Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 355, 365 days of 2011

Friday, December 30th, 2011


I guess!  I think my happiness comes because it's pretty miserable sitting all day, at my desk, with no smoke breaks.  I think that's what I hate the most about that whole quit smoking decision.  There really isn't anything else to kill time with at work.  Yea, figures.

But oh wells.  Managed to pick up some stuffs tonight and order the cake for Pokey's birfday party.  We got her a pinata, she seemed pretty happy about this.  I'm worried about some poor kids face, but hey, play at your own risk.    Sounds good right?

So tomorrow is New Years Eve. I need to pick up a few things to ring in the New Year. Maybe some funny hats or a couple of fire crackers or something.  Maybe, we will see. I kinda like the idea of going to bed before then, but I can only imagine Pokey won't have any part of agreeing with that. 

I need to take Rhino to the vet tomorrow.  UGH.  I have to try and find the phone number for that place.  I derno if I will get so lucky.

"This Devil Inside" movie looks fucking crazy.  Hells I'm scared just to go to bed now, thanks TV...

And yes this is like a random Tuesday or something isn't it.  The most random blog I've had in a minute.

I'm also wanting to  thinking about posting a series of posts to wrap up my year 2011.  Though unless I bust mucho arse tomorrow I won't get  it done before 2012 begins.  Yea, so not sure that even really matters.

Goodnight Dingleberries, more randomness to come tomorrow I'm sure of it.  In the event this is all you will be reading, Happy New Years!


  1. You are right, that movie looks like they need to hand out diapers at the door of the movie theater LoL

    I was reading about "Rhino" and for a minute thought you changed Max's name until I read the couple of previous posts.

    I thought I was over that cold, that damn crud came back to me by way of sinus infection. I was on my third day of a cluster headache and spent all last night kickin' the crap out of that shit.

    I hardly got out of bed the last couple of days, so I'm now just catching up with news and blogs.

    Geesh, it's 64 degrees outside today, may hit 70! I guess I owe it to Woody to get outside and throw the ball for him while it's so nice. This weather won't last all winter.

    Have a great New Years! Peace and Happiness to ya'll!

  2. Only 10 posts more, I'm so proud of you for not giving up on this challenge.

    Hope you had a nice time last night and wish you and your family all the best in 2012.


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