Friday, March 18, 2011

Car Trouble

Car Trouble 101 when it comes to me:   There better not be any!
I really really HATE car trouble, more than anything else, as does the majority of the car owning people in this world.  So yesterday I opened my big mouth and said I needed a tune up.  I do not recall having a tune up done on my car, in like, ever!  I've owned said car for 6 years and well, yes, I'm a slacker.  I get the oil changed as I'm suppose to and rotate my tires. You know mechanic shops, they will attempt to sell you everything under the sun for your car. It needs a brake flush, it needs a radiator flush. You need an air filter and your oil cap needs to be replaced.  Yea, okay. No I'm not paying your $500 bill you got here telling me I need my transmission flushed so that the thing, which has never been flushed can break down 20 mins down the road. No thank you Sir. I will replace that air filter myself, thank you very much, mmmkay bye!  Why oh why do they not mention hey you may need a tune-up? You know?  Put the bug in my ear so that I can say, Oh yes, I may need a tune up....  But noooo, they leave that out, that and checking the belts.. Never told me I needed any belts either. Perhaps I should find someone else to change my oil and rotate my tires? Ah yes, maybe that is exactly what I need to do.

Back to the point...  Man o' the house decides he will change my spark plugs when he gets home. 
To make a long story short, that didn't work out so well. I attempted to ride my scooter into work this morning, was fighting the nervousness in my belly and attempted to start said scooter with no luck!  Grrr!  The battery is DEAD AGAIN.  That's okay, take a hint, it's not a good idea, or else the thing would have started. Right? Fine, get in the car.  Oh gawd I need gas, which is one of the reasons I was braving up the scooter trip!  Leave the complex, OH MY GAWD I'm running out of gas.  Racking my brain trying to remember where the closest station is in the direction I'm going.  Pull into the Kroger station and get some gas, sputtering and spitting as I go.  Whew, I made it. Keep on going.... Oh my god it's still doing it... uuuuggggghhhhh!  Yes dear readers, the spark plug boot was not put back on as it should have been.  Yes... Got to love my car for being stubborn.  Wrapping this up. The guys at work spent ALL day trying to get the spark plugs out of my engine.  Picking, piece by piece at the broken boots. Broken due to negligence on my part. My poor lil' baby was sad.  Guess what.  It's all fixed and runs like a champ.  I've got to find someone to replace the belts on my car, but that should be easy enough.  Oh wait.... Should it?  Oh lawd, another adventure ahead...  Just. Can't. Wait!

See, I told you guys I would tell you all about my car/scooter troubles today!   :)  Have an awesome Friday night. I'm still lacking sleep and need to hit the gym... Just don't know if I will... 

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  1. Ugh - car troubles are a close 2nd to Dr.'s offices!


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