Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 339, 365 days of 2011

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
It's Tuesday which means tomorrow is Wednesday and we are picking up an adorable lil pup for our adorable lil family tomorrow. 

Is it wrong of me to be dreading it?  Like really?!!  I don't like the ideas of picking up poop from the carpet or scrubbing at dog pee!  It's awful.  It's one of the MAIN reason I didn't want a dog to begin with. I have a 7 year old and though I know we tell her she will have to feed it and clean up after it, she WON'T and I will have to. 

UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!  It's going to suck and you all are going to hear all about it.  Excited yet?

Oh well, moving on.  Did I tell you I got my  first round of Xmas cards in the mail?  No one is really signing up for cards or anything, that's OK. I know I moved recently but usually my family sends me Xmas cards. I have received a few from awesome people and my awesome post card.  I send the Grandmother a Christmas Card, did I mention she hates me?  I think it do it just to piss her off or something, I also include a picture of my child which last time I remember her being around her she didn't like her either!  Evil witch woman. But whatever, I feel sorry for her sometimes.... A little!

It's a great December!

Yea, I forgot what else I was going to say.  Imagine that. I am working on my New Years Resolutions as well and perhaps a recap on my year 2011.  Should be fun to take a trip in memory lane.

Oh I remember (LOL)  I shopped online again. Found the rest of Pokeys Xmas list and ordered it.  It should be here by Xmas.  I feel a little better and slightly less stressed over it! Problem solved, life doesn't suck as much as I thought it did and there are only a few other gifts I have to actually go into a store for. UGH! 

Wish me luck, I hope to have to done by Christmas!  ::fingers crossed::


  1. i love you, loco baby. puppy poo poo, eeeeewwww, it's so fun, think positive. i feel for you, but at least it's not a six week old one.evil grandmother, now, now, now, be nice, she's just not quite as southern and nice as you are dear, that's all

  2. Well, at least you picked a dog that can't drop giant logs on the floor.

    It takes time but when you see them about to drop one, immediately pick it up and take it outside.

    When you first get it just make sure to take it outside as frequently as you can and get it used to going outside. Kitty litter pan might even work for that LiL one.

    I'm ADHD so reading instructions are difficult for me, but you like to read, get yourself a book on early stage dog training.

    When I was young and had animals I was supposed to be taking care of, of course my father used to pick up my slack then I always wondered why they liked him more than me.

    Well, Dad's the one that fed them and took more care of them than I did, so they naturally followed him around. They loved me too, he was the master for sure.

    Now that I'm a big boy/old man, it's quite nice to enjoy all that unconditional love. : )

  3. haha we're alike...those were my exact reasons to Victor why I didn't want a puppy! I do not want to job of potty training the damn thing!!! :) love you sis!


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