Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 353 and 354, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Decided to quit smoking today... Well last night technically.  Stupid idea in case you didn't know!

Max decided to break his... dewclaw... stupid little extra claw that hangs out on his leg. I think those things must be like a damn gall bladder or something.  Serves no damn good purpose except to cause problems in the future.  I have no fargin idea how he managed to break this claw. 
Last thing I know (or see, rather) Pokey and Max are playing chase down the hall way and here comes the doggie screams.  Yea, sounded pretty damn painful and he's been a total girl about it.  No idea what to do with a broken dewclaw, from what I gather, ya get over it!  Thanks Google...

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Yea...So I still haven't smoked... It's day 2 and I blogged about it earlier (just click here).  As well as today is Monkey Butt Thursday. You Dingleberries need to get off my arse and check those blogs out.  Shut your mouth I will get to reading more blogs as soon as I'm done posting this one.  You guys already know what you posted, you've no idea where I could be going with this one (yea it's probably going NO WHERE) but that is beside the point.  Just keep reading and then I will do my reading and everyone will be happy.  Right? Right!

Updater's on Max... Yea, he's still limping around being a girl about his broken toe nail.  I've no idea what to do about it honestly and though he seems to act better at times, he totally flips his lid again if he hits it on something.  So now Max needs  a vet?  I've no idea, I'm going to ride it out for a few days and see what happens. Rhino, the guinea pig, also needs a vet.  His eye keeps gooping up.  Gawd I should have been a pet free home. shit shit shit!  So  checking Rhino today his eye is looking all craptastic again, I cleaned it up the best I could.  I gotta get myself together tomorrow and call the vet for him. He needs his claws trimmed also. There has to be a better way for that. I can't see me running to the vet every time he needs a trim.  Again, should have stayed a pet free house.  Lolz. 

Well I hope you all enjoyed this edition of A Day (or 2) in the Life of a Monkey Butt. 

Have a Happy Friday tomorrow Dingleberries, Cya laters.

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