Thursday, March 3, 2011

You might call me a good tipper?

We went to dinner a few nights ago, I forget the day. We have our favorite Mexican Restaurant here by work. It's the best we have found so far. Let me tell you, it's really hard here to find GOOD Mexican and GOOD Chinese.. The Chinese is harder than most things. We finally found a good one, but that's a story for another day.

We can usually always be found in the Mexican restaurant at least once a week. They have dollar taco nights on Thursday, woo hoo, that's today!  I finally drug my arse into Kroger last night. Brought my lunch to work today and my daughter wanted to take her lunch as well. High Fives!

Back to it..

We were in the restaurant last week or something and the waiter, who has waited on us before, was totally having a bad night. I could tell!  I waited tables for a while in my younger days and I may have blogged before, but I genuinely enjoyed waiting tables. It was a lot of fun and of course it has it's ups and downs, but really, what doesn't?  So he was having a bad night. I'm okay with that. He was getting the order right and doing his job, he just wasn't to HAPPY about it!  That's fine. The meal proceeds and everything is good, as always. He forgets the cheese dip, the  part my daughter most enjoys! No big deal, he brings  it out and says he won't charge us for it!  *high fives*

The "manager" comes by. Checking on us, as she always does. She knows us well, because, like I said, we are always in there!  She asking how things are, are we being taken care of, yadda yadda.  Well the waiter comes back.  "Mr. of the Apartment" ask him, who she is.  Like manager?  owner?  what. She's the owner.  Then he goes defensive, saying they aren't getting along tonight, what exactly did she say. I was like, huh, weird... Oh well..

So then it all wraps up and we are ready to get out of there. He brings the check and I'm looking at it dumbfounded, because it's so cheap!  Turns out, he didn't charge for the drinks nor the cheese dip.  Oh wow!  I would say woo hoo, saves me money.  But I tip the poor fella 10 bucks for his bad night!  I didn't see him again before we took off, but hopefully he smiled a little when he saw that! 

Enjoy your dinner, everyone!


  1. Having spent most of my life working in restaurants and food service I tend to over tip to make up for slackers.

    Many people just don't realize these people only make about $3.50 an hour and depend on tips to pay the real bills.


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