Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 234 and 235, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Well Dingleberries, I managed to keep myself busy on Tuesday as well.  Even found a minute to start my book, woo hoo!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I got a new shirt, actually 2 new shirts, but sadly I am only able to wear one at a time.  What's that about?  So I plan to wear the other one TOMORROW!  Today's new to me shirt, is a lovely blue with an adorable red collar and it has cute heart shaped cherries. Needless to say I lerve it. I found it at the Goodwill last night while out on a dinner date with my dahlin Pokey and New Guy. It was just AWESOME!  Found some more time to read on my book today and plan to do some birfday shopping for my Mom's birfday which is coming up on the 6th.  Oh lovely!  It should be an awesome Labor Day weekend this weekend also. 

Have an awesome night/day Dinglerberries, I'm hoping to blog again tomorrow and hopefully one day with something worth reading. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 230-233, 365 days of 2011

Hello dear Dingleberries.  I've no clue why I slacked on this over the weekend, I'm assuming I was busy and  yea I'm pretty sure that was the case, but that's okay. From what I read on other blogs from time to time, blogging isn't a big thang on the weekends.  Gots to have a life right? 
So lets get this thang caught up!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Friday!!  It was a day I absolutely refused to let anything get to me and it worked.  I didn't want a bad day and refused to have one.  Yays!  Had an awesome dinner date with my dahlin Pokey and awesome new guy!  It was a blast, the food was soooooo nasty!  Never do that again!  

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Ugh working on Saturdays is no fun at all. Just a few hours working the auction which was a flopping disaster!  But Saturday night was AWESOME!!
Saw one of my favorite bands, Rehab, again.  Twice this year now and I think I'm up to about 5 or 6 times in my lifetime.  What can I say, I lerve some Rehab!

I've a few more pictures from that night, but I hate posting pics of friends and stuff withouts permissions, so you guys just get to see the one!  It was a loverly show and for my American readers if they hit up your town, give them a shot, Rittz opened up for Rehab as well. Both bands are Ga natives and perhaps that's where my weakness hits!  Check em out, you may just lerve  it too!

Safe to say, Saturday night with my new guy and favorite cousin and her hubs was EPIC!  A night of nothing less than AWESOMENESS and we rawked the freshly rebuilt Georgia Theater until the lights came on!  Whewt!

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Spent a much needed day at the pool.  New guy was out and about playing his golf games. 
I may never understand that game, but you won't hear me complaining!  Pokey and I as well as my niece was able to soak up some much needed sunshine.  It was awesome, I burned a little, but it's OK.  we've plans to do it one last time this Sunday It's my Moms birfday party and  Labor Day holiday weekend. Our family enjoys throwing parties for random holidays and birfdays.  There are a  lot of us most of the time as well. Should be an awesome time. Gots my laundry done and slept like shit.  It was freezing cold in here and I woke up every couple of hours.  yuck! 

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Well hello Monday.  You weren't too bad of a day, I stayed busy all day long. Gathering all the paperwork and everything I need to finalize all the paperwork for the cars we just auctioned off.  Then there was all the normal tickets from the weekend as well as the phone calls and all the monies that came in the mail as well. SO much to do and almost didn't have enough time.  Made time to file everything and gather my belongings at time to go.  Awesome day, strangely enough for a Monday.  Did you notice I didn't bitch one time in this whole Monday babble?  EPIC!
Tomorrow should be even better Dingleberries, Pokey and I have a dinner date and I'm the one picking where to eat. That I will complain about because I can never make up my mind. Being indecisive pretty much sucks! 
Good night folks!  Cya tomorrow!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dearest Summer,

The days are cool the nights are too.
I miss the hot sun already, time is changing with the weather. 
I will miss the sun in my face. I will miss my shorts and tank tops. I will miss time at the pool. 
I miss it already!
Could we wish it and make it all come back? 
No? You say!
Sad and Impatient, I must wait for Summers return. 
Anticipate the heat and the sunburn.
Don't you fret dear Summer, my love for you will never fade!
I will sit with my sweaters and blankets and dream of only you!

photo taken here

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 229, 365 days of 2011

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Happy Thursday Dingleberries?  I hope you all had a wondermus day!  My day was shittastic!  Yup, another shittastic day. I can only imagine why. 
I guess I didn't want to get up and go to work today, I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which doesn't make much sense because there is only one possible way to even get out  of my little twin sized bed.  I've realized I need my own space, I love my space, I want to run through the house, turning all the lights down and television as well. Sit with my Pokey in front of my TV.  With no interruptions or people telling me what can and can't be watched.  Ahhh
I guess I've managed to lose a friend, that or perhaps he's being a girl!  Gots his panties in a wad or something. Oh that's just not right is it!? 

Oh well, it's late and my dahlin Pokey is making a ruckus back there!  Gah  Check out my Monkey butt post for today. And have an awesome Friday!

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday Dingleberries!
Again, another week wrapping itself up.  Here we are approaching Friday. It's nice isn't it? Looks like it's also the last Thursday of August. Dang. That means cooler weather coming!  Yuck!

So this one here... Outbreak.  How many saw Outbreak?  Definitely not one of my favorites, but it has the kind soft spoken black man as well as Sutherland and Hoffman.  The crazy little monkey spreading disease and killing many. Watch the clip. It's crazay!  If you haven't seen it. Watch it, just for shits and giggles.  It's an oldie, some may say a goodie. OK OK so it's not THAT old! Not that good either. So strike that. Don't watch it!

(photo taken here)

I love this picture of a clip from the movie.  Guy goes on live TV I think with a picture of the infecting monkey and a phone number.  Now if only we could do that every time we are looking for someone. Instead the take a picture and post it on a billboard in walmart claiming they are missing, for how long and what they may look like. Perhaps we should tell them said missing thing or person is infectious and may kill many.  That might end us up on television with a photo like this. Holy crap I just noticed the photo that's one of those old timey photos that people can blow the dust off of from the garage and search with no luck at finding film for. AWESOME!

Like I said, Happy Thursday Dingleberries. I hope you have an awesome Friday!

I cried a little inside

::For starters, let me say I LERVE this picture, it's beautiful::

So today is the first day I've been treated like crap from one of my guy friends.  You've seen me blog about this one (guy friend) before I lerve him to death. I've considered him a best friend of mine  for a long time now.  Most recently we've chatted a lot and hung out a few times.  Looks as though those days are coming to an end and it makes me sad!

I don't know where he's going with that if he's just having another off day.  Only time will tell and it is what it is!

Fingers crossed for  this day to get better!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 228, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Made it over the hump, not that tomorrow looks at all promising or anything. It's just one day closer to Friday I guess.  Luckily I stayed busy all day and I am really hopeful tomorrow is somehow the same. 

For all those waiting the wedding photos have been posted online.  Yays!  I unfortunately do not feel just right about going public with all the lovelies at said event, so I'm cropping and just showing you lil ole me. But keep in mind, her wedding may have been the prettiest one I've ever been to and it was really quite an honor to be a bridesmaid in her event. Epic!  Sadly, you won't see me doing it again, it was somewhat stressful and I was just a maid!  Sheesh!  So low and behold, my bridesmaid glory!
Skinny lil picture isn't it?  There were 3 of us maids, one madam of honor, a singer and of course the bride and flower girl.  It was, again, beautiful!  A wondermus occasion for wonderful people! 
ps. I lerve my heels even in their terrible uncomfy moments!

So I have a man friend in my life now, sadly I had to tell one of my guy friends today and well I haven't really heard back from him. I'm hopeful that he will text me tomorrow, he seemed grumpy even before I told him and well he's typically grumpy a lot of times anyways.  It saddens me a little because over the last few months we had really become good friends!  I've known him since I was 16 and always enjoyed his friendship. I guess my girl friend was right, it's not us women who have a hard time being "just friends" it's the mens who can't handle it.  Sadly she may be right, I only hope he knows I really consider him a best friend and would hate to lose that over what I thought he understood.
Yeap, life just happened today.  

And dearest dingleberries, I'm tired and need to make sure I'm caught up on reading whatever you all may have posted today. Goodnight!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 227, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
My new glasses.  Lovely lunch with me new man friend and a lovely time at the mall as well.  Went by the eye doctor and had them check the prescription as well as bombard them with questions as to why it makes my vision weird.  They're blaming the lens. So whatevs they are only for my nighttime wear anyways. After long days I come home and throw the contacts in their cleaners and puts on my glasses. That's good enough for me, but they are so cute aren't they?

I hope you Dingleberries had an awesome day!  It was awesome here anyways, the weird vision being the only real bad part of the day. Tomorrow will be better when I throw those contacts in my head.  Whewt!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 224, 225 and 226, 365 days of 2011

Day 224
Saturday, August 20th, 2011
Being so very preoccupied with getting ready for the wedding today, I managed to only take one picture and it just so happened to be a picture of my adorable finger nails.  bwhaha.. Wedding day and it was a beautiful wedding!  Honestly it was.  An beautiful couple and a fabulous reception. Filled with lots of love and friends.  Awesomeness.  Saturday was EPIC!

Day 225
Sunday, August 21st, 2011
Ahhh yes Sunday.  Came home after a lovely lovely lovely night out of town.  Picked up my dahlin Pokey and took a trip to Trader Joe's.  I'd never been and I think I liked it! We also took a trip to Botanical Gardens ins Athens and oh my wow it's soo lovely. Will definitely have to go back there!
Check it out! Lovely times!

Day 226
Monday, August 22nd, 2011
Monday Monday Monday.  Pretty much just Ugh. I don't like Mondays much.  Playing catch up with this as well as True Blood.  It's a lovely thing!  I got my new glasses today. They were a little disorienting at first, but I think they are fitting OK.  So that is a plus. I was worried at first, but I think they are going to work just fine! And they don't look too bad I don't think!
Well Dingleberries. I hope you have a wondermus Tuesday!  I'm off to finish my episode and play online.  Good night folks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Days 222 and 223, 365 days of 2011

For starters:  Happy Friday Dingleberries!  How the hell has your week been? It's been slow and hecktic for me so far and I imagine it isn't going to change one bit over the weekend, but I'm frackin excited for the weekend to get here. As my regular readers know we are attending a wedding tomorrow evening and I'm super excited to bust out my new black heels and awesome lovely bridesmaid dress.  The bride is one of the most awesome ladies I have ever met and am so very excited to see her in love and marrying that special someone. Here's to hoping it will happen for the rest of us also!  So lets get started. I'm only a couple of days behind, kinda, so go me! go me!

Day 222
Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Thursday is PAY DAY!  Woo Hoo cause I spent all my money on bills and more bills need money. It's a never ending cycle of HATE isn't it?!  Ugh!  Someone crash all computer systems and make sure they lose all the information regarding my accounts. Okay? 
Bridal shower tonight though and it should be a lot of fun. Late as usual and I feel like such a shit for not having time to pickup a gift.
EPIC FAIL on attempting to get my sister her birthday gifts. One of them didn't make it in time and one of them was all WRONG. It saddened me a little I'm hopeful to do better next year.
Ended the day with watching the ending of the True Blood series I missed the other night. Yay for that and gar I hate the anticipation of it all really.  Ugh!

Day 223
Friday!Friday!Friday! August 19th, 2011

Yay Friday! I've gotta go shopping tonight for a wedding gift, paint my nails to match everyone else and make sure to get my beauty sleep because tomorrow may just be hell on earth if not. It's going to be a long and lovely day tomorrow.  Unfortunately today isn't so awesome. I slept until 8am this morning *FRACK* I am about 45 minutes to an hour away from work where I live and I am suppose to be at work at 830 am. No coffee and a blind race for the front door this morning with only 2 cigarettes to get me through it all.  Yea, pretty shitty morning if you ask me... But now it's nice outside but the wicked witch is lurking around the shop making my blood boil. Awesome right?  Nah that's only the case when I'm not HERE!  I hope everyone else is having a better Friday than I am. But here's to hoping it gets better at 5pm.  I'm off to do work and stuff now, cya laters.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

(photo taken here)

Curious George. A curious little monkey.  Did they neglect to mention curiosity killed the cat?  Why on earth would something with the name "Curious George" not end up in near death experiences constantly.  That would ruin it all though wouldn't it.
Pokey LOVED Curious George and oddly enough it was one of my favorites to watch with her when she was little also. Now we rot our minds with (Need I mention again) Sponge Bob, iCarly, Victorious and BTR.  Ahhhh yes!  Those. 

But Curious George. You all remember, he came to live with The Man in the Yellow Hat.  Why did the Man in the Yellow Hat never have a name?!  I didn't understand that. Seems as though all of his animal buddies had names as well as some of the other humans. Didn't they?  Now I'm just not sure!

Sometimes I miss the days when we could turn on the GPB channel and watch some Curious George. Those times have passed and my baby has grown up!  ::sighs::

How many of you Dingleberries remember Curious George?

Lets turn these feelings off

I find myself distracted and worried that I'm making all the bad decisions possible and then something small happens, a giggle comes from my heart and I realize I'm just CRAZY!  It's weird having feelings.  Why would I ever want to turn them off!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 220 and 221, 365 Days of 2011

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
Took half of the day off today for..ahem... personal reasons. One of the best days this week.  It's going to be a pretty good week as long as no ones pees in my wheaties!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
Happy Hump Day Dingleberries.  I can see this week being very busy.  That's why I'm taking this slow moment to catch up with my days.  I'm not too far behind and am somewhat proud of myself for taking the time!  Whewt Whewt me! 
I'm off to get my eye brows ripped out today.  A friends wedding is coming up this weekend and I want to be ready. Luckily Ive got the dress and shoes. Friends are doing hair and makeup. I'm excited for the bride to be. Its going to be a lot of fun. And I booked my date for the night. So I'm pretty much jumping for joy.  Can't wait to see everyone and spend quality times with all my wondermus friends.  It's not till Saturday, just saying is all! 

Have a great day Dingleberries. Cya tomorrow.  Bet you're excited for the Monkey butt post tomorrow aren't you?!! DON'T LIE!

Monday, August 15, 2011

365 Days of 2011

Holy shnikeys Dingleberries it's Monday. I've honestly no idea when my last post of my 365 days was. I'm so distracted these days and incredibly busy!  With a little checking I can find out though. It saddens me a little to have fallen behind with this project. I'm not behind on my picture taking or anything, just getting it uploaded on here. It's crazy really, how hecktic this school year is being so far away from everything. Arg!  So bear with me as we go through a week of my life, ta da!

Day 213.
Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Day 214.
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Day 215.
Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Day 216.
Friday, August 12th, 2011

Oh and while we are at it, simply because I actually remember this day being simply fabulous!  Awesome dinner with great company!  But along the way home we had a rare occurrence of heat lighting as I'd always known it to be called.  It was simply mind altering. Very lovely, I was only able to snap one photo and it prolly isn't the best thing you will ever see (being taken with my camera phone while attempting to pull into the neighborhood)
Well it doesn't look too bad. I will say it's hard as crap to get a picture of anything exciting happening in the sky!
Day 217.
Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Dear Saturday,  I lerve you. No work, a lot  of fun. Just awesome! Please never leave me. Love Doria
Day 218.
Sunday, August 14th, 2011

We had a very very lovely Sunday. Went to Memorial Park with awesome company and saw The Tree that Owns itself. A very lovely and adorable little street with cobblestones and lovely houses.  It's really an adorable place to be.  Yet another flippn awesome day. Gah I love weekends!
Very lovely place to be indeed!

Day 219.
Monday, August 15th, 2011
Monday isn't my favorite day. But then again who actually enjoys a Monday? I know of no one!  It went by pretty quickly,  a certain someone sure was acting cuntish today, making my blood pressure rise and straight up just getting on my nervies.  I'm glad she went away when she did, because I'm not sure there was room in that small office space for both of us.  She went on her rants today and managed to inform me that I am to post a notice for the employees that we are only to smoke twice a day. Yea I almost fell out of my chair laughing at that one.  I'm pretty sure she will catch me more than twice a day smoking.

Damn it I'm caught up on my 365 posts. I better keep it that way. It's making me nuts being away from you dedicated readers.  Oh how I miss thee!  Goodnight dingleberries. I must tend to my other networks.  Arg!

"When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~Dr. Suess

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday Dingleberries.  Here we are another week coming to an end.  Reading, watching talking about monkeys.  Exciting isn't it?
This week we have this little guy here. Can be found in the movie "Night at the Museum". He was quite a little arsehole in the movie.  Always tempting Larry and just being a normal pain in the arse monkey!  Don't you just want one just like him?  I bet he flings poo and just makes the biggest messes ever! The scene I found from the movie is pretty funny though.  They get carried away sometimes. It's hilarious when he tricks him with some little kid keys. Hilarious.

(photo taken here)

If you haven't seen it. You should give it a shot. Not one of my favorites, but it's worth watching. At least once (just my opinion there). 

Enjoy Dingleberries. See ya next week for more monkey times.

1st week of school

Well Dingleberries, I'm not doing much better with staying caught up with my blogging. Summer seems to be over already and my dahlin Pokey is back to school.  I'm missing her like mad today, not that it's unusual for me to miss her.  I just hope she is having a blast at school!  Stay tuned for this weeks Monkey Butt post and I will take Friday as the day to play catch up with my week this week!  Have an awesome Thursday!

(photo taken here)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 211 & 212, 365 days of 2011

Sunday, August 7th, 2011
Happy Sunday?  I went dress shopping with some of my favorite lady friends, no luck. They didn't have the color the bride to be was looking for. So now it's back to the drawing board :grumbles: Seems to me we're running short on time, I'm sure she is unhappy about this. 
Had an awesome night and got Pokey some new socks for school.  Whewt! 

Monday, August 8th, 2011
So I was told yesterday I looked like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. It's obviously the hair, but still flattering.  I lub some Uma Thurman!  :)
Today was the first day of school for Pokey. So in between panic attacks all day worrying that the mishap from her first day of Kindergarten would repeat. Called daycare only twice at the end of the day and she made it off the bus to daycare.  Whew!  I can't stand the thoughts of her getting off anywhere else, I'm sure this is everyone though!
Work was craptastic, but it's Monday so don't act surprised or anything. 
Pokey was grumptastic this morning as well, hated the clothes she picked out as well as the shoes that we agreed on at the shoe store. Oh lucky me I get to go back to the shoe store with hopes they will exchange them being as I've no receipt. My little silly Pokey.  I don't understand what's to hate about those shoes. But then again, perhaps she doesn't have the same love for almost any shoes that I do! 

Goodnight Dingleberries.  I'm trying if you haven't noticed. I've read all I can read tonight.  Let's shoot for making sure I've read them all tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

365 days of 2011

Hello dearest Dingleberries.  I cannot believe how far behind I am. I know it's about 7 days at this point. So I'm going to attempt to keep this as short as possible.  Excited aren't you!  It's OK. I am too!

Day 203... Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Got my hair cut. FINALLY. It's too short for my taste right now, it really is. But it will have to do. Obviously I don't want to go shorter.  I needed the dead ends cut off and this did it nicely. Lovely day we had here, managed to get everything on my agenda DONE! 

Day 204, Sunday, July 31st 2011

Sadly I spaced and forgot today's photo. A day filled with wedding rehearsals and heading off to my sisters for babysitting fun.  My sis and bro in law decided to take off to Savannah for a few days and Pokey and I offered to baby sit to make their trip a little more relaxing. Nervous times for me I tell ya. Pokey is 7. I haven't watched a baby for more than a day in a very long time! :)

Day 205, Monday, August 1st, 2011

Babysitting was so much easier than I thought. Perhaps it's just the sweet dahlin I was babysitting :)  We had a blast on day/night 1!  Awesome. A black and white photo day.

Day 206, Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

OoOoOo yes that's right I was playing with options on my phone camera. ha ha. Not too bad, but definitely weird. :)  And still babysitting. Not bad at all!

Day 207, Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Last day of babysitting. Slightly sad, because it was fun and Pokey  really did enjoy it a lot. She was very upset and cried when I told her it was time for us to go home.  Sadly!  Oh well though we have another chance I am sure!

Day 208, Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Open house this morning.  Awesome fun. Met Pokey's teacher and am excited as well as hopeful she will contain her talking this year and not get in much trouble. There weren't many names of the kids I knew on the list in her class, so maybe  that will help also.  She does have a little boy from her daycare in there as well, she seemed really shy about this!
Payday today. AWESOME!  I always enjoy that! 

Day 209, Friday, August 5th, 2011

Friday Friday Friday!  Yays!  I've gotta finish Pokeys school shopping tonight. Which is just awesome. I have to go suffer through mall traffic and crowds.  ::grumbles:: It didn't go to bad and didn't spend to much money. Watched "The Smurfs" which wasn't too bad. I was worried at first, but it was all in all pretty good! Had a blast. Glad its the weekend!

Day 210, Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Holy crap batman I'm all caught up now. For that I am glad. As you can tell I managed another color change on the hair today.  Whewt!  I'm happier with this than the brown as seen above.  I think I can stick with this one for a while. I"m wishing for long, dark, wavy hair. Sadly I have the straightest hair that I know of. It sucks, but I'm thinking perhaps a curling iron or a mild perm could fix that if I were to grow it out.  Shall see. I may hit the shoulder length (as always) and say MEH I just don't like it.  I swear that's the roughest point to get through.  Oh wells. As short as it is right now, I just may never get there. dedication I tell you. I don't have enough of it when it comes to certain most things!

Well Dingleberries, I hope you enjoyed me playing catchup with my 365 days post. I'm hopeful now that things are back to some kind of normal I can stay on top of this like I have been.  Here's to hoping!  I hope everyone is having a great Saturday and an awesome Sunday tomorrow. I'm guessing I will be found somewhere in Athens shopping with my girlfriends for bridesmaid dress.  Awesome!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

This weeks Monkey Butt turned out to be a double post of sorts.  They're both from an awesome source if you ask me.  What can I say?  Indiana Jones is a weakness of mine.

(photo taken here) 
-- His blog seems interesting and I've every intention of checking out. Props to that guy who thankfully posted a pic of this guy and this weeks monkey of topic.  Check it out.--

Indiana Jones may very well be one of my all time favorite movies, series whatever.  I hope there is not a single person out there reading this that can say they have never watched at least one of the movies.  I'm going to die a little inside  if I hear the words, so please. Just keep it to yourselves.  (winks)
Back to the point... 
Remember the cute little monkey?  Not only did he rat out Marion (Karen Allen) in Raiders of the Lost Ark (for those who don't know)
Indiana Jones was hired by the government in this one to find the Ark of  the Covenant before the Nazis do. I don't want to spoil anything, but then again you have all seen them and it wouldn't be anything you didn't already know.
He did find the ark, but it was short lived. He lived through the opening of  the ark when sadly the other folks came to their demise.
Back to the monkey though. Cute little bastard that he is he came to his demise from poisoning. You read it. Someone actually attempted to poison Indiana Jones. I mean what the hell were they thinking?  This guy is AWESOME why would you do that? They almost succeeded had the po po dead monkey not been found first. Damn poisoned dates!  Just  isn't right! 
 R.I.P you cute little bastard!

(photo taken here)
Here we have another Indiana Jones picture. Looks like Monkeys might  have been frowned upon.  Here I was thinking his only fear was snakes and we have all these dead monkeys. 
"Willie" here found herself at a very lovely table full of very evil psychotic asshats.  After they loaded the table full of snakes and bugs and just all the nasty shit you can think of. They bring this out "Chilled monkey brains" as they call it. Holy shit batman that is so nasty.
Yea crossed eyes and fainting was to follow!  Just. Nasty!  I'd imagine I'd came about the same way.  Indiana Jones- Temple of Doom is probably my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Saving the city and all the kids, all while not getting your heart ripped out and being eaten by crocodiles on a falling bridge.  Awesome!  Again, Indiana Jones you rawk, you and your apparent hatred for monkeys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy HumpDay

 Hello Dingleberries, Please forgive my slackness. It's not really slackness, its busy busy times these days. But they are wrapping up today and I'm hopeful to at least get  caught up on reading all of your wonderful blogs!

Till later, have an awesome hump day, or rest of it anyways!