Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, that's today

Today is Friday!  I'm pretty glad about that. It's been about a week since my last post.  Not sure how I managed to pull that one off really.

We had an awesome time at the women's retreat last weekend.   I was way anxious to leave the monkeys, but we all made it alive.  They had fun with Mr MB and I had fun with the ladies. 

Surprisingly it helped me out a bit, encouraged me a little.  I'm happy to report I'm less grumpy this week.

So how's your week Dingleberries?  Anything exciting?

I was flipping through Netflix last night and realized they took Twilight off. Which makes no sense to me.  It's old as heck and well I was watching that!  I did find something called "Twilight in Volterra".  It's a documentary on the city of Volterra.  Pretty nice and well it killed some time while I was sitting up waiting on bed.  Probably should have been doing something more productive, but hey it is what it is! 

Ya ever notice when you finish lunch, if you've taken it a little early the day seems to drag a little?

In other news, I've committed to go to a wedding tomorrow. I hate formal events like that because I never have a thing to wear.

-Hang in there