Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

This weeks Monkey Butt turned out to be a double post of sorts.  They're both from an awesome source if you ask me.  What can I say?  Indiana Jones is a weakness of mine.

(photo taken here) 
-- His blog seems interesting and I've every intention of checking out. Props to that guy who thankfully posted a pic of this guy and this weeks monkey of topic.  Check it out.--

Indiana Jones may very well be one of my all time favorite movies, series whatever.  I hope there is not a single person out there reading this that can say they have never watched at least one of the movies.  I'm going to die a little inside  if I hear the words, so please. Just keep it to yourselves.  (winks)
Back to the point... 
Remember the cute little monkey?  Not only did he rat out Marion (Karen Allen) in Raiders of the Lost Ark (for those who don't know)
Indiana Jones was hired by the government in this one to find the Ark of  the Covenant before the Nazis do. I don't want to spoil anything, but then again you have all seen them and it wouldn't be anything you didn't already know.
He did find the ark, but it was short lived. He lived through the opening of  the ark when sadly the other folks came to their demise.
Back to the monkey though. Cute little bastard that he is he came to his demise from poisoning. You read it. Someone actually attempted to poison Indiana Jones. I mean what the hell were they thinking?  This guy is AWESOME why would you do that? They almost succeeded had the po po dead monkey not been found first. Damn poisoned dates!  Just  isn't right! 
 R.I.P you cute little bastard!

(photo taken here)
Here we have another Indiana Jones picture. Looks like Monkeys might  have been frowned upon.  Here I was thinking his only fear was snakes and we have all these dead monkeys. 
"Willie" here found herself at a very lovely table full of very evil psychotic asshats.  After they loaded the table full of snakes and bugs and just all the nasty shit you can think of. They bring this out "Chilled monkey brains" as they call it. Holy shit batman that is so nasty.
Yea crossed eyes and fainting was to follow!  Just. Nasty!  I'd imagine I'd came about the same way.  Indiana Jones- Temple of Doom is probably my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Saving the city and all the kids, all while not getting your heart ripped out and being eaten by crocodiles on a falling bridge.  Awesome!  Again, Indiana Jones you rawk, you and your apparent hatred for monkeys!

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  1. I've seen all the Jones movies but I think I liked the first the best!

    Good to see you back at it. I've gotten into a rut myself. I'll be back at it when I get inspired.



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