Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing Catch-up, 365 days of 2011

So here lately, as you all know (may have noticed) I'm neglecting many many things. Because of stress and lack of sleep, being oh so tired, and of course life, work, my daughter. I'm out of energy.  It's coming back, slowly...  So here is  a list of things I'm neglecting...

For starters... I've fallen behind, again, on my 365 Days of  2011 posts... Ugh... I plan to catch up RIGHT NOW.... DAMNIT!

Day 55,
Soooooooo tired..... This was Monday night, after the day of hospital fun!  :)

Day 56,

Still tiiiiirrrreeed. But I look a little happier! 

Day 57,

Ahhhhh got some sleep, stayed up late, playing  catching up my blogger and facebook.  ha ha.

Day 58,
Went to see my Mom that night. She looks better.  Seems as though most of her pain is her black eyes. Poor thing.  She's such a trooper though!  High Fives for Super Mom!

Day 59, (Pst... That's today, YESSSSS)
Ahhhh today at work.  What a long, boring day.  It's over now and I'm off to bed... YAY

Made it to the gym tonight and had an OK dinner. so all in all, I'm not neglecting too many things right now. This project and the gym were the 2 big ones. The 2 I don't want to neglect, because I'm trying to get it all right!

Have a great weekend, fellow bloggers, my readers and followers.


  1. It seems that there is yet another thing we have in common - we're both dead tired (which isn't such a good thing to have in common, but still...).
    So we should both take a day (or two, or a whole week) off, relax and get some energy for... life?


  2. Oh my, how nice it was to sleep in today. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the kind words about the bird. My niece had just got into real estate and was doing well until they bought some rental properties instead of saving for a rainy day. Then the bottom fell out of the housing market.

    Even though he does great work it is the life of a struggling artist. They were almost in foreclosure about a year and a half ago and I had just been promoted to department head and a lot more money.

    I did give them $800 to help out but told them I wanted a nice bird and would normally cost about $2500~!

    I told him to take his time, if he had someone with $4500 cash that wanted a bird to do it and just put mine on the back burner. That's what got me so much detail so cheap.

    I'm still working at the same place, however gave up my department head job because you're never off and too much stress. So this is a once in a lifetime gift that I will treasure forever!

    I'm not much of a shutter bug but will have some more pictures in the near future to really show it off.

  4. Starlight- Huney I def need to take the opp and take some time off and relax. I really want to go camping. Ugh!

    Tim- I need more sleep in days. haha.. Maybe oneday! I do love the bird and you are so welcome for the kind words. Thank you for all of yours, as you can tell Im playing catchup with replies as well. hahah... def post more pics when you can, Id love to see the true detail of it for sure. I once thought about the real estate career myself, but gave up on it when the market when to crap! Congrats on the bird! Hope it gets better for them and their properties :)


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