Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 331, 365 Days of 2011

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Happy Monday Dingleberries?  I sure hope it was Happy, but then again, how rare it is to have a "Happy Monday". I rather enjoyed today because I was busy.  Those days seem rare here lately and I tend to cherish them when they come along.  We all know I can't stand being bored! 

That being said, I've realized I need more money (but who doesn't right?) so  I went online and applied for a few jobs online. The bigger places of course.  Ya know I can't get out much at work and put in applications so I'm starting with online stuffs and keeping my fingers crossed. Of course it isn't something permanent. I enjoy my nights with Mr. Monkey Butt and Pokey. Helping her with her homeworks and sleeping.   I LOVE sleeping!  It's something I just have to do though (getting the job). I'm back with my thoughts of wanting to join the police force but am still torn as to how to get the muscle I need to pass their physical tests and stuff.  I hate that part!    Shall see where it goes though. Regardless it will help me, (if I find a 2nd job ) with my credit card debt.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, I need the luck these days. 

Xmas is going to drain the life out of me this year, I'm having a hard time holding on to the holiday cheer, I tend to find my heart shrinking a few sizes and my skin turning green at times.  I love the season though, I love the lights and the colors.  Driving around and seeing the houses all lit up, pointing and laughing as everyone tries to kill themselves and others around them trying to get the last  super hero action figure.  It's an awesome time, plus we tend to have a lot of family time this time of year.  I hate cold weather and the fall/winter allergies, but I enjoy it's full of family time and awesome times!  We made Pokey's Xmas list the final draft tonight.  I emailed it out to Mama Monkey Butt and Auntie Sissy and we had a nice chat with Pokey tonight in hopes of explaining that Santa can't bring everything on her list.  "There are  a lot of boys and girls in the world and Santa can't bring everything" So Mommy has to help him out and bring the other stuffs, but Mommy  doesn't have much money this year. So we have resolved, there will be no Chihuahua until we have either A)Moved into a more permanent of a home or B) Take the time and go shopping for a Chihuahua when we have more money. "I think it will be more fun to go shopping together for the doggie". She's such a big girl and totally understood everything. It was....AWESOME!

So everyone there ya have my Monday, very talkative one at that I guess and forgive my long winded-ness tonight!  I hope you enjoyed it though.

Mr. Monkey Butt is watching something tonight and it's got Ryan Dunn as a guest, it's sad he passed away like he did, I enjoyed seeing him on any show! 

And I love the Kia hamsters!  lolz.  Goodnight


  1. You should be able to find a seasonal job for the holidays, of course you know after the holidays they will cut back but a lot of places hire more during the holiday just to have more eyes out for shoplifters.

    Glad Pokey understand about the budget LoL Right now a dog might not be a good idea because there is so much to do around the holidays and the only way to train them is to be there all the time.

    Another thing is if you ever want to go away for a few days you need a dog and/or house sitter.

    I continue to pray for your Mom. My next door neighbor of 18 years is going through the same thing. She did say that she was getting sick and had no appetite. She does seem to be doing better.

    I was going to suggest she may ask the Dr. about using pot to help her appetite but thought I better keep to my own business.

  2. Well wishes for your neighbor! Mom is anti pot, I've asked her opinion of that already, oh wells. She hasn't had any appetite problems so far :) Yea Im seriously considering looking for something to get me through a few months. Here's to hoping, I gotta find the time to find something though!!! :)


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