Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday's Monkey 'butt'

Well hello there Dingleberries,
Last week on Wednesday was JIMSMASH!!'s national Monkey Day, whether there actually is a National Monkey Day, I could not tell you (I'm just that lazy).  But I missed this post due to the busy schedule I'm running with these days. 
So finally seeing it I begged permission to use this as well as what his readers added as their favorite Monkeys.  I actually borrowed one of his Monkeys for a previous Monkey Butt post, so he is twice  a saviour for me.
His blog actually tosses out a fun amount of stuff from action figures to Monkeys.  Check him out when you have time and all thanks to JIMSMASH!!  because before seeing his post, I was thinking about tossing in the towel on my Thursdays ritual because I was just running out of ideas.  Again, thanks to him I should be good for a bit and can muster up some more creativity while I using up his. 
Dingleberries, you RAWK.  Cya next week!  

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