Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Having a Merry Ho Ho time,

So I'm staying true to my holly jolly Christmas feely good feelings. I'm not letting anything get me down, well not much.  Let's not blog about any and all mishaps right now, this is posta be a good one!

So the shopping is going OK I'd like to say.  All in all I'd say I'm pretty close to being done, save the stocking stuffing as well as Mr Monkey Butt, Maximus (the new pup) and Rhino (the guinea pig).  Maximus just so happens to be a pleasant addition to our small family, we're a family of 5 now. Can you believe that?   Guess we can't call ourselves a small family anymore?!

But I've managed to tackle all obstacles and obtain everything from Pokeys list this year!  She had a very last minute list, for some reason and randomly picked things from Toys R Us website, which I do not shop at all, ever!  For some reason shopping at Toys R Us stresses me INSTANTLY and I just want to die each and every time I walk into that place.  So random or not, we've got everything. She asked Santa for a Wii this year, but Grandma is getting her that. Santa is now bringing her a lap top and a few items that were NOT on her list this year. That's right, Monkey Butt managed to keep her sanity and remember the small items that Pokey didn't remember to include on her list. Though Pokey isn't getting an Eff ton of things this year (she wouldn't play with them anyway), she is getting pretty much anything important that I can remember her saying she wanted.

With that I am satisfied.  Christmas could come tomorrow and I would be OK with that. Let's not spoil the other things I've picked up for other folks, don't want them getting nosy. Can't wait to share it all after the holidays! 

Good day Dingleberries, Have a pleasant one! Merry Ho Ho's!

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