Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 327, 365 days of 2011

Thursday,  December 1st, 2011

Well hello again Dingleberries
Did ya check out this weeks Monkey Butt?  Well you should, it made this Monkey Butt giggle, maybe it could do the same for you.
OMG you guys that aren't a friend to me on Facebook don't know this year, buuuut, got a call today from the County Police Dept.  Here's the voice mail they left me, "Hi Doria, this is CPL blah blah and I've found something of yours, please call ###-###-####. "  I know instantly what this is, remember, I lost my wallet a few weeks back?
Finally speak with her after going around the world and talking to few different people, she calls me.
She proceeds to tell me who she is, again, and the only thing I could say was, "You found my wallet?" 
A Mexican fella found my wallet in some bushes in a town over from the one I live.  It was in front of a dollar store of some sorts.  NOTHING was missing. Can you believe that shit?!!!!  I am floored!  What an awesome day. Dad said I should go buy a lottery ticket, of course he tells me this AFTER I put all of the money in the bank after work. Damn it...Oh well, I'm never that lucky!  I just thought it was awesome how someone just tossed it an everything that was in it, in a bush!  Here I was thinking how shitty this world is and something like that happens. YESSSSSS!  The only way this could have gone better was they stuck it in a box and MAILED it to me. But who's going to do something like that?  Wait, I would!
Thanks for reading Dingleberries, I'm off to talk on the phone with Momzie.  She went to the Dr today, I can update my other posts, but I will wait till tomorrow. It's a short one.


  1. You are a lucky soul and I like your new format! Keep on Rawking! I'm going to send an e-mail with my address from

    I'm going to put Tim in the subject line because that's my middle name and the name I go by. Be sure to send me a return address so I can send ya'll a card too! Peace

  2. Thanks Tim, I got the email and responded. You're my first address, yays!


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