They in fact did NOT call every  hour.  Another stressful part of it. I walked around, paced when possible and after many trips to the cafeteria, the lady at check out asked me if I had eaten.  Of course I haven't ate anything. "I will eat when my Mom is out of surgery" is all I could muster the guts to say.  With a shy smile I grabbed my sodas and headed back upstairs.  It was one of the most stressful days of my life so far. I worried myself sick and sadly, smoked cigarettes all day. (I forgot my nicotine patches at home) Mind you, I am still a NON SMOKER! 

I looked at my Dad as often as possible, he looked a lot like me, worried sick.  Scared to fucking death and the calls were not coming..... 

FINALLY a call!  They have finished and she is in RECOVERY.  EVERYTHING WENT FINE.  SHE IS TALKING AND ALERT.

Oh the news to my ears.  I was sooo happy. We were all so very relived.  It was the best news EVER!  My Dad sighed his relief and was finally able to leave the waiting room. My dad never once left that phone, left that waiting room.  The 3 hours + it took them to complete the surgery.

A while later the nurse caught us and advised they were taking Mom upstairs and that if we hurry we could catch her coming off the elevator. I forced myself up front with Dad and yelled back for my Sister, being as she wasn't able to be there at 6am that morning to see Mom off, she was so upset about that, I managed to rub her back and calm her down during her moments of weakness. We rushed up the elevators, I'm cussing and ranting it needs to hurry and get me there, finally, the doors open and I'm off like a rocket again.  In through the other doors and she hasn't arrived yet. High fives.  The door opens, there is my Mom!  Ahhhhhh sooo happy.  Her eyes are shut and I think she is asleep, they tell me she is alert and instantly I yell her name. She opens her eyes and I grab her hand and tell her we're here. I moved back and forced my Dad and Sister up to her, my sister is in tears.  I rub her back and they take Mom away to ICU. I grab my Dad and hug him and when in the waiting room I take hold of my sister and just tell her everything is OK.  We are so happy! 

To save you all the rest. My mom is okay. Things are good. She is in a room outside of ICU today, she is walking, talking and eating. Has a headache, which is a given. They cut her for the center of her forehead down to her ear, shaved some of her hair line and her face was swollen on the left side slightly the day of and more so yesterday. 

Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and our family.  It is with great joy I tell you I'M GLAD YOU ALL CARE!  I lub you all who follow me and push me through these rough times.  You all inspire me to believe everything will be okay!   :)


  1. I'm very relieved and happy that it all went ok! I was thinking about you and your Mum... Sorry for not being in touch, I was/am really busy with my studies... And I'm dead tired...

  2. Whew, so glad to hear it all went well. Under those circumstances anyone would break down and smoke!

    Knowing that people care is a help to stay positive even if you don't know the person personally.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I am so happy for you and your family that things went well...I hope her recovery is speedy and I hope you guys can just relax now :)

  4. I'm glad that your mom made it through alright! She's pretty hardcore -- this will definitely up her street cred ;)

    Hope you guys can finally rest easy! Cheers!! :D

  5. Thanks everyone! We are so happy all is well ourselves. She is super strong. Her swelling has gone down, only has 1 black eye to go and says her ear hurts because of some swelling. All in all still going good and strong. Thank you all again for the kind words and prayers. We def needed them! Much Love *hugs*


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