Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 79, 365 days of 2011

I'm working like a mad woman right now to complete everything I'm working on.  Blogger, I've 2 post for tonight and also need to face my facebook addiction. I've too many app games on there and it's going to drive me MADDDDD! 

How are you dear bloggers, readers and followers?  I hope you are all well.  Things are going okay down here.  Can't wait for warm weather, dreading the rain for the weekend.  If there is any. I know the weather man couldn't predict weather if his life depended on it. That and GA weather is absolutely REDONKULOUS!

It's getting closer and closer every minute to the time I am suppose to get to bed. Ive been telling myself over and over to get to bed early, but of course, my addiction keeps me from it... Blah blah blah.. 

Here's my lazy arse cat for your viewing pleasure.  Have a wondermus night folks!
She's a lazy bum and is sleeping beside me....  Turd! 

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