Friday, March 18, 2011

Afraid of the Dark.

I'd never given much thought on racing the sun home.  I've never worried about being home before dark.  This morning after my fit of anger calmed a little, soothed itself into a burning nauseous feeling in my stomach I gave some thought on my motorcycle permit.  The regulations on said permit are as follows: No passengers, No highway/interstate travel, and no riding after dark.  This regulation is what I pondered about today. I always heard my grandma say she couldn't drive after dark. I know it has nothing to do with this. Something about picturing her racing the sun home made me think. I've all intentions of riding my scooter, as often as  possible whenever possible. I also have a 7 year  old daughter who CANNOT  per those regulations. It really puts a damper on my whole riding.  Although I can't complain because I am terrified of my daughter being on the back of a scooter, or motorcycle, especially with an untrained driver, especially with me. I doubt myself on rare occasions, most of said occasions are concerning my daughter.  Hey.. .What can I say? I'm a worried mother of 1.  It will probably be the death of me, the worry for my child, but I assume that's what most good parents do?  Right?  Or am I just completely off my rocker today?!!  Back to what I was saying. The thoughts of racing my scooter home to beat the sun down, although a funny thought, me racing the sun like "When Darkness Falls".
That's one scary bitch!

Though there will be no mad tooth fairy there to kill me and remove all of my teeth.  That movie frightens me, as does all horror movies. I've never seen the tooth fairy with the exception of that movie and that most recent happier movie with The Rock. Wait is he "The Rock" or "Dwayne Johnson"  Did I even spell his name right? I'm too lazy to click over to google and confirm.  So I've no reason to fear her chasing me in the darkness in order to gain her prize. My teeth and my life.  Scary movie... 

So today... It's Friday. I'm searching frantically for the better  of today. So far it's been one unfortunate event after another with the exception of having lunch with my daughter, which unfortunately I was late arriving. She was already in her seat with her lunch when I got there, but she caught me peeking through the doors at her and the look on her face was that of pure excitement. That melted my heart and made my day everything else aside. The car trouble, the battery trouble (don't worry, I'll tell you all about it in another post).  It was awesome to get a lunch, sit with her and give her her new Gomu erasers she's been begging for all week.  Ahhh to be Mom!

Good day my readers... Stay tuned for other posts to come on my eventful day so far this lovely Friday!


  1. I've a been feeling freaky the last few days myself. I got to get bad to a regular sleep pattern.

    I'd say the way your daughter made you feel anything else still makes for a great day! Hang in thar!

  2. Back too also!

    I always pick up on the typos, post, post.....

  3. Oh yes, Im bad with typos myself. I'm glad I was able to have lunch with her. Made everything else kind of fade in the back ground if only for that short 30 minutes. :)


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