Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 80, 365 days of 2011

Oh lawd it was yet another long and boring day at work. I'm satisfying my addiction as I work on this post, my addiction being facebook, it's like, I'm on there ALL DAY LONG, why must I be on all night as well.  Ya know. It's just cause I like it!  How are you doing fellow bloggers. I saw an awesome take on a 365 days post earlier, it's too bad I didn't make  a link for you to check out. She took on the project and posted a picture for every day. Not of herself, but of whatever.  That's a purdy awesome idea if you ask me!  :)
So there we are, day 80, the 80th picture of me, so far this year. Holy crap batman. Anyways. I think this was taken on my way back from lunch with my daughter, while I'm sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green.  I had just finished sitting at the exit from Kroger a few moments earlier.  *grumbles*  All in all today was good. I've come to the conclusion I will not longer be eating school food. When I know it's the day for me to have lunch with my daughter I will be bringing a sacked lunch.  School food is so nasty. I mean, how exactly do you get a turkey and cheese sammich wrong?  I mean, FOR REAL!  It was so yuck. For your information, I had fried okra and a few pieces of fruit for lunch. Oh. Yay. Yum.  *barf*  I hope you all had an awesome FRIDAY!  It's going to be a short but busy weekend. Nothing unusual there.  Have fun with it, hopes for warm weather and will post again tomorrow!

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  1. Weather here is crap today, waking up to 3 inches of snow after some 70 degree days just sucks. Good thing I have off tomorrow cause I'm sick as a dog agh!


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