Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 355, 365 days of 2011

Friday, December 30th, 2011


I guess!  I think my happiness comes because it's pretty miserable sitting all day, at my desk, with no smoke breaks.  I think that's what I hate the most about that whole quit smoking decision.  There really isn't anything else to kill time with at work.  Yea, figures.

But oh wells.  Managed to pick up some stuffs tonight and order the cake for Pokey's birfday party.  We got her a pinata, she seemed pretty happy about this.  I'm worried about some poor kids face, but hey, play at your own risk.    Sounds good right?

So tomorrow is New Years Eve. I need to pick up a few things to ring in the New Year. Maybe some funny hats or a couple of fire crackers or something.  Maybe, we will see. I kinda like the idea of going to bed before then, but I can only imagine Pokey won't have any part of agreeing with that. 

I need to take Rhino to the vet tomorrow.  UGH.  I have to try and find the phone number for that place.  I derno if I will get so lucky.

"This Devil Inside" movie looks fucking crazy.  Hells I'm scared just to go to bed now, thanks TV...

And yes this is like a random Tuesday or something isn't it.  The most random blog I've had in a minute.

I'm also wanting to  thinking about posting a series of posts to wrap up my year 2011.  Though unless I bust mucho arse tomorrow I won't get  it done before 2012 begins.  Yea, so not sure that even really matters.

Goodnight Dingleberries, more randomness to come tomorrow I'm sure of it.  In the event this is all you will be reading, Happy New Years!

Friday's Fabulous Photo

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 353 and 354, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Decided to quit smoking today... Well last night technically.  Stupid idea in case you didn't know!

Max decided to break his... dewclaw... stupid little extra claw that hangs out on his leg. I think those things must be like a damn gall bladder or something.  Serves no damn good purpose except to cause problems in the future.  I have no fargin idea how he managed to break this claw. 
Last thing I know (or see, rather) Pokey and Max are playing chase down the hall way and here comes the doggie screams.  Yea, sounded pretty damn painful and he's been a total girl about it.  No idea what to do with a broken dewclaw, from what I gather, ya get over it!  Thanks Google...

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Yea...So I still haven't smoked... It's day 2 and I blogged about it earlier (just click here).  As well as today is Monkey Butt Thursday. You Dingleberries need to get off my arse and check those blogs out.  Shut your mouth I will get to reading more blogs as soon as I'm done posting this one.  You guys already know what you posted, you've no idea where I could be going with this one (yea it's probably going NO WHERE) but that is beside the point.  Just keep reading and then I will do my reading and everyone will be happy.  Right? Right!

Updater's on Max... Yea, he's still limping around being a girl about his broken toe nail.  I've no idea what to do about it honestly and though he seems to act better at times, he totally flips his lid again if he hits it on something.  So now Max needs  a vet?  I've no idea, I'm going to ride it out for a few days and see what happens. Rhino, the guinea pig, also needs a vet.  His eye keeps gooping up.  Gawd I should have been a pet free home. shit shit shit!  So  checking Rhino today his eye is looking all craptastic again, I cleaned it up the best I could.  I gotta get myself together tomorrow and call the vet for him. He needs his claws trimmed also. There has to be a better way for that. I can't see me running to the vet every time he needs a trim.  Again, should have stayed a pet free house.  Lolz. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed this edition of A Day (or 2) in the Life of a Monkey Butt. 

Have a Happy Friday tomorrow Dingleberries, Cya laters.

Kicking the Habit... Day 2

more info here

I chose a tasty option A over option B today.  Though I'm not entirely sure what the difference is.  My link above explains a little more for option A.  For those who are lazy, what you're looking at here is the Nutrition Facts for an order of Cheese sticks at Captain D's.  One of my guilty pleasures I guess one might call it.  And of course option B is a photo of my typical brand of smokes..

So today I indulged with my guilty pleasure. As I'm enjoying said guilty pleasure, of course I begin to feel guilty.  For those who don't already know, I've stopped smoking (again).  I'm on day #2 and it's going.... OKAY.   Oh who am I kidding. I could snap  neck bones of innocent bystanders, tackle down the biggest football players and toss them out of the game.  I've so much stress and frustration I tend to catch myself wondering why the fuck am I even trying to quit smoking. As of this moment, this one right here, that I'm telling you about now, I'VE NO IDEA WHY I'VE STOPPED SMOKING.  I think perhaps I've caught myself at a moment of weakness at a peak of really wanting a cigarette and telling you Dingleberries all about it isn't helping me, not one bit. 

Back to what I was saying, I stopped in and bought one of my favorites for lunch today while  I was out.  Cheese Sticks and a coke from Captain D's.  I suddenly thought to myself, I haven't bought any smokes, can I not feel bad about this purchase with that being said?   I think my insanity has let me come to peace with this purchase and that it is OK that I spent the 3 bucks and bought this for lunch, because you know why, I haven't bought cigarettes, in like 2 days.  So boooyah!  I'm not going to let myself feel bad about that at all.

I do however feel kinda bad that those cheese sticks, of course I ate all 8 of them.  FYI, Cheese sticks and coca cola is a trigger food.  I don't think I've wanted a cigarette as bad as the moment I finished eating those cheese sticks in the last 2 days.  UGH!  Aparently those cheese sticks have like how many... 500 something calories and countless other things.  So honestly, I can't come up with any reason why cigarettes are any worse for you than anything else?!  Food for thought, ya think?

Note to self:: Don't indulge in to many of your favorites on this road to kicking the smoking habit.  You might end up like this....
How fitting a Monkey Butt huh?  (I know I know, that's not really a monkey)

Oh, sensory overload... Does that seem like a side effect from nicotine withdrawl?  I'm getting it from some where, every where it seems.  Heyalp!

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday Dingleberries,
This week I've got something of mine own to share for this weeks Monkey Butt.
My new purse.
Mr. Monkey Butt got me this for Xmas ( with my directions of course) but it's the most adorable Monkey purse, I'm thinking about adding my own tail onto it for shit and giggles.  What do you think?
Moma Monkey Butt also bought me a bandanna with Monkeys on it.  It's totally Me and she said since I'm totally a Monkey Butt this suited me.  She knows me too well.
I'm sure you all will see the bandanna sooner or later, I've no uploaded photos of it, so can't share today.
So enjoy your day and cya tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

365 days of 2011

Well Dear Dingleberries, I took yet another vacation from my blogging.  Seems kinda silly considering my year is almost up.  It's vague in my memory but I believe I started this project sometime around the 1st couple of weeks of January.  I can't believe it's already been that long, can you?
Well the holidays came and went didn't they?  I sit here now, without any smokes, thinking back on all the emotions and frustrations and stress of the holiday. Though I kept it down to a minimum it was still there. There was the OMG I'm never going to find Pokey that gift she wants to badly, I'm never going to have enough money to afford it all. My credit card debt is going to consume me. Of course then here comes Pokeys birfday on New Years.  Ugh.. It's a lot to take in at times and I wish, I WISH,  that I was the type of person to take it a little better, to prepare myself a little more, but each year, it never fails, I'm doing it all last minute. 
Oh wells, I'm sure you've heard enough about all that, already.

So here we go, let's get this week on in pictures, shall we?

Day 348
Friday, December 23rd, 2011
Ahhh Friday, the bosses went out of town and we got off a few hours early.  YESSS!  Of course my on call shift began when I got to work this morning at 8:30am.  But I asked for it.  How bad can it really be?

Day 349
Saturday, December 24th, 2011
Merry Ho Ho Eve.  Spent the day babysitting the nieces and later went to Mr Monkey Butts parents for the Christmas Eve party.  They open their gifts on Christmas Eve, it's tradition for them and it makes my life a lot easier, because I'm super busy on Christmas Day. I'd hate to actually have to add another place on my list for Christmas Day.  I think I'd just throw in the towel or something. 
Well unless I've grown a lot of white hair, you can tell this isn't me.  It also isn't Max!  This is Marty, Mr. Monkey Butt's parents doggie.  He seems like a pretty cool doggie, from what I know of him .  He's never done me any wrong anyway. Unlike a certain big doggie of theirs who thought it would be an awesome idea to snag my hat and undies and destroy the undies, messing up the hat, my favorite hat of course. I've forgiven him though. We're cool!  Merry Ho Ho Eve world!

Day 350
Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas (again) Dingleberries. 
It was a lovely day. I think Pokey was happy with Santa and us. As well as Nana and Popas and our family gathering.
Every year it seems the family gathering gets more and more like a cluster fuck of I have no idea what's going on!  It's so loud and so late and too many kids and OMG it's making my head hurt, again!  It went well though. I blogged, one of those past days about my Christmas this year, I won't do it again, so if you missed it and are interested at all, click here.  Enjoy!

Day 351
Monday, December 26th, 2011

There is always a part of me, yes it's a small part, that is so glad when Christmas is over. Ya know that feeling, to know the shopping is done.  The hustle and hassles. The headaches from loud shoppers and speakers in all the malls and stores. 
Well today, Pokey wanted to go out and spend her monies.  She wanted a new game and the likes. I sucked it up and prepared myself.
Got the Christmas tree down and OUT of the apartment before we left. Packed all the ornaments and lights away and lugged them down the stairs and into the trunk of my car for transport over to Grandmas house.  Floors vacuumed and tree tossed into dumpster.  Finally.
Went out shopping and got the grocery shopping (which Pokey hates) and came back home to finish relaxing, a little. It was a day off for all of us. It was....Nice!

Day 352
Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Started the moring with a late start, raining, phone ringing (yes I was still on call) Mr Monkey Butt coming through the front door.  Too much rain for them to work today.  Pokey still in bed, left her at home with Dad. More time with her new Wii and Christmas toys.  She didn't say she had fun today, but I hope that she did.  It's rare to get so many days off from daycare and being able to sleep in.  I hope she enjoys it when it happens.  They are out of school until after the New Year.  Steady trying to plan Pokeys birfday party as well as make New Year Resolutions.  I don't know why I am even thinking about something like that.
I don't make New Year Resolutions because I always FAIL at them, epically, and if I don't make any...  I won't feel bad when I fail.
Well atleast I know what kind of cake Pokey wants and I know what I'm getting her for her birfday this year.  So it should go okay.  We've invited friends from school this year.
Please don't let me regret that one.

Goodnight Dingleberries. I'm tired!

Music for a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries,

It's a Floyd kinda mood for me today.  Just burned my old copy of Dark Side of the Moon onto a CD and will be rawking Pink Floyd for the week.
It's been a while for me, I've always loved Pink Floyd and every time I hear it playing on the radio at work, I have to stop and listen, if only for a moment.
How I miss the simpler time of my lifetime.  Those times have passed and now this is what I have left. Not that I would ever complain about that, at least now I have a purpose, I know what I have to do and why I have to do it, unlike when I was young and it was just whatever, well sometimes.
So enjoy folks!!

ps... I think I'm going to attempt to share this posting until next Tuesday when I post a new one.... Nah!  Once is enough isn't it!?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Ho Ho's

Merry Christmas Dingleberries,
Let me start by saying I hope each and everyone of you had a wondermus Christmas and any other holiday you may have celebrated this weekend. 
We managed to finish the shopping on Friday. Thank Gawd! It wasn't quite as painful as I'd thought it was going to be, we also picked up some tasty Arbys on the way home. Nothing like a good waste  of money and some food that may just be bad for you. What fast food isn't bad for you, right?
I didn't get any where near my computer on Christmas Eve.  So sorrys.  I forgot my camera at Mr Monkey Butts Mom's house. Oops, plus she now holding it hostage until Mr. Monkey Butt returns the accidentally placed perfume in the trunk of the car.  She looked pretty happy to receive that perfume I told Mr Monkey Butt. 
We had a wondermus Christmas Eve anyways.  Pokey received her most anticipated gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  Pokey got her Wii.  It's the only thing she really  wanted this year.
Us as well as Monkey Butts Mom and Dad got her the games she wanted and everything else she didn't remember wanting. It was really awesome this year.
Funds were limited but it all came together nicely.  Everyone seemed happy today.
I think my happiness came from seeing Pokey smile as well as playing Just Dance 3 with her as well as Wipe Out.   (for the record, I SUCK at Just Dance 3 and well I'm not too bad at Wipe Out) Do you think I'd be able to try out for Wipe Out based on my ability to rawk some Wipe Out on the Wii? lolz, I'm kidding!
Times were awesome.  Christmas was a busy one, nothing new there!  We played some Mario and I baked a cake for the Punch Bowl cake.  Got up to early and spent time with the family before heading out into the world on Christmas Day. 
We had no white Christmas this year (thank Gawd)  but it did rain most of the morning!  Which sucked pretty much.  Gots on the way to Moms and forgot her gifts, raced back and forth and finally made it.  Food was awesome and had a blast.
The surprise came later.  Our thing usually goes like this, we draw names for the kids and adults on Thanksgiving and then we buy gifts for the people we've drawn.  This year the adults didn't draw names, we were just buying gifts for the kids.
The adults all threw the money they would have spent on gifts for each other into a card and Mom and Dad received the money as their Christmas present from all of us.  ::tears of joy:: As my readers know, my parents are cursed with an insane amount of medical bills for my Mom.  Her insurance company didn't cover the entire surgery for her aneurysm. Which sucked!  Plus she is fighting this cancer now and running back and forth to the doctor for treatments and check ups.  We are so lucky to have a family as awesome as ours.  We really can function as a whole sometimes and it just melts my heart that everyone was so willing to help them out in their time of need.
Again, Dingleberries, I hope you had a wondermus Christmas.  Ours was, as you can tell.  I can only hope we have many many more awesome Christmas' to come.
Goodnight, I've got tomorrow off and I want to sleep in, if Max will let me.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chemo...Round 2

So it's round two and Mom is in the winning circle.  They've just started the treatment and with only a minor vein collapse it has begun!
Of course I can't be there for this treatment either, which makes me sick to my stomach.  Why I can't be there for my Mom while she goes through all of this.  I know my Dad as well as Sister feels the same way at times. It's so close to Christmas and we're hoping and praying that she doesn't feel to terrible for the holiday.
She's still my number 1 person and the strongest person I've ever met.
 I'm so glad she's my Mom and such a strong person.
So Dingleberries, pray for my Mom.
From what I'm gathering, my Granny as well as one of my Aunts is there with her.   She told my aunt to jokingly tell us she is running around neked and feeling fine! So I think it's a good sign. She is at least up beat about it and taking it like the fighter that she is. 
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Everything is going fine so far and I will update again later to let you know how she is feeling.
Merry Ho Ho's people.

Thursday's Monkey 'butt'

Well hello there Dingleberries,
Last week on Wednesday was JIMSMASH!!'s national Monkey Day, whether there actually is a National Monkey Day, I could not tell you (I'm just that lazy).  But I missed this post due to the busy schedule I'm running with these days. 
So finally seeing it I begged permission to use this as well as what his readers added as their favorite Monkeys.  I actually borrowed one of his Monkeys for a previous Monkey Butt post, so he is twice  a saviour for me.
His blog actually tosses out a fun amount of stuff from action figures to Monkeys.  Check him out when you have time and all thanks to JIMSMASH!!  because before seeing his post, I was thinking about tossing in the towel on my Thursdays ritual because I was just running out of ideas.  Again, thanks to him I should be good for a bit and can muster up some more creativity while I using up his. 
Dingleberries, you RAWK.  Cya next week!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 347, 365 Days of 2011

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011
Oh my I didn't think I would make it through the day today. It was kinda slow and about 3 or 4 o'clock I just passed out at my desk.  Yea, that wasn't awful or anything.  The phone would ring and I was constantly worried about the boss man walking into my office and catch me. I should have known better though because he was asleep at the front desk.  The norm around there I guess. He doesn't quite sleep enough so I can totally understand that I guess.
The new pup, Max, needs to get an effn job he just lays around and eats and stuff.  lolz. I'm kidding he's OK!  He's a good pup, found out this morning he doesn't like the whole water on the stairs thing. Yea he didn't want to run down the wet stairs his morning.  He's so silly.
Tomorrow is Thursday, it's pay day for me and then working for Friday until Monday.  Yippy! I'm hoping to finish up all of the Christmas shopping tomorrow and pick up Pokeys birthday present.  She wants some of those shoes, I think they are sketchers and there is something on the toe that makes you spin. She will probably break a neck bone and the money spent in the ER will just be awful, but here's to hoping it doesn't work like that at all!
Happy Wednesday to you Dingleberries, I hope it was nice for you all. There was no sunshine today and it rained on and off all day. Terrible!

Dear Dingleberries,

As you all very well know, I've been running a busy schedule with my blogger. I've so many different projects going on and this isn't to say I plan to give up on any of them.
I would however like to try a new approach perhaps.  This one I'm starting with is my Thursdays Monkey Butt postings.
What I'm reaching out for is anything you'd like to contribute.  Whether it be a picture of a monkey, something that made you giggle perhaps.  A story of a monkey experience you've may have had. I know it's unusual for us to really interact with a Monkey, especially ones butt.  But perhaps you were at a zoo and saw a Monkey do something funny.
I'm open to anything as well as any suggestions.  I think this might be fun and perhaps get the blogger community (yes I mean you Dingleberries) involved a little with my Monkey Butt.  Plus its a good reason for me to give shout outs to you wondemus folks!
So go on, rack your brain, sift through old photos, google until your hearts content and send me what you gots.   
Oh come on, it won't be that bad.  Don't want to upset the Monkey Butt, she flings poo you know?
Shoot me an email,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

365 days of 2011

As you have probably noticed I've been MIA for a few days. I sit and wonder at times how this can even be possible, with no warning or anything, Im just GONE.  It's frustrating to me because I've had blogger friends do the same thing to me and I wonder, WTF happened to that one?  Oh wells, here I am now and it's CATCH UP TIMES.  You know those are your favorite.  I did manage to blog in my free time today at work. But shhh you didn't hear that from me, so lets see, where do I begin....

Day 343
Saturday, December 17th, 2011
Sooo, aparently this was one of the only photos I managed to snap this day.  But isn't Pokey adorable?! 
So we had a few things on the agenda today, was posta attend a party in the land of far far away but due to lack of time and Mr. Monkey Butts work schedule, we were unable to make that one.  Very sad.  We did manage to get out and have some girl time, we did some shopping. Found adorable gifts for the Birfdays girls, yes I say girls, there were 2 parties on the agenda, but will tell you about the 2nd one tomorrow!
So we did the shopping and I saw these sweaters, you all remember me blogging about wanting holiday sweaters and I found these.  Pretty cute, but considering my wallet and the lack of funds in it, I didn't buy the sweater. I want it though.  You know it will make for awesome holiday photos and it would be my first humiliating holiday sweater.  LMAO!
Got a few more gifts for the family members and ran home for lunch, walked Max and just spent the day with Pokey.
Mr. Monkey Butts Christmas party on the agenda for the night, should be interesting to say the least and we found a sitter for Pokey, thankfully. We've been talking about a night out for a week or so, maybe this will do that some good.
To sum it up, it was OK.  We won the trivia thing, well our team did. Got gift cards and I had the longest socks on so I won this "funny family photos" calender for 2012.  Will show a picture tomorrow, like really tomorrow.  I'd say it was a nice night out and plenty on the agenda for Sunday, but you will see that in just a few. 
Moving on....

Day 344
Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Happy Sunday Dingleberries and yes I know I'm interchanging the Christmas colors, don't be hating. I'm just a jolly  ole Monkey Butt, or something like that, shut up!
So awesome night at the Christmas party and today we are off to take the doggie carrier back to the lovely lady who has blessed us with Max who as you may have read already may be a nice lil blessing to our little family.  Which is bigger now. YAYs!
Picked up Pokey from Nana's house, she had a good time at church with Nana, Popa and her cousin. They, though the skirts were way short for my bloood, looked cute and said they had  a lot of fun. She is back and forth with whether she will show her face at church again! 
We shall see...
Girlie birfday party to wrap up the afternoon and that was a lot of fun, lawdy that girl has a very very very very large family, but it's always an AWESOME time! 
Wrapping up the day with meeting Grandma and Grandpa at the mall, only for a moment and went inside to grab Nana's Christmas present, which I hope she likes ::fingers crossed:: Also found a good deal on a new jacket for Pokey at JCPenney.  Very cute find, that's for sure.   I'm just glad she's back in a jacket and a new one at that. No more last years jacket, well, not until next year! 
It's Sunday again, that sucks!  The weekend, though it did drag out a little with everything going on, the weekends just aren't ever long enough.  Are they?

Day 345
Monday, December 19th, 2011

Monday already?  That's no fair at all.  Makes me sad.  It went as well as any other Monday.  Slow one though, very slow.  It's the week of a holiday though, we tend to slow down around holidays.  Just doesn't make sense to me.
Hit up the Walmart and picked up a few gifts that I've been expecting for Pokey.  Her dolly came and I was so excited about that. It's something she wanted so badly and we have not been able to find one.  The whole reason I started shopping online for her gifts.  It's all coming together, for that I am glad.  Check out my Merry Ho Ho's post for more. 
Max took a pee on the comforter tonight... UGH!

Day 346
Tuesday, December 20th 2011

Look at me, I'm caught up. YESSSSS!!!!  excuse me while I ::happy dance:: around the living room!
I'm sorry for my slack ass these past few days readers. I'm blaming the massive headache I had yesterday, last night and this morning.  The Aleve is my new best friend because it lasts longer, no anxiety attacks when I take it either.  So it works out!
Today was slower than yesterday, can you believe that shit?  It was shocking to me.  GAWD.  It did give me time to blog my randomness today though as well as post my Music for a Tuesday.  Ya know you wanna check that out, if you haven't already. 
I'm feeling like such a shit that I didn't send out more Christmas cards, I received 2 today and I think I neglected to send them one, but they're all written up and in my bag ready for the mail. I hope they make it in time.
I've blogged Christmas in another post today, so I will leave that alone and well being as it's 11oo and I need some extra sleep, the comforter won't be ready until tomorrow, shit!  Damn Max costs me 20 bucks with that little pee on the comforter. 
Note to self and anyone who cares: Don't purchase or accept as a gift a comforter, bigger than a queen that is dry clean only.  Just don't! 

Goodnight Dingleberries, cya tomorrow!

Having a Merry Ho Ho time,

So I'm staying true to my holly jolly Christmas feely good feelings. I'm not letting anything get me down, well not much.  Let's not blog about any and all mishaps right now, this is posta be a good one!

So the shopping is going OK I'd like to say.  All in all I'd say I'm pretty close to being done, save the stocking stuffing as well as Mr Monkey Butt, Maximus (the new pup) and Rhino (the guinea pig).  Maximus just so happens to be a pleasant addition to our small family, we're a family of 5 now. Can you believe that?   Guess we can't call ourselves a small family anymore?!

But I've managed to tackle all obstacles and obtain everything from Pokeys list this year!  She had a very last minute list, for some reason and randomly picked things from Toys R Us website, which I do not shop at all, ever!  For some reason shopping at Toys R Us stresses me INSTANTLY and I just want to die each and every time I walk into that place.  So random or not, we've got everything. She asked Santa for a Wii this year, but Grandma is getting her that. Santa is now bringing her a lap top and a few items that were NOT on her list this year. That's right, Monkey Butt managed to keep her sanity and remember the small items that Pokey didn't remember to include on her list. Though Pokey isn't getting an Eff ton of things this year (she wouldn't play with them anyway), she is getting pretty much anything important that I can remember her saying she wanted.

With that I am satisfied.  Christmas could come tomorrow and I would be OK with that. Let's not spoil the other things I've picked up for other folks, don't want them getting nosy. Can't wait to share it all after the holidays! 

Good day Dingleberries, Have a pleasant one! Merry Ho Ho's!

Music for a Tuesday

Most recently I have fallen for a certain Bruno Mars.  He makes lovely music from what I've heard so far, The Lazy Song isn't one of my favorites for some reason, but because of Twilight I simply love this song. I also enjoy Grenade as well. Take a moment and listen, give the  other two a shot as well, if you like.  The Lazy Song plays on the radio stations here, so perhaps you've heard them before.  My followers know how much I lerve some Twilight and their soundtrack choices in my opinion are simply fabulous.  Have a great day Dinglberries and please ENJOY!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 342, 365 days of 2011

Friday, December 16th, 2011
Gawd am I glad it's Friday!  I probably say that every week!  Did you see my Fabulous Friday?  Yea, that's exactly what I needed all day today. I guess the last couple of weeks I must have missed some extra sleep or something, I'm just ::yawn::.

Today wasn't Horrid.  It was slow and boring and as I said, I just wanted to hit the bed, but it wasn't bad!  The bosses were off my arse today and out of the office, thanks Gawd! 

I met my saviour today, well blogging saviour that is.  I'd thought to myself yesterday that I would possibly give up on my Thursday Monkey Butt posts, well lucky me, he posted a Monkey and managed to take ideas from his followers, AWESOME!  He's OKayed me to weed through and get some ideas, I love blogging! I know you all just love seeing my Monkey Butts every week, wouldn't want to take that away from you.

Well I'm tired as shit and just need to go to bed.  I smoked my last cig a little bit ago and well I'm in the stages of telling myself I want to quit!  I want to quit! I want to quit. Pokey has been on my arse about quitting smoking and well I'm on her case about giving up the thumb, so maybe we can do this together!  Maybe?

Goodnight Dingleberries, Cya tomorrow!

Friday's Fabulous Photo

photo taken here

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 340 & 341, 365 Days of 2011

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Late night... Got everything done though. yessss!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011
I wish I could say the last 2 days have been wonderful, but I'd be LYING!  The bosses are really just being total asshats this week. It's making me nuts and the holiday can't get here fast enough because I need a day away from them. 
Well we got Max last night, he was a bit shy and I thought for sure he would tear my hand off as I was attempting to leash him up to go for a walk.  He has warmed up nicely though and loved the walk last night. He was loving Pokey and myself this morning and decided he loved Mr. Monkey Butt today when he got home from work.
And I haven't told you the best part yet... He's 8 months old, rescued from an abusive home and is HOUSE BROKEN and honestly quite smart!  It's great!
But I'm tired and I've one more day of Hell to suffer through.  UGH!
So with that, enjoy the Thursday Monkey post I posted earlier, don't forget tomorrow's Fabulous Photo and have an awesome Friday Dingleberries!

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday Dingleberries,

This week lets see what we have, ahhhh yes...
This jacket is effn awesome!  It's leather and totally has an awesome sock monkey on the back of it.
I'm pretty sure this is the kinda jacket a Monkey Butt like me should be rawking. I could wear the leather off this thing.
She has all kinda neat shiz, check it out and have an awesome Friday :))

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 339, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
It's Tuesday which means tomorrow is Wednesday and we are picking up an adorable lil pup for our adorable lil family tomorrow. 

Is it wrong of me to be dreading it?  Like really?!!  I don't like the ideas of picking up poop from the carpet or scrubbing at dog pee!  It's awful.  It's one of the MAIN reason I didn't want a dog to begin with. I have a 7 year old and though I know we tell her she will have to feed it and clean up after it, she WON'T and I will have to. 

UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!  It's going to suck and you all are going to hear all about it.  Excited yet?

Oh well, moving on.  Did I tell you I got my  first round of Xmas cards in the mail?  No one is really signing up for cards or anything, that's OK. I know I moved recently but usually my family sends me Xmas cards. I have received a few from awesome people and my awesome post card.  I send the Grandmother a Christmas Card, did I mention she hates me?  I think it do it just to piss her off or something, I also include a picture of my child which last time I remember her being around her she didn't like her either!  Evil witch woman. But whatever, I feel sorry for her sometimes.... A little!

It's a great December!

Yea, I forgot what else I was going to say.  Imagine that. I am working on my New Years Resolutions as well and perhaps a recap on my year 2011.  Should be fun to take a trip in memory lane.

Oh I remember (LOL)  I shopped online again. Found the rest of Pokeys Xmas list and ordered it.  It should be here by Xmas.  I feel a little better and slightly less stressed over it! Problem solved, life doesn't suck as much as I thought it did and there are only a few other gifts I have to actually go into a store for. UGH! 

Wish me luck, I hope to have to done by Christmas!  ::fingers crossed::

Music for a Tuesday

It makes me giggle and Im diggin those shoes.  Rawk on Hampsters! I love you guys!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 338, 365 Days of 2011

Monday, December 12th, 2011
Happy Monday Dingleberries, it wasn't much of a day to brag about or even talk much about.  Slow day in the land of Monkey Butt today. The bosses would not go away today so I wasn't able to play online and keep myself occupied, figures!  Finally gave up and went in search of the doll I've got on my list for Pokey's Xmas.  Went into moment of panic as the net is telling me that they are sold out and they don't even sell it at my store!!   Mr. Monkey Butt picked up on my panic and went in search for it, 6 stores and 1 mall later and all he was able to find was 1 of the 2 gifts I'm in panic about.  lolz.  Lalaloopsy and Lalaloopsy Soft Dolls are apparently a hot item this year! 

So I came home and was filled with fun stuff at home, the laundry, Pokey lost her first front tooth tonight, thanks to Mr. Monkey Butt, Pokey wasn't too happy with him flicking it and making it come out, lolz.  Some tears and hiding in her bed later she calmed down and joined the world!

Awes, the toof fairy comes tonight, and she's cash less, DAMN!

Lovely day all in all though.  Round 1 of my Christmas cards are in my bag and ready to be sent tomorrow, don't forget to sign up for a Christmas Card people, I still have a few left!
Email me your address

Have an awesome day and Tuesday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Days 336 & 337, 365 days of 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
Lovely day today and it was Mr. Monkey Butts birfday!  I bought him a Korn CD, the new one that I forget the name  of already, something about totality or something along those lines! 
It was a nice day out, pretty much, a little chilly, nothing to major though.
We're in the market for those really awful, preferably 3 dimensional sweaters like you see on television.  hahahah. We are thinking it will be effn awesome to rawk those for the holidays this year. You know the ones.
Yea, I've no idea who these men are, and of course I wasn't the lucky one to take this photo. But those are some awful sweaters aren't they. They make me giggle. 
So yea, we want to rawk something like that. How cool would that be?  Photos would be priceless wouldn't they?!!!

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Sunday?  Already!  That's no fair, no fair at all!  Back to work tomorrow and the days are slowly making their way to Xmas. I'm still unprepared and have yet to buy anything for anyone so far.  I'm hoping a little I will get the chance this weekend ::fingers crossed:: on that one!
Today was pretty much laid back.  We didn't do much of anything, ran out to Kroger and Racetrac, fun stuff there!
We  painted our Xmas trees we made, they're pretty cute, I do have to find a hot glue gun though.  Where did I put that thing?!!

Look how green they are and Pokey was so excited to decorate them until we noticed the Elmer's Glue just won't hold up to the spray paint :/  Dang!
Oh wells, got all the laundry done, apartment cleaned and Mr. Monkey Butt made  a tasty dinner!  Awesome day, just too bad we have to go back to work tomorrow!
Have an awesome Monday tomorrow Dingleberries. 
I'm rawking my new coat tomorrow, I think, pending the rain of course!  Check it!
It has those awesome patches on the elbows. 

I love this coat and it's a woman's, awesome find at goodwill :)

Awesome isn't it?!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 335, 365 days of 2011

Friday, December 9th, 2011
I just realized today (or yesterday) I've been with my current job for 7 YEARS!  Holy shit batman. I don't remember saying this last year, I probably forgot all about it honestly.  But yes, I've been there for 7 yrs today (or yesterday). I keep saying that only because it's all a blur really.  So many years, so much wasted energy and frustration.  I started out as a dispatcher working under a lady who quite frankly got on my damned nerves. She wasn't there very long after I started (no it wasn't my fault).  I guess she just took all she could and I can relate.  There are times when I'd like to throw the filing cabinets over and walk out the door only to never look back.  But I don't I suck it up and carry on with my day, finding some light at the end of the tunnel somehow. Whether it be taking that minute to go out back and poison my lungs with a Marlboro or just taking deep breaths and picturing their dead bodies or something. LOL.  That's evil sounding I guess.
Now I'm still a dispatcher, but there is no one under me. We had a few dispatchers come through after my 'promotion', which just means I moved from one chair, the one with my back to the door to another one where my back is not so much facing the door.  Not sure what if any difference that really makes.  Now with it being just me, as it has been for years now, I handle the dispatching as well as everything else in the office, well for towing anyways. I pay the employees, I pay the bills, I foreclose on all the cars, I take all the calls and get cussed at (at times) People tend to shut their mouths when you tell them you will charge them per curse word!  Bwhahaha.  So yea, I do everything and deal with everything.  But it's work.  There are a lot of unfortunate people out there who aren't so lucky,, or they're just LAZY and would rather milk the system because someone lets them.  That's right, I'm not blaming just the LAZY people I'm blaming the ones who keep paying the lazy people!  
But enough of all of that work stuff babbling.  Sitting here watching Zombieland, oh how I love this movie.  So with all of that I leave you. It's Friday night, I need sleep and tomorrow is Mr. Monkey Butts birfday. I can't tell you what I got him, but I will tomorrow.  Goodnight readers, have an awesome tomorrow!

Tis the season,

To be Jolly, fah la la la.

It's actually the season where I look around the picture necks being choked by my hands.  Big necks, small necks, tall necks, short necks, necks of all colors. 
There are times I just feel like a grinch, or a scrooge. (two of my favorite holiday movies I might add) It's not that I don't enjoy or love the holidays. It's just I hate shopping. I hate knowing I have to get out there and fight the crowds and hope and wish they still have what is on my list.
  Shopping has always been something not only am I terrible at but it's just unsatisfying and frustrating. In all shapes and forms. I hate trying on clothes, I love shoe shopping, trying to find the perfect gifts for people makes me nuts. I'm bad at that also!
I can picture it in my head, the feel good feeling of finding the perfect gift  for the someone.  But I've always failed, in EPIC PROPORTIONS.  It saddens me at times. Meh, not so much!  No one has ever called me out on my terribleness, so maybe they aren't aware yet!

That aside though I love the season. I know when it's cold as shiz that means it's here. Either it's coming or has already passed. Either way, it's nice. 
Times to think about sitting on the couch with cocoa or coffee and watching Christmas movies. I enjoy most of them.  I don't know why really, perhaps it's just a tradition for us to be excited for Christmas?  Our parents and families push it in our lives at such an early age that deep down we shiver with excitement as the days pass by. As the count down begins on the television, 25 days of Christmas.
 I've always had the holiday spirit and ya know, no matter how broke I am or how shitty life may seem.
A nice "jingle bells" will throw it all away and make things (if only for  a moment) better!.
I'm expecting nothing for Christmas this year, just the way I like it. Just means I've no one to shop for other than the kids.  They're easier some how, because they are young and will love anything for 5 seconds before the toss it down and grab something else to play with.  Just the way it goes every year, I'm use to it.
But this year with everything that went on, moving, life, mom, everything. It all weighed down on my spirits and wallet at first, but from the minute that Christmas tree was picked and tied to my car and placed in my living room. I've loved it. Every minute of it.
I'm still broke and honestly may be in the worst kind of debt when this is all said and done, but that doesn't matter. It's time to spend with family and friends and money will be there afterwards to catch it all up.
So people, have a safe and happy holiday season and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


(photo taken here)

Friday's Fabulous Photo

A little excessive, but kinda pretty

photo taken here

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 334, 365 Days of 2011

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
Another fabulous day in the life of a Monkey Butt today! 

Did you catch this weeks Monkey Butt post?  Awe you know you wanna, it's kinda funny, just sayin!

Anyways, lets see what else there may be to report for today, Mr. Monkey Butts birfday is coming up Saturday and I must run out to find him the "perfect" gift tomorrow.  I'm a terrible gift buyer, but I will tell more about that in a post to come... tomorrow? (I hope) Maybe he won't hate it though.  That wouldn't be any fun!

So all that being said, I will keep this short, but I did receive my first post card from the post card campaign today. So exciting.  It's so adorable and hand made and I just love it.  She's right, it's nice to receive some mail at times that isn't a bill. 

It's so cute isn't it.  Sent by the oh so lovely, Jewels, check her out!  For more info on the great post card campaign, just clickit.

Have an awesome tomorrow, cya then!  Goodnight!

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Quite literally right? 
I'm shocked to stumbled upon this.  I didn't expect it. That's only because as I was looking through I was telling myself to log into facebook and download the one my dearest friend had tagged me in the other day! No kidding, it was the same photo only someone had added "I love you" in red letters.  It was so cute and when she tagged me in it, all I could think was Hey Monkey Butt!
It's been a minute since I posted an actual Monkey Butt.  There you have it Dingleberries.
Enjoy and cya next week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 332 & 333, 365 Days of 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Holy shit it was the coldest day it's been so far this season. Perhaps that is because I was totally unprepared for said coldness. I left the house this morning; it wasn't too unbearable but as the day went on and the rain came down for the majority of the day, with no sunshine and only darkness and rain it got colder...and colder.... and colder. That bastard weather man is saying its going to be down in the 20's tonight.  WHYYYYY?  It's crap and I'm sure tomorrow should be just as bad.  Ugh! 
          (But who really wants to hear more about weather? Yea I didn't think so either)

OoOoOoOo I have to share this, I went to the bank today and the teller had the most adorable Christmas Tree thing she had made in crafts class at church or something and I couldn't wait to get home and make one as well.  Craft time for Pokey and I. Yessss!  Ya know, it may have been yesterday that I'd seen it and today that I began it.  Either way, I'm going to share the pics. 

Look how cute they are
Pokey made the cute one! They're made  from magazines! What an awesome way to recycle a magazine huh?  These are pre-paint and decorations, but I'm excited for that stuff tomorrow.  Oh hold your horses there will be pictures of the final product because OMG they are just so cute! 

Well Dingleberries, I hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.  I put a bug in the ear of the boss man today telling him he needs to take a vacation for the holiday, Yes, I need more money. But who doesn't!  :)  Have an awesome Thursday tomorrow and enjoy tomorrows Monkey Butt. Goodnight :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Music for a Tuesday

Well hello again Tuesday!  I thought about this post on Monday (Yay that means I didn't forget) and well after thinking I'd figure I would share one of my all time favorite guys. 
No I'm not getting married or even engaged at this point, buuuut I think this would be one awesome song for wedding music wouldn't it?
No?!  Well eff off then!  Who doesn't love Billy Idol?  He's hawt and blond and just awesome! 
So there ya go.  Jam out.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 331, 365 Days of 2011

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Happy Monday Dingleberries?  I sure hope it was Happy, but then again, how rare it is to have a "Happy Monday". I rather enjoyed today because I was busy.  Those days seem rare here lately and I tend to cherish them when they come along.  We all know I can't stand being bored! 

That being said, I've realized I need more money (but who doesn't right?) so  I went online and applied for a few jobs online. The bigger places of course.  Ya know I can't get out much at work and put in applications so I'm starting with online stuffs and keeping my fingers crossed. Of course it isn't something permanent. I enjoy my nights with Mr. Monkey Butt and Pokey. Helping her with her homeworks and sleeping.   I LOVE sleeping!  It's something I just have to do though (getting the job). I'm back with my thoughts of wanting to join the police force but am still torn as to how to get the muscle I need to pass their physical tests and stuff.  I hate that part!    Shall see where it goes though. Regardless it will help me, (if I find a 2nd job ) with my credit card debt.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, I need the luck these days. 

Xmas is going to drain the life out of me this year, I'm having a hard time holding on to the holiday cheer, I tend to find my heart shrinking a few sizes and my skin turning green at times.  I love the season though, I love the lights and the colors.  Driving around and seeing the houses all lit up, pointing and laughing as everyone tries to kill themselves and others around them trying to get the last  super hero action figure.  It's an awesome time, plus we tend to have a lot of family time this time of year.  I hate cold weather and the fall/winter allergies, but I enjoy it's full of family time and awesome times!  We made Pokey's Xmas list the final draft tonight.  I emailed it out to Mama Monkey Butt and Auntie Sissy and we had a nice chat with Pokey tonight in hopes of explaining that Santa can't bring everything on her list.  "There are  a lot of boys and girls in the world and Santa can't bring everything" So Mommy has to help him out and bring the other stuffs, but Mommy  doesn't have much money this year. So we have resolved, there will be no Chihuahua until we have either A)Moved into a more permanent of a home or B) Take the time and go shopping for a Chihuahua when we have more money. "I think it will be more fun to go shopping together for the doggie". She's such a big girl and totally understood everything. It was....AWESOME!

So everyone there ya have my Monday, very talkative one at that I guess and forgive my long winded-ness tonight!  I hope you enjoyed it though.

Mr. Monkey Butt is watching something tonight and it's got Ryan Dunn as a guest, it's sad he passed away like he did, I enjoyed seeing him on any show! 

And I love the Kia hamsters!  lolz.  Goodnight

Cancer update....

Well I'm posting this with thoughts of coming up with a better title for this series. I'm not feeling it at all for some reason.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Then what do I do? Do I actually go in and change them all to the new name?  So frustrating. If I were more patient of a Monkey I wouldn't find myself in these predicaments, would I?

Anyways,  as you all knows, I posted last week or something with Momma Monkey Butts goings ons and how well it was going, even shared her new wig with you.  You berries are right, she's rawking that wig isn't she! 

It blows my mind the way she has handled this so far. No real sickness from treatment No. 1 and she seems to be feeling fine. She's ecstatic that the size of the tumor in her breast has gone down a quarter of it's size in only one treatment.  It's amazing!  Her Dr is also very confident in what they're doing. For that we are glad! 

The goals as of right now, is to take it down, kill it off, whatever its called and then wait and see.  Because the cancer is all the same, the Dr's say that it's in her blood and I guess that means there is no real sense in surgery. So we kill it down and then wait to see if it comes back.  If/when it comes back they retreat again. 

Thanks everyone for the love, thoughts and prayers.  You make us strong with it and you help me through my hard times by being such wondermus Dingleberries.  I will update again when there is something else to update. Have an awesome week!