Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 228, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
Made it over the hump, not that tomorrow looks at all promising or anything. It's just one day closer to Friday I guess.  Luckily I stayed busy all day and I am really hopeful tomorrow is somehow the same. 

For all those waiting the wedding photos have been posted online.  Yays!  I unfortunately do not feel just right about going public with all the lovelies at said event, so I'm cropping and just showing you lil ole me. But keep in mind, her wedding may have been the prettiest one I've ever been to and it was really quite an honor to be a bridesmaid in her event. Epic!  Sadly, you won't see me doing it again, it was somewhat stressful and I was just a maid!  Sheesh!  So low and behold, my bridesmaid glory!
Skinny lil picture isn't it?  There were 3 of us maids, one madam of honor, a singer and of course the bride and flower girl.  It was, again, beautiful!  A wondermus occasion for wonderful people! 
ps. I lerve my heels even in their terrible uncomfy moments!

So I have a man friend in my life now, sadly I had to tell one of my guy friends today and well I haven't really heard back from him. I'm hopeful that he will text me tomorrow, he seemed grumpy even before I told him and well he's typically grumpy a lot of times anyways.  It saddens me a little because over the last few months we had really become good friends!  I've known him since I was 16 and always enjoyed his friendship. I guess my girl friend was right, it's not us women who have a hard time being "just friends" it's the mens who can't handle it.  Sadly she may be right, I only hope he knows I really consider him a best friend and would hate to lose that over what I thought he understood.
Yeap, life just happened today.  

And dearest dingleberries, I'm tired and need to make sure I'm caught up on reading whatever you all may have posted today. Goodnight!

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