Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

(photo taken here)

Curious George. A curious little monkey.  Did they neglect to mention curiosity killed the cat?  Why on earth would something with the name "Curious George" not end up in near death experiences constantly.  That would ruin it all though wouldn't it.
Pokey LOVED Curious George and oddly enough it was one of my favorites to watch with her when she was little also. Now we rot our minds with (Need I mention again) Sponge Bob, iCarly, Victorious and BTR.  Ahhhh yes!  Those. 

But Curious George. You all remember, he came to live with The Man in the Yellow Hat.  Why did the Man in the Yellow Hat never have a name?!  I didn't understand that. Seems as though all of his animal buddies had names as well as some of the other humans. Didn't they?  Now I'm just not sure!

Sometimes I miss the days when we could turn on the GPB channel and watch some Curious George. Those times have passed and my baby has grown up!  ::sighs::

How many of you Dingleberries remember Curious George?


  1. I remember George.

    Don't get me started about the Krusty Krab! : )


  2. Awe you don't love the Krusty Krab with that cheap ole crab?! :)


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