Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 335, 365 days of 2011

Friday, December 9th, 2011
I just realized today (or yesterday) I've been with my current job for 7 YEARS!  Holy shit batman. I don't remember saying this last year, I probably forgot all about it honestly.  But yes, I've been there for 7 yrs today (or yesterday). I keep saying that only because it's all a blur really.  So many years, so much wasted energy and frustration.  I started out as a dispatcher working under a lady who quite frankly got on my damned nerves. She wasn't there very long after I started (no it wasn't my fault).  I guess she just took all she could and I can relate.  There are times when I'd like to throw the filing cabinets over and walk out the door only to never look back.  But I don't I suck it up and carry on with my day, finding some light at the end of the tunnel somehow. Whether it be taking that minute to go out back and poison my lungs with a Marlboro or just taking deep breaths and picturing their dead bodies or something. LOL.  That's evil sounding I guess.
Now I'm still a dispatcher, but there is no one under me. We had a few dispatchers come through after my 'promotion', which just means I moved from one chair, the one with my back to the door to another one where my back is not so much facing the door.  Not sure what if any difference that really makes.  Now with it being just me, as it has been for years now, I handle the dispatching as well as everything else in the office, well for towing anyways. I pay the employees, I pay the bills, I foreclose on all the cars, I take all the calls and get cussed at (at times) People tend to shut their mouths when you tell them you will charge them per curse word!  Bwhahaha.  So yea, I do everything and deal with everything.  But it's work.  There are a lot of unfortunate people out there who aren't so lucky,, or they're just LAZY and would rather milk the system because someone lets them.  That's right, I'm not blaming just the LAZY people I'm blaming the ones who keep paying the lazy people!  
But enough of all of that work stuff babbling.  Sitting here watching Zombieland, oh how I love this movie.  So with all of that I leave you. It's Friday night, I need sleep and tomorrow is Mr. Monkey Butts birfday. I can't tell you what I got him, but I will tomorrow.  Goodnight readers, have an awesome tomorrow!

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