Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday?

Damn it I have wonderful blog ideas right at bed time, when I lay down in those moments before sleep hits.  Had some crazy dreams last night, one of which has stuck, not complaining or sharing that one.  Naughty, naughty bad!  Weird.. Nuff said!  haha... 

So it's Friday. I've every intention of heading to the city called Suwanee, tonight to hopefully *fingers crossed* purchase me a scooter. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. I've never had to really worry about where to put things like that. Being as I've never owned or even riden a scooter.  I did find myself in an unfortunate event as a child, no broken bones, didn't even crash. But I took off on a dirt bike, very small dirt bike. My aunt and uncle had this big pile of wooden boards, from whatever project they were from, I managed to take off and ramp right over that stack of wood. I'd imagine I looked very little like those professional bikers who jump hills and ramps all the time. Legs were probably flailing about and Im sure I looked like a jackarse!  hahah. My grandma came close to having a heartattack. My grandma. I love her dearly, but she gives a new meaning to the word "overprotective" Like for real. It's slightly RIDICULOUS how over protective she is.  You can only imagine the countless times she rushed to our rescue unnecessarily.  We as children spent a lot of time with our grandparents.  I remember the good and bad times.  But that's not for today.

So all in all, it's a  Happy Friday.  No, not really. There's a terrible awful mess Im sure we have all heard about. I was attempting to be insensitive this morning, but low and behold I feel awful that Japan and other countries are suffering and losing.  Hopes and healing thoughts they will rise up and stay strong.

So I've lost my trane of thought and where I was going with this posting.   Don't hold your breath I will have my 365 Days post later.  If not other random babbles for today!  Have an awesome day.  As well as you can anyways!


  1. Most of Thursday and right through Friday to about now, has been a lot of messy rain. I kept to my word and found a good movie to watch yesterday.

    I rarely pay to view, if I do it's usually in the catagory "Under $3." So I picked "Grand Torino." I have seen it before but it's one of those movies I can watch way more than once!

    Damn, I slept until almost noon today. This vacation thingy might be habit forming :O Have a good one!

    You are also right about how good we really have it compared to many countries right now, and the earthquake in Japan. Blessings for healing and good Karma for everyone. Peace

  2. All grandmothers are overprotective, aren't they? And grandfathers too.
    I wish you a happy and calm weekend.

  3. Tim- I hope today was as awesome for you as it was for us in Ga! The weather was AWESOME. So warm and purdy. I've yet to watch Grand Torino. Someone told me how it ended and I just couldn't bare it!

    Starlight- My dad's mother is Satan in disguise. She's really evil and probably burns the photos I send her occasionally. Pure Evil!

    Kristen- Thanks dahlin, hope you do the same!

  4. Those nighttime ideas always seem so brilliant, until you wake up next morning. Then you wish you hadn't texted all those people.


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