Saturday, October 22, 2016

hello all

Well I've been awol again, of course.

Life is busy, as always. The twins are a blast, the three year old has gained a new name, threenado. Fun little thing i picked up online one day.

It's what we do though.

I'm on the laptop tonight, so this is something new. So much easier to type on this thing than that iphone.

I was on facebook or something earlier and saw a post by shannon doherty and made me remember that devil, cancer. I lost my dear blogging friend Tim last month because of cancer, next month marks the 4th year since Mama MB lost her battle with cancer.  There are some folks at work who are going through it, some of them again.

It's hard and it's terrible. but we all know that I guess,

I miss blogging, I miss reading whats going on in your worlds.

I hope all is well with you all and that I can catch up, somehow.

Until later,

Keep hanging in there.