Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kicking the Habit... Day 2

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I chose a tasty option A over option B today.  Though I'm not entirely sure what the difference is.  My link above explains a little more for option A.  For those who are lazy, what you're looking at here is the Nutrition Facts for an order of Cheese sticks at Captain D's.  One of my guilty pleasures I guess one might call it.  And of course option B is a photo of my typical brand of smokes..

So today I indulged with my guilty pleasure. As I'm enjoying said guilty pleasure, of course I begin to feel guilty.  For those who don't already know, I've stopped smoking (again).  I'm on day #2 and it's going.... OKAY.   Oh who am I kidding. I could snap  neck bones of innocent bystanders, tackle down the biggest football players and toss them out of the game.  I've so much stress and frustration I tend to catch myself wondering why the fuck am I even trying to quit smoking. As of this moment, this one right here, that I'm telling you about now, I'VE NO IDEA WHY I'VE STOPPED SMOKING.  I think perhaps I've caught myself at a moment of weakness at a peak of really wanting a cigarette and telling you Dingleberries all about it isn't helping me, not one bit. 

Back to what I was saying, I stopped in and bought one of my favorites for lunch today while  I was out.  Cheese Sticks and a coke from Captain D's.  I suddenly thought to myself, I haven't bought any smokes, can I not feel bad about this purchase with that being said?   I think my insanity has let me come to peace with this purchase and that it is OK that I spent the 3 bucks and bought this for lunch, because you know why, I haven't bought cigarettes, in like 2 days.  So boooyah!  I'm not going to let myself feel bad about that at all.

I do however feel kinda bad that those cheese sticks, of course I ate all 8 of them.  FYI, Cheese sticks and coca cola is a trigger food.  I don't think I've wanted a cigarette as bad as the moment I finished eating those cheese sticks in the last 2 days.  UGH!  Aparently those cheese sticks have like how many... 500 something calories and countless other things.  So honestly, I can't come up with any reason why cigarettes are any worse for you than anything else?!  Food for thought, ya think?

Note to self:: Don't indulge in to many of your favorites on this road to kicking the smoking habit.  You might end up like this....
How fitting a Monkey Butt huh?  (I know I know, that's not really a monkey)

Oh, sensory overload... Does that seem like a side effect from nicotine withdrawl?  I'm getting it from some where, every where it seems.  Heyalp!


  1. I quit, like, five times throughout my 20s. I've been smoke-free for ten years now save for those few times after work at the bar when I was incredibly drunk and thought I'd just 'have one' for old times' sake. Fortunately, my body no longer craved them, and when the booze wore off, so did my wanting to smoke.

    Break a leg with keeping off the smokes!

  2. Thanks Bea, I've quit a couple of times in the last few years. Only about a week of quit at a time before a night of drinks would put me right back off the wagon. Very annoying, but I've always liked smoking. I'm trying my best. Like I said Im on day 2 and going to try try try. I've stopped drinking already so that shouldn't influence me this time.. I hope.. :) Thanks again!


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