Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 65, 365 days of 2011

Hello... well just about goodbye day 65.  Can't believe Ive been at this for 65 days. I will admit I have missed a couple of them along the way but I'd say all in all, it's going... OK.  I R Proud of myself... A little. 

So yesterdays lunch with my girl friend was fun.  Lawd knows I never have lunch dates with girl friends, so it was a change of pace and a nice breath of fresh air. The weather sucked arse.  Rained all day yesterday.  It was no fun at all. Glad that is over. Now it's just cold and miserable here. Ugh!!  Maybe I get lucky and we have some nice weather over the weekend. *fingers crossed*

So I'm thinking about adding some brown streaks to my hair, nothing to drastic. I've got a lot of good reviews on my blond hair, so I'm thinking about keeping it, for a minute.  But Lawd knows I simply must change it constantly and my head is feeling better now.  Ideas?  Thoughts?  I'm open to whatever. Need to get it cut. It's shaggy and crappy.

Did I tell you all I passed my motorcycle knowledge test?  I now have a learners permit to drive a motorcycle. I'm pretty fricking excited!  I'm a little terrified and am in the market for a scooter. I only did it so I could get a scooter. I've not decided if I'm cool enough to ride a motorcycle. So I shall stick to the dorkier version, called a scooter.  ha ha. It should be a lot of fun!  Right?  If you ever had the passing thought to go take the learners test... It's easy peasy, well in GA it is.  ha ha... If you can read, you can pass the test. I did miss one question though.  There were 20 questions, you were allowed to miss 5.  I missed the one when it asked what will happen if your back tire goes flat. I don't remember reading that in the book. Bastards! 

District 9. Yea. It's on the television right now.  um... It's early in the movie.  Um...WTF?  Sorry sci-fi folks. I don't get it. I've not watched the whole movie, to be honest, I'm not sure I have the ability or the patience to sit through this one.  Someone tell me about it. Or has anyone actually watched it?  Where are the zombies?  WTF District 9?  Sheesh! 

Goodnight my friends, fellow bloggers, readers and faithful followers. Have an awesome Friday and if you are already having your Friday.  You suck.... I'm kidding. 


  1. I am a fellow hair color changer. I tend to be a little conservative so it sometimes surprises people that changing my hair it my thing. I mainly just do highlights these days though. Blond right now. My motto is: it's just hair, it grows out. I stopped coloring it and just did highlights so I can see my own color before it all turns grey one day! So far, not too many grey hairs though. Have fun with your hair! Low Lights might do to give you your color fix.

  2. Well there's one vote for low lights. Awesome. I think it will look pretty. Maybe. Thinking a light adorable brown should give me my fix. haha.. Oh no, not another addiction. Thanks for reading! :)


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