Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Versatile Blogger.

Versatile you say? Well by definition, because I wasn't quite sure, had to look it up, means: capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer

So now lets get this party started, I was blessed with this awesome award from the sweet lady Starlight .  Check out her blog she is an interesting and awesome lady *hugs* Starlight! 

So here we go.. In order to accept this blog, I must A.)  Tell all of you 7 facts about me, myself and I.  Well, I'm going to make them random, because hey, no one told me not to!  And B.) I must tag 7 of you fellow bloggers to do the same.  I've tackled these obstacles, well similar, ones with other awards I've accepted.  So... Let's give this one a whirl, shall we?  And we're off, weeeee!

Fact #1....  I'm not your average American I think.  My life's list doesn't include those things they say are the American Dream. I'm not in this world, to buy a home.  To own something like that. I don't want the commitment. I don't want the responsibility. I don't want stuff breaking and me having to fix broken stuff.  What?  That doesn't sound like fun at all.  I don't want to do it. I don't think I could comfortably be in one house, for a very long time. I don't know why.  Maybe it was the constant moving around we did as children. If only I could unlock all of those locked doors in my head. The ones where I go on these instincts telling me, eh that isn't really something you want to do.  I'm sure of it!  Perhaps I've a problem with commitment?  Maybe. I'm not sure there either.  Although I am committed to being Mom?  So that doesn't really make much sense.  Just so you know, I've filed away my wanting a Golden Retriever and Electric Car with my home buying.  Just won't happen. *sighs*  I just don't want to do it. Is that so bad?

Fact #2.... I have blue eyes, but desperately wanting to be as awesome and as adorable as Ashley Greene, you all know, well maybe you know, Alice from Twilight. She is A-DORABLE. So very pretty and I love it.  To the point..  So I went out and got me some brown contacts.  The nice honey gold color, similar but not quite as awesome as the Vamps of Twilight. Is it sad that I'm hopelessly addicted to Twilight and the adorable characters of that movie. I mean damn, all that hawtness!  It just isn't fair!  So yea. I wear my brown contacts rarely anymore, since I cut off all of my hair and it isn't black anymore. I will add that the brown eyes looks really awesome with my blond hair. It confuses me as to why I ended up with blond hair, as a kid and blue eyes. Like my Dad. But my Mom has really dark eyes and dark hair. Shouldn't that be the dominant of them? Oh well though.. I told you it would be random. 

Fact #3.... Certain things in my life, like my style for instance. Has not really changed. Not too drastically anyways.  For some reason when I was younger I wore Jncos and One Stars. (reason being, THE RAWKED) Big baggy t-shirts usually with Kurt Cobains face on them. Complete with a flannel shirt and holes in my jeans! What can I say, as much as my mother HATED it at times, the way we were and the way we dressed, the weird friends we had, it was just US!  Senior year I developed a sense of hawtness.  Odd I know.  I for some reason discovered/ decided I was cuter than that. I opted then for more fitted clothes, but managed to still hang on to my love for certain things. ie.. Kurt Cobain, flannels and holey jeans.  They were just a bit tighter.  Odd.. Now.. I'm back to the baggier jeans, not terribly baggy, like get  a belt yo or anything. I've changed from One Stars, because they aren't as abundant. I have a box full of Kurt Cobain t-shirts from my childhood, with a shelf full of books and scrapbooks full of magazine pages.  It's odd the transformation I've gone through at times.  But you know, it's all just the adventure called life.  It's too bad I can't rawk the Kurt Cobain t-shirts and not feel... silly.  (that coming from someone who just admitted I'm hopelessly addicted to the adorable hawtness of Twilight) 

Fact #4.... I'm. Just.Weird.

Fact #5.... I don't show emotion, well maybe some, lets rephrase. I don't show affection . I will not openly hand out my heart. I can't wear it on my sleeve.  I'm just not the one.   (See fact #4.)  I'm not huggy like that. I can't stand PDA (Public Display of Affection) It makes me nuts to watch the movies with people all ooey and gooey.  I hate watching people being all affectionate and lovey dovey. It makes me sick.  It drives me bonkers. I prefer to just not see it.  (see fact #4)

Fact #6.... I'm totally a spaz when it comes to my daughter.  I think of the times when I was young, we would run about, all over, where ever, do anything, pretty much anywhere. Unattended. I've told my readers about my grandma and how overprotective she was.  She still follows the kids around when they are out.  It's hilarious.  Well. I catch myself being just like that. Something about the world we live in today. It's a lot different that it was when we were kids.  Or so it seems to be. Maybe it's because I'm not the kid with no worries or cares. Now I'm the mommy, but I don't remember my Mommy being all up in my shit like I am!  HA! I monitor the hell out of what she sees on television. What movies she is allowed to watch.  All of that.  Is that so wrong?  I just don't know.  I guess there is no real wrong way to do this "parenting" thing. Unless you are the crackhead parent, selling their bodies on the street and making meth in bathtubs?  Yea... Those are the bad ones...  hahaha.. That's terrible isn't it?

Fact #7....I love blogging. I love telling you all about the events of my days or whatever.  The events and mishaps. I also enjoy reading what everyone else has to say. It's nice to meet new people, well kind of, and get to know a little bit of something else sometimes. 

Well that is that.. That kind of sucked.  ha ha.  I didn't really enjoy the days it took me to come up with those 7 little, random things.  But hey I'm just kidding!  It wasn't so bad. Now I get to tag 7 people, which kind of makes it  a pain, because well I'm sure everyone else has accepted before. Or have they?  Oh well.  If I pass on the award and you've already done this, well, it's a first for me, sooo just re post your last one, or something. I don't know!  Good luck to you!  I've tagged you all here and will run about and make sure to tell you I've done so. I've tagged you all because I am genuinely interested in what you have to say.  :) 

A blast
Mountain Wave


  1. thanks for tagging me =) i'm not usually doing these awards things, but i'll try to come up with a post with 7 random facts about me. remind me if i forget about it, ok?

  2. I'm the poster child for non commitment. 53 years old, no kids, never been married, long term commitment for me is about three weeks. LoL No I actually lived with a girlfriend for 3 years. Working on the boardwalk of an ocean front (Ocean City, Maryland) I met and fell in love every summer, errr then they went back to college.

    It's gotten so that when someone thinks I'm gay because I've never been married or had kids I can laugh at their ignorance now.

    My dogs have been my children all my life. They don't yell at me for coming home drunk and all late or throw things at me when I do summin' stupid.

    I do have a sad post for tomorrow sometime. I have to take my 16+ yr old black lab in to have him put down around 8:40AM and will be taking tomorrow off. He's had a very good life and he can no longer get up on his own at all. I've been helping him now and again as needed, however it's not like that anymore. I think he wants to go now.

    He'll be in good company until I see him next, and all my rescue "pound hounds" when I too one day take my walk to the other side of this life.

  3. Thanks for the award, dear!

    I totally feel where you're coming from for owning a house. In the 10 years I lived in Colorado...I lived in 12 different addresses, no lie. I like changing my surroundings. I like re-decorating new places. I figure My-Boy and I will probably buy a house when we move back to Colorado...maybe I'll be ready for that type of anchoring commitment to an inanimate object...?

    Btw, regarding your eye color...I'm a biologist and I can answer this!!

    You're correct that the blue is recessive and is overrun by a more dominant color (like brown). However, here's where it gets fun...

    Each of your parents have two eye color genes and each of them will only pass one a piece onto you (so you end up with two too).

    Your dad has double blue recessive (otherwise he'd have another eye color because blue only shows up with double recessive genes).

    Your mom has one blue recessive and one dark dominant gene...which is why she has dark eyes, but she passed the blue recessive gene onto you.

    Hence, you have double blue recessive genes for eye color and get pretty blue eyes!

  4. Lila- I am one of the most FORGETFUL people I know, so if I forget to remind you, we're both off the hook.. right?

    Tim- Im so sorry about your dog. That's no fun at all, well wishing your way, Im sure your dog will be happier running in his doggie heaven!

    sam- thats really awesome and cool that you know that. I've never thought about anything like that, just kind of blew it off I guess. Thats supah cool. :)

    You are all welcome for the award, I love all of your posts, they are awesome!


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