Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Ho Ho's

Merry Christmas Dingleberries,
Let me start by saying I hope each and everyone of you had a wondermus Christmas and any other holiday you may have celebrated this weekend. 
We managed to finish the shopping on Friday. Thank Gawd! It wasn't quite as painful as I'd thought it was going to be, we also picked up some tasty Arbys on the way home. Nothing like a good waste  of money and some food that may just be bad for you. What fast food isn't bad for you, right?
I didn't get any where near my computer on Christmas Eve.  So sorrys.  I forgot my camera at Mr Monkey Butts Mom's house. Oops, plus she now holding it hostage until Mr. Monkey Butt returns the accidentally placed perfume in the trunk of the car.  She looked pretty happy to receive that perfume I told Mr Monkey Butt. 
We had a wondermus Christmas Eve anyways.  Pokey received her most anticipated gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  Pokey got her Wii.  It's the only thing she really  wanted this year.
Us as well as Monkey Butts Mom and Dad got her the games she wanted and everything else she didn't remember wanting. It was really awesome this year.
Funds were limited but it all came together nicely.  Everyone seemed happy today.
I think my happiness came from seeing Pokey smile as well as playing Just Dance 3 with her as well as Wipe Out.   (for the record, I SUCK at Just Dance 3 and well I'm not too bad at Wipe Out) Do you think I'd be able to try out for Wipe Out based on my ability to rawk some Wipe Out on the Wii? lolz, I'm kidding!
Times were awesome.  Christmas was a busy one, nothing new there!  We played some Mario and I baked a cake for the Punch Bowl cake.  Got up to early and spent time with the family before heading out into the world on Christmas Day. 
We had no white Christmas this year (thank Gawd)  but it did rain most of the morning!  Which sucked pretty much.  Gots on the way to Moms and forgot her gifts, raced back and forth and finally made it.  Food was awesome and had a blast.
The surprise came later.  Our thing usually goes like this, we draw names for the kids and adults on Thanksgiving and then we buy gifts for the people we've drawn.  This year the adults didn't draw names, we were just buying gifts for the kids.
The adults all threw the money they would have spent on gifts for each other into a card and Mom and Dad received the money as their Christmas present from all of us.  ::tears of joy:: As my readers know, my parents are cursed with an insane amount of medical bills for my Mom.  Her insurance company didn't cover the entire surgery for her aneurysm. Which sucked!  Plus she is fighting this cancer now and running back and forth to the doctor for treatments and check ups.  We are so lucky to have a family as awesome as ours.  We really can function as a whole sometimes and it just melts my heart that everyone was so willing to help them out in their time of need.
Again, Dingleberries, I hope you had a wondermus Christmas.  Ours was, as you can tell.  I can only hope we have many many more awesome Christmas' to come.
Goodnight, I've got tomorrow off and I want to sleep in, if Max will let me.


  1. Glad yo hear that you and your family had a nice Christmas despite all the bad things that happened to you in the past.

  2. Hey, Doria!

    It's great to read that you had a happy Christmas. :) Your fam sounds rad, too.

    Happy New Year to you and yours,

  3. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy~!

    Our family had one big get together Christmas Eve and another big day on Christmas. I have one more get together for dinner tonight 26th with my sister and my niece's house where we do some shootin'!

    With 5 nieces and one nephew who all have their own grown children (14 great nieces and nephews) who are spread out from Tennesee to Wilmington Delaware it's impossible to see everyone in just one day.

    I have been complaining about being bored, this time of year is anything but boring : )

    So glad you had a great Christmas with a wonderful family and sounds like Santa didn't forget anything for Pokey!

    Happy New Year to you too! No big new years celebrating here, I usually just kick back and watch the 24 hour Twilight Zone Marathon : ) Enjoy!

  4. Sounds like a great Christmas! I hope 2012 is awesome for you and full of health for your Mom!

  5. Thanks for all the New Year wishes!

    -Starlight, thank you lady, I miss hearing from you and reading your posts, always a pleasant surprise when you stop by. I hope Christmas was great for you!

    -Bea, thanks lady. My family is pretty rad, but way crazy most of the time. Guess thats why I love them the way I do and well Im sure it's the reason we tend to stay family!

    Tim- Oh wow! You did have a busy busy time. I must say, I'm glad my family, with the exception of 1 uncle is here in GA. I'd hate to run all over the place to visit with family around the holidays. There comes a time during all the madness I want to sit down, on my couch and just be still and enjoy the quiet. Im so happy all was joyful for you and yours! 24 hour marathon huh? I'm hoping to hit the pillow early. yea right, that hasn't happened in years ::pouts::

    -Kristen, the holiday was nice. Thanks for the New years wishes and kind words for my Momzie. she needs them, as well as the rest of us and I hope your New Years is filled with awesomeness :)


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