Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 332 & 333, 365 Days of 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Holy shit it was the coldest day it's been so far this season. Perhaps that is because I was totally unprepared for said coldness. I left the house this morning; it wasn't too unbearable but as the day went on and the rain came down for the majority of the day, with no sunshine and only darkness and rain it got colder...and colder.... and colder. That bastard weather man is saying its going to be down in the 20's tonight.  WHYYYYY?  It's crap and I'm sure tomorrow should be just as bad.  Ugh! 
          (But who really wants to hear more about weather? Yea I didn't think so either)

OoOoOoOo I have to share this, I went to the bank today and the teller had the most adorable Christmas Tree thing she had made in crafts class at church or something and I couldn't wait to get home and make one as well.  Craft time for Pokey and I. Yessss!  Ya know, it may have been yesterday that I'd seen it and today that I began it.  Either way, I'm going to share the pics. 

Look how cute they are
Pokey made the cute one! They're made  from magazines! What an awesome way to recycle a magazine huh?  These are pre-paint and decorations, but I'm excited for that stuff tomorrow.  Oh hold your horses there will be pictures of the final product because OMG they are just so cute! 

Well Dingleberries, I hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.  I put a bug in the ear of the boss man today telling him he needs to take a vacation for the holiday, Yes, I need more money. But who doesn't!  :)  Have an awesome Thursday tomorrow and enjoy tomorrows Monkey Butt. Goodnight :)

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  1. I remember making those when I was young. Not sure but it may have been Sunday school. Good job!

    It was rainy warm here yesterday until about 8PM when the wind blew in the cold air. Humbug!


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