Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 227, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
My new glasses.  Lovely lunch with me new man friend and a lovely time at the mall as well.  Went by the eye doctor and had them check the prescription as well as bombard them with questions as to why it makes my vision weird.  They're blaming the lens. So whatevs they are only for my nighttime wear anyways. After long days I come home and throw the contacts in their cleaners and puts on my glasses. That's good enough for me, but they are so cute aren't they?

I hope you Dingleberries had an awesome day!  It was awesome here anyways, the weird vision being the only real bad part of the day. Tomorrow will be better when I throw those contacts in my head.  Whewt!


  1. Wow, those glasses are HELLA cute! Plus the new hair?! ROCK IT, woman!!

  2. Nice glasses, it's time I get some new ones without the scatches.

    All the talk here is about the earthquake that I didn't feel at all while I was in Walmart.


  3. Thanks both of you :) Yea we didn't feel any earthquake either, but random folks on tv said they did. I think they were just hitting the bottle a little early yesterday!

  4. How far are you from the coast and the hurricane?

    I'm about 30 miles from the ocean here in the Maryland mid-Atlantic. But you never know what those things are going to do until about the day before.

    One time a room mate and I evacuated Ocean City Maryland when I was living there. We drove 100 inland and stayed at some dumpy cheap Indian motel and the hurricane followed our evacuation route and we were in the cheap motel while the hurricane was passing right over us. LoL

    That's why it's hard to get some people to evacuate.



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